TNA SACRIFICE RESULTS: The Beautiful Peoples Leader Achieves A Record, And Domination At The Top Of The Division (April, 27th 2014)

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Hey Guys! So i’ve been busy today like i said in the last post, so apologies for it being late, i dont usually overrun into after hours with these but sometimes focus on college work is really vital. Now Im Making the time, lets talk TNA Sacrifice. Well…Ummm….Yeah lets get to it.

The Featured KO Bout was Madison Rayne defending her Overall 5th Knockouts Title against recently returned vengeful Knockout Angelina Love. Despite having some old enemies and new friends come at her side in the past few weeks, Madison, unlike Angelina, courageously walked to the ring alone to defend the belt she won back in January. Lets get right to it…

I Expected the KO Bout to be the Opener, or at least an Hour and a Half into the show, but it was pretty fairly forward. JB is shown backstage with Angelina Love, who has words for the Champion tonight, and also states the Knockouts Division is needing a makeover. To Make More Trouble for Madison, Friend turned Cackling Foe Velvet Sky is also to be in Love’s Corner, slimming the odds a little more.

Not to mention the feud between Anderson and Shaw slipped in the babyfaces favor. Thanks to some sudden help from Christy Hemme, dear Ken sent Sam Shaw packing to the “Funny Farm”. Oh the Segments that could come out of this that could give Dr Shelby a run for his money…and LayCools “Therapy”.

In a fight that has been highly anticipated after a month or so of backlash between Madison and the Beautiful People, The Possible History Maker Angelina Love makes her Glam entrance alongside her Vixen of Violence Velvet Sky. Note that should Angelina win, she will become the first Knockout to hold the Championship Title 6 times. Madison, also in a new favorable attire, makes her entrance in what might be her last as the champion.

The Two lock up some time after the bell rings. Madison with a countering waistlock and she presses Angelina to the mat. Side headlock by Rayne, then Love pushes her onto the ropes. Rayne throws back and knocks Love to the mat. She hits the ropes again, Love dodges first time, but Rayne knocks her down again. Series of arm drags and Velvet calls for Love to get the time out. Love eventually returns to the ring with the confident champion gazing at her.

Angelina with a side headlock after catching Madison when she charges then she slowly gains momentum when she knocks her on the mat. Angelina shows off, and Madison trips her. Angelina, and her jaw, hits the mat. Madison regains momentum with clotheslines to Angelina, then the head scissors but Angelina slides away. Madison with a baseball slide, kicking Angelina on the floor. She sends off Velvet then tries to knee Angelina on the apron, but Angelina grabs the foot and tosses, sending her crashing on the apron. Raynes sprawled on the floor and becomes Skys target now for taunting. Sky tosses her back to the ring while the ref appears distracted.

Right after, Angelina slithers into the cover and gets the first near fall on the champ. Angelina with some sturdy punches out of frustration, then uses the boot to choke Madison by the ropes. The Ref again has his hands filled thanks to Love, allowing Velvet to try some nasty shenanigans on Madison again. Angelina drags her away from the ropes and goes for a cover, but Madison stays in.

Angelina now has Madison against the corner, and begins to choke her again. She Releases Close to 4. Angelina with some showboating, then she charges towards Madison, who sends her away before climbing the ropes. Madison with a sunset flip from up top into a pin attempt, but Angelina kicks out. Angelina with a fiery clothesline for some revenge. Angelina applies her boot against the back of Rayne before she eventually releases. She hits the ropes, dropkicking the down champion to the outside. Again, Sky runs in with some stomps.

Madison tossed in again and Angelina covers, but only to get a near fall. Angelina applies the leg scissors hold now and Velvet drags Angelina near the ropes just for some help. Madison tries to reverse into the cover, and she gets the near fall. Madison and Angelina now with numerous punches to one another. Angelina tries reversing a whip and is knocked down.

Clothesline after Clothesline by Madison. Angelina catches the boot but Madison hits a Spin Kick. Scissor stomp from Madison and Velvet pulls Angelina back out. Madison in no rush, or so thought, as she heads to the apron and dives onto Angelina and Velvet with a crossbody. Madison is first to get on her feet, and she rolls Angelina back to the ring. Madison hits the signature Rayne Drop, then preps the spear, only for Angelina to move, causing Madison to crash right into the corner.

All seems to be over as Madison turns, and Angelina hits her Botox Injection signature maneuver. Angelina with the cover, but Madison shockingly keeps going. Velvet and Angelina are throwing hissy fits. While Angelina is climbing up top, Velvet seems to be searching for a little something. Angelina leaps and misses Madison. Madison with her finishing spear now and she goes for the winning cover, if only Velvet hadn’t been so sharp as to distract the ref like Angelina has much of the match. Madison shoves the ref out of anger, and when hes turned, Sneaky Velvet with the same move she did on Gail, spraying TBPs hairspray in her eyes. Angelina rolls her and gets the 3 count to become a 6x Knockouts Champion.

Dixie Carter also made an interesting reveal later in the show, dressing as a bearded guy to run down and shove Bully Ray through a table. Due to that Roode won the tables match against Ray as Dixie screamed down at him upon her reveal.

(Angelina Love w/ Velvet Sky vs Madison Rayne Knockouts Championship)

Thoughts On:
Angelina vs Madison: Though i had hand on heart that Madison would take that win, no one could count out the possible Angelina victory, which has happened. Though the Beautiful People played up most of the heel moves in the book, this is probably the one time i havent been happy with Angelina winning the title as Madison, in my opinion, could have had much more feuds coming from her reign, and i dont know where this leaves her in terms of her and Brittany either. But i give credit where its due, Angelina and Madison were stunning in various spots during the night, even though i see it unfair that Madison had no one in her corner but that’s how TNA had it planned from the looks of things.

Dixie: Smart move by Dixie, the woman who has some of the hottest heel heat in the TNA Biz right now. However, i expected this vice versa with Dixie going through a table like some others thought but its intriguing to see where this is going now considering the whole Wrath of Dixie had no effect whatsoever weeks ago.

– Catherine


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