Cattie’s Catch Up: Madison Rayne vs Angelina Love For The Knockouts Championship at Victory Road 2010 (July, 11th 2010)

angelina love 372

angelina love 374

angelina love 373

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Catherine here! Yes Im Hurrying to put this out considering im working on projects tomorrow, but the timing for this Catch Up couldn’t be anymore appropriate. We Zoom back to 2010 when Angelina and Madison, who clashed recently over the Knockouts title, battled it out at Victory Road 2010, with roles vice versa. However the Cunning Career Killer that became Madison Rayne would see to it that she couldn’t be overthrown, only to watch her Beautiful People Partners Velvet and Lacey fall to the Returned Hell Cat Prior to the PPV, who pretty much expressed being willing to destroy her old partners for having been replaced. Madison, hoping to rid of the old friend once and for all, made Angelina put her career on the line as an additional stipulation, and Angelina didnt even take a minute to accept.

In a Physical Effort Rayne and Love battled it out, but when an odd entity, a biker woman, appeared at ringside to cause some distractions (later revealed as Tara) it seemed Madison may have an advantage over the babyface former member of the Beautiful People. However the ref was knocked following arguing with this unidentified lady, and pretty much convinced it could be someone from the Beautiful People, awarded the Championship to Love in what became her 4th reign overall.

– Catherine


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