WWE RAW RESULTS: Kanes Obsession with the Danielson Family Escalates (May, 5th 2014)

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Hey Folks, last night brought us the post extreme rules edition of RAW, notice i didn’t put special in there at all. Yes, us Fans in the UK stay up till 4am for such an event, and my mouth dropped at the fact there was no divas match last night, despite the fact a new challenger to the divas title was hyped on the 5 point preview. UGH. But at least we saw Braniel, the RoseBuds and The Ravishing Russian…Oh and the Boss Lady. Lets get started.

Backstage, Brie is cozily tending to her Man, Daniel Bryan, hours after his Extreme Rules Bout. Stephanie drops in all smiles. Despite the doubtful expressions on Brie and Bryans faces, Stephanie says her congratulations to Bryan for winning against Kane. Stephanie says, however, that will further Kane to do unspeakable things, as previewed last week, and as an authority member, she must ensure they stay in the locker room. Bryan sarcastically thanks her, and im sure he appreciates her “looking out for them”. An eerie silence hits when Brie notices the mask of Kane stuck to the door.

Later in the show, Brie isn’t finding herself comfy backstage having to sit around rather than go out. The Lights shut out and the two flee out of the room, running into Stephanie for the second time. Stephanie cant understand where they’re going, and Daniel thinks she knows whats going on. Seeing Brie distressed she has their car taken into the building. But when they leave, Stephanie stops them, saying that Bryan is now getting a last minute match, because surely he doesn’t want to breach his contract.

Bryan faces Alberto Del Rio in a competitive face off with Brie at ringside. Following the match, they are happily celebrating when Kane’s theme and pyro hits. Taking no chances, Bryan grasps Brie and they take themselves out of the arena. When they try to exit, Bryans car refuses to start, then he notices Kane trying to reach for Brie in the car, coming to her rescue. They “run over” Kane, but Bryan looks to check up on the former partner, when he “raises”. Bryan takes precaution and drives off with a squealing Brie.

Lana is also in attendance for the show. She is now dubbing Rusev from Russia, while having some stick up for Russia’s pres. Rusev, now shortened to just Rusev, competes in a match with Kofi Kingston, which he wins, much to Lana’s enjoyment. No New Challenger to the Rusev Legacy yet.

Close to the closing of RAW, Adam Rose makes his anticipated debut amongst a flock of screaming RoseBuds. New signee Melika Frances and (believe it or not) Portugal’s Perfect Athlete SHANNA represent the RoseBuds, snatching the places of the ladies of the NXTVerse, Alexa Bliss, Veronica etc! Rose makes a fun mockery of Zeb Colter, who happened to class Emma and Paige as immigrants in his segment…Yikes. Don’t be a Lemon, be a RoseBud.

(Brie and Daniel Bryan Backstage w/ Stephanie)

(Daniel Bryan w/ Brie Bella vs Alberto Del Rio)

(Kane attacks Bryan, Bryan and Brie escape)

(Rusev w/ Lana vs Kofi Kingston)

(Adam Rose & The RoseBuds Debut)

Thoughts On:
Braniel Numerous Segments: So In Terms of this storyline last night, we basically witnessed a mini horror movie. As Much as i hate to say it, Brie’s screaming totally put me off BUT its nice to see Brie and Bryans relationship come onto the main screen, and hopefully they haven’t forgotten the tension that hadn’t been played up that much this week between Brie and Stephanie. As for whether Nikki will come into John’s storyline of the Wyatts, i highly doubt it as they probably dont want the biggest star of the company having his attention taken away by someone else.

Lana/Rusev: The Rusev Legacy is definitely getting a good showing now but i hope WWE know what they’re doing regarding Lana’s controversial promos. I Really cant stand to see Lana get hate over social media just for her character, especially when its WWE who tell her to go out there and do it. WWE normally think getting heat and controversy means success, but disregarding a current civil war, bad move completely. This Storyline could make or break the duo depending how far WWE go with it but as of right now theres a controversial situation WWE are totally disregarding and it is bound to upset people as villainous as it makes Lana look.

Adam Rose and the RoseBuds: Very Happy for Adam Rose and Hard work definitely pays off. Couldn’t identify most of the RoseBuds because WWE apparently collected local Indy stars, Melika and Shanna especially, even though for some moments i thought i might have saw Alexa…*Sigh*. As for Shanna being possibly signed, it could be possible if they make this a weekly thing, or they could be changing up the RoseBuds every week depending on location. Still trying to figure if Kendall was in the RoseBuds even though im sure she was. Sometimes the Camera moves too quickly. But i think it was a good move to not have him wrestle to start, as they’re probably making these segments to portray his character, someone who lifts a negative mood, a mood which was brought by Zebs promo basically, so in a nutshell theres going to be more mood changing segments to come before someone (Fandango hopefully) bursts into his scene.

No Divas Match: I Cant even get started on this. On A Show which hyped a new challenger for Paige, NOTHING HAPPENED? Either WWE are scrambling for a new storyline and just weren’t quick enough to pitch it last night, or they false advertised. But staying up till 4am just for the divas then not seeing them makes me want to sink. If nothing happens on Main Event and Smackdown, then fans will probably rage but with AJ and Summer not about, whose going to actually step up to Paige? Tamina Again? Foxsana? Rosa Mendes? EMMA? Personally, with Payback coming up, i just want AJ to return so they can go at it at the nicely titled Upcoming Payback PPV which was a show stealer divas wise last year. But Alicia Fox possibly stepping up would be a pleaser after all the terrible jobbing moments shes got, which is totally unfair on her part. If anything, i would’ve rather fitted the divas in over that Los Matadores segment or Ryback vs Cody, but i was overall disappointed with much of RAW last night, which on a fan basis, is ridiculously bad. But maybe listening to Adam Rose’s theme over and over will change all that. Till Next Time!

– Catherine


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