TNA IMPACT RESULTS: The Record Setting Champions Party Crashed By The Inaugural Champion (May, 1st 2014)

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madison and brittany strip tbp

Last Nights TNA Impact Wrestling, or should i say the night before as its now Saturday here in Britain, provided plenty of stuff Knockouts wise. Of Course the Beautiful People would be boastful over Angelina earning Gold this past Sunday, and would promise some angelic performance tonight, with a diss included. But only they were about to be dissed when 3 Knockouts came together with a revenge plan.

The Beautiful People are boasting, like i said, backstage in the first woman related appearance of the Night. A Silvery Angelina Love was stood beside her partner Velvet Sky with Gold, as Sky talked about how tonights celebrations will be nothing less than beautiful. Angelina says theyve done parties before, but this one is going to be epic and Velvet says just wait till the other Knockouts see this coming.

Meanwhile, Knux, alongside his partner Rebel, is still out on the road. Much to Rebel’s annoyance as it appears, hes bringing more partners to his debut next week. Yup, this weird group named the Menagerie come to TNA next week. Here comes the Wyatt Family Comparisons!

Back to the Beautiful People again, and Angelina is much fussed about a “letter” proclaiming that, as the new champion, Angelina must fix her “crass” and “much too revealing” attire. This “letter” comes from the TNA Board of Directors, who “promises” severe repercussions if the demands are not followed, so they’re made to party tonight in some sort of evening gown.

Later, Bully Ray wants to give some wanted revenge to TNA Pres (can we even call her that?) Dixie Carter. Dixie comes to the ring surrounded by security following the proclamation by Ray early in the show that he has his own table with Dixie’s Name pasted over it. Dixie thinks these hired men will protect her, and Ray comes out anyway. It seems he might put her through a table, then shes somewhat saved by Head of Operations MVP, even though he cant stand her that much.

MUCH LATER in the Show, into the near last bit of the last hour, pre main event, after some earlier teases, the Beautiful People are finally out to start the party to celebrate the 6x Champion Angelina Love’s Victory. Hand in Hand the Happy Champion and Partner head to the ring. Angelina instantly addresses the situation by the Board of Directors upon her arrival in the ring.

Angelina says she and Velvet were told to follow a more appropriate dress code or face the punishment, and they dont follow, as they take no orders from no one. Angelina laughs it all off, then tells Velvet they’ll take it all off in the ring now, and their entrance theme hits. After some sort of “striptease” the two burst into laughter, as they tell the audience they weren’t really going to show themselves off, labeling fans disgusting and pathetic, and nobody can have them even if they have a fist full of 50’s.

Velvet says they forged the letter and tricked everybody, as odd as it appears, then Angelina tells the crowd to rise for the “Greatest Knockouts Wrestler of all time”…..that being herself. Thats Only Cut off by the epic entrance theme of the New Face Gail Kim, whose none too happy with the blondes. Gail says shes “sorry” to interrupt the Lovefest (i can see the pun) but they are ruining a division she built. Gail says everyone out there was promised that they would strip down for them, only shes going to give them that, and strip the two of everything. She kicks Angelina then goes after Velvet. She looks to strip Angelina, who runs off with Velvet. Their attempted escape is cut short, as Madison and Brittany show up on the ramp to remove them of their gowns and the Two flounder to the back in panties as Gail clenches the championship she lost some months ago.

(TBP Backstage and Knux and Rebel)

(Angelina Gets a “Letter” by the “Board of Directors”)

(Dixie Interrupted by Bully Ray)

(Angelina Love’s Party w/ Velvet ft Brittany, Gail Kim and Madison Rayne)

Thoughts On:
TBP Celebration: When i first heard the letter stuff backstage, i thought it was a set up from a Knockout, only the misery begun when it was revealed to have been made by TBP for a reason i cannot fathom. But the Segment where Angelina celebrates her new reign was indeed well done despite that, with the additional appearances of Gail, Madison and Brittany. It Gives all Girls a bit of TV Time each, and it sets up 2 potential matches at Slammiversary, either Gail vs Angelina, or Angelina defending in a 4 way against Madison, Brittany and Gail. What would you like to see?

Dixie/Bully: Once Again Dixie pulls off her heel role so well, and if her heel actions and accent is annoying someone, shes succeeding. I Thought Dixie would honestly be put through a table at Sacrifice but i was indeed twisted and tricked with Dixie’s guise. MVP coming into that segment only gives away the tension that will implode next week….

Rebel/Knux: So due to recent tapings, it appears Knux’s stable is already getting some comparisons to the Wyatt Family, but we’ll see next week. Ive always liked Knux and i like this pairing of himself and Rebel. Rebel has had me interested in the past few weeks and i, personally, would’ve preferred them debuting as a duo. For anyone who doesn’t know, Rebel is a Model named Tanea Brooks, who seems to be known by Christy Hemme. Its Believed she is in OVW where she may start training as a wrestler too. Whether this means TNA want to hire any new knockouts or bring any back (or even have Rebel take a spot) i dont know. Usually its WWE who hire models to make them into wrestlers, so the move by TNA is surprising, but Christy has some creative direction over the company now, so she must have seen something in her right? Interesting to say the least.

– Catherine


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