WWE RAW RESULTS: After Being Near Fed To A Demon, Brie Explodes To Authority! (April, 28th 2014)

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Hey Folks, Catherine here. Again the focus of college work has driven this a little bit late, but when you have 6 weeks left on the course, you have to go out all guns blazing right? Well it was all Guns Blazing for the Bryans last night.

The First Diva appearance of the night goes to Lana who is as always introducing the mass Alexander Rusev. In a face off with one half of his Extreme Rules Opponents, Xavier Woods, Rusev soon met his match as he ended up tumbling to the outside by the hands of the duo of Truth and Woods, which can only have fired up Lana and Rusev’s determination to unleash destruction this Sunday.

Also, as hyped through much of the show, Stephanie McMahon has made herself come down to the ring and face up for Kane’s actions to Daniel Bryan last week, and in turn, apologize. Stephanie requests Daniels appearance, and the injured superstar makes an appearance alongside his dear wife Brie, who parades with the Yes Chants. Stephanie continues to say shes sorry, but it wont work with Bryan, who indeed believes shes full of crap. Stephanie isn’t surprised at the reaction but shes honest, she and her hubby did not want Bryan to be the Star of the WWE, its champion. Stephanie says emotions were high, and Bryan retracts it, saying how does she think his wife felt when he was repetitively destroyed by the company’s authority team.

Daniel says Brie felt a lot of emotions when he told her not to react because she respects him, and she knows Bryan can take things on his own. Stephanie agrees and says she knows he proved them wrong, but she was trying to give their director of operations a “backbone” and in turn a credible opponent to challenge Daniel for the WWE Title. But Kane became destructive yet again, and she tells Brie shes been there when her husband had been stretchered out of the ring, and she has slept nights with him by his hospital bedside. Stephanie says no wife should go through such a moment, and apologizes on behalf of her family, for everything, including Kane’s destructive path.

Daniel still has the mic and says the audience still agree that Stephanie is still full of crap. Stephanie says she doesn’t know any other way to prove it unless he and Brie come to the ring and settle things eye to eye. Daniel says when he looks her in the eye, he still sees a liar, and he knows she can call Kane out, beat him, then do something to his wife. Daniel mentions the injuries, but says he hasn’t given up in fact the doctors have kindly cleared him to compete for Sunday, and if Kane takes him down, he will take him to hell.

Stephanie says she does know Kane’s mask is in her office, but she doesn’t even know where he is. But she knows she cannot allow Bryan to compete just yet, and to make it up to them, she hands the opportunity to Brie to face off against Paige for her recently won title. She cant think of anything more better than them both standing in the ring as champions. She says shes more than fine allowing Daniel to accompany Brie in this match but Brie better buckle up because her match is next.

When we get back from the break, Brie is perched in the ring amongst the Divas Champ, Paige, who puts her title on the line. Bryan also stays supportive by Brie at ringside and the two lock up, with Brie unable to power Paige, who puts her in a side headlock. Paige has her grounded to the mat, and Brie takes over as Daniel glances around, possibly aware that Kane could spring out. Paige kicks out of Bries hold seconds later and Brie flips Paige back to the mat, before hitting the dropkick. Brie goes for a cover, only to get the near fall.

Paige with a knee and she screams, tossing Brie to the corner. Paige with several stomps before hitting the bridge suplex for a near fall. Brie starts elbowing but gets pushed to the ropes by Paige. Paige with knee shots out on the apron to Brie, and she does the primal scream. As she comes back, Brie knocks her with her leg. Brie hits the running knee strike on Paige against the ropes. Brie now heads up top but gets hit by Paige, and the two come to blows on the turnbuckles, and Paige with a massive suplex from the top rope. As both are down, Kanes Pyro shocks everyone, and Daniel looks around.

Kanes Creepy Hand emerges from the ring, and is right close to Brie. Kane grabs Brie to try “send her to hell” but Daniel rushes to her aid, clobbering him. He gets knocked away and Kane continues yanking the screaming Brie. Daniel comes back with extra punches but is tossed to the outside. Brie tries to cling to the ropes to keep away from Kane, but he grabs her. Daniel seems to be searching for a weapon, and he hurries back in the ring with a wrench, slamming Kane to the mat to save Brie. Daniel checks on Brie, then gets her to flee as Kane raises himself and chokeslams Bryan. Brie suddenly returns and is in danger, but she starts kicking at Kane. Brie scarpers on the outside to Bryan and they try move away and are jumped by Scary Kanes Pyro.

After a replay of the footage, Poor Brie is quivering backstage as Daniel is checked out by WWE’s medical staff. A “Terrified” Stephanie comes to them, saying shes sorry, talking about how she never knew Kane was coming down, then asks if Daniel can compete on Sunday, and hes more than prepared, and Stephanie will soon regret bringing his wife into this dangerous feud. Steph keeps telling how shes sorry and an angry Brie lets loose. “GET OUT…YOU BITCH”. Stephanie is shocked at the words and leaves.

(Stephanie, Brie and Daniel Segment, Paige vs Brie w/ Daniel Bryan Divas Championship Match and Kane attack)

(Daniel Bryan, Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On:
Lana/Rusev this week: So it was obvious they would somehow make Truth and Woods look good before Sunday to help build up their feud with Rusev a little bit more, and even though it didnt make the big man look so big, it indeed will end not in Xavier or Truth’s favour at Extreme Rules.

Bryan/Stephanie/Brie Ring Segment: I Loved this interaction between the three, even if 2 out of 3 spoke. When Stephanie then brought Paige’s Championship into it, i was more than prepared to hear of a Triple Threat Match instead on Sunday, but it was Brie vs Paige instead.

Paige vs Brie: I Loved this match BUT it did nothing for Paige’s character and she was just a filler for a feud that wasn’t her own which is sad. I Expected Tamina to lay out Brie and Paige, even if Kane did show up, and it is annoying at the lack of build up for Taminas Feud with Paige. But maybe this report that Paige is being placed against “low level heels” is false and Paige may feud with Brie after Sunday if AJ doesn’t come back. Maybe Brie and Bryan will be frustrated at Paige for running from Kane, kickstarting a feud that ends in forgiveness before Brie eventually rips into Stephanie like everyone hopes she will.

Post Match Segment: The Addition of the post match segment was a really nice addition and i think almost everyone has been waiting for Brie to come out of her quiet mode and rip into Stephanie. But like i said before, id say Brie feuds with Paige first before Stephanie, as they will probably leave Brie vs Stephanie for a Big PPV, Summerslam or maybe the perfectly titled PAYBACK?

– Catherine


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