TNA IMPACT RESULTS: The Beautiful People Get Revenge w/ Stripping and More Shenanigans! (May, 8th 2014)

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Catherine here, after posting the somewhat lengthy Superstars write up, i am now trying to relieve last nights IMPACT, which gave me flashbacks of last years WWE Summerslam. I Wonder Why? Okay, that’s not what im here to talk about, but heres what i am here to talk about!

Last week, the Beautiful People were sure to have a steamy celebration to celebrate the new champion Angelina Loves Victory over former friend Madison Rayne, but it was Gail Kim who threw herself in the party and sent them both packing, and in turn her fellow FACE (Yes I Said FACE) Knockouts Brittany and Vengeful Former Champ Madison exacted revenge by stripping the Heel KO’s of their “goods”. The Embarrassing moment now leads to a Knockouts Evening Gown Match…Yes Guys Gail Kim was in the WWE Version of this match.

The Beautiful People make their entrance first, and i have to frown upon Angelina’s Outfit, which does not match that brilliance of an attire that’s noticeable behind. Low Amount of Shudders at Velvets bag which is sure to be full of items that could bring victory….that damn hairspray. While the two ladies “deal” with the referee, out comes Brit, who has surely won outfit of the night, and is surprisingly getting a solo entrance to get that promo! Shes followed up by Madison Rayne, who looks as good but Brit still takes the award home. Madison, still, however, takes the award home for best titantron in TNA right now.

The Bell rings and some leaping about as Madison opens the match vs Velvet Sky. Velvet catches her right away and sends her to the mat. Madison firing back with clotheslines and despite her lengthy dress, trips Velvet to the mat. Angelina runs in from behind, but Madison trips her too. Madison and Brittany now try to tug at the twos outfits, but they roll out. Brittany seems to be tempting Madison into something as Angelina hilariously struts around the outside.

They return to the ring, and despite both not being tagged (wakey wakey ref) its now Brittany facing Angelina. Angelina holds up Brittany against the corner, choking her. As Velvet chokes Brittany from outside, Angelina screams at the frustrated Madison, then makes a tag to Velvet, who will now continue the less blind assault on Brittany. Velvet with some quick shoulder tackles, and she flips Brittany to the mat, kicking her from behind.

Velvet follows with a dropkick and she whips Brittany to the corner. Velvet charges but Brittany knocks her back on multiple efforts. Brittany goes into vicious hellcat mode as she fires the clotheslines on Velvet. An Armbar and a leg sweep to Velvet executed by Brittany who now is in control. Brittany with a handspring moonsault, and she tries stripping Velvet while Madison attacks Angelina as she tries to come at Brit from behind.

Madison ends up arguing with the referee, which allows Angelina to grab Brit from behind as she hits the ropes. This allows Vel to remove the gown completely from Brittany, leading to Brittany getting eliminated. Madison now has to face Angelina and Velvet all by herself. Brittany runs away in Bra and panties as we come to a break.

When we come back, a small talk between Angelina and Velvet, then its Angelina who charges at Madison. Madison gets back at Angelina, while knocking Velvet down a little. Madison tosses Angelina out on the outside. Madison kicks and punches Velvet, and Velvet reverses her whip, allowing Angelina to trip Madison from outside the apron. Velvet stomps her and she takes her to the corner. Velvet chokes Madison against the corner then Angelina comes into Play.

Angelina with some kicks to Madison, then she sends her in the opposite corner. Angelina knocks her more with her shoulder before making the easy tag to Velvet. Velvet kicks Madison then chokes her in the corner, standing on her back. Velvet quickly blows a kiss to Angelina, but its short enough for Madison to fight back and knock Velvet away, prompting Angelina to run in to Velvets aid. Angelina charges, but ends up tumbling onto the floor outside the ring.

With Angelina outside, Madison buys herself enough time to remove Vels outfit, and does. Its now narrowed down to Madison and her Sacrifice Opponent. Madison parades around with Velvets outfit, but Angelina attacks from behind. Angelina kicks Madison then punches her as shes flat against the mat. Angelina uses Velvets gown to her advantage, wrapping it around Madisons neck in true heel fashion and tries to choke her with it. Angelina shoo’s off the Ref for a bit then chokes Madison again.

Angelina starts to tug at the dress, but Madison elbows her away as she tries to stay in the match. Madison gains momentum with punches and kicks to Angelina, and she hits the Rayne drop, but the match isnt about covers, its about removing outfits, or else Madison would have the title pretty much won, if it was a title match…Madison now gains a measure of revenge as she snatches Velvets gown and is now choking Angelina with it. Madison uses it to flip Angelina to the other side of the ring.

Madison is still tossing Angelina around, but has the spear attempt prevented. Madison with some elbows, then all of a sudden, Velvet, in just a towel, reemerges. Madison spears Angelina and is almost revolting at just seeing Velvet in hardly anything, as she woos the ref. Velvet flashes, and the Ref is stunned, as Angelina uses this to take the infamous hairspray can and spray it in the face of Madison. Angelina removes the gown and the Beautiful People win another match.

In other Knockout Related Appearances, new addition Rebel debuted, as she accompanied Knux and his Crew of the Menagerie as they made their official TNA Debut. Also, now to talk authority, Dixie’s office was overrun by Bully Ray and the Pure Gold that was a Booze Party.

(Brittany and Madison Rayne vs The Beautiful People Evening Gown Match)

(Dixie and Rockstar Spud Segment)

(The Menagerie Debut feat Rebel)

Thoughts On:
Evening Gown Match: It was very lengthy and better than what i expected, with typical BP Shenanigans to prevent Madison Raynes Revenge once again. Great to see Brittany involved, as she once again, unleashed the other side of her, which was seen on Xplosion, but it didnt in total get her the match. Velvets reemergence was pretty much Un-PG but thats much like the Beautiful People themselves back in the day with Outfits and so forth so TNA are certainly not holding back on a bit of “attitude”. Makes me oddly think of the Extreme Expose Dances from ECW. The Big Unanswered question coming out of this is who is Angelina really challenging at Slammiversary in some weeks time, Brittany? Gail? Madison? VELVET? Theres going to be some confusion in the next few weeks.

Rebel of the Menagerie: So she may not be wrestling (yet) but congrats to Tanea Brooks, now named Rebel, on her TNA Debut. Other than Knux, shes the one with the most interest to some fans, including myself, out of the entire group and her entrance is perfect, with the attire looking splendid and more, not to mention Christy must be particularly high on Rebel as she recommended her to the company. The Leg Splits remind me of Melina too which ultimately isn’t a bad thing. The Whole Menagerie entrance, however, doesn’t feel babyface at all, BUT i think its TNAs aim to confuse the audience with first impressions.

– Catherine


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