TNA ONE NIGHT ONLY JOKERS WILD 2 RESULTS: Dissension Causes Friends Turned Foes to Triumph (May, 9th 2014)

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madison jokers wild 2

Hey Folks, so last night i missed the One Night Only PPV that originally aired last Friday, and as horrendous as it is to try and find the matches that took place, i got lucky this time around. As reported months prior, the event would be taped in Birmingham as part of TNAs UK Tour, which temporarily introduced Alpha Female to the TNA Scene. Alpha, who briefly feuded with Velvet Sky during her short TNA Deal, reunited with old tag partners Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa to face the team of Madison Rayne, ODB and Sky in what wouldn’t be their first encounter.

Surprisingly, when this match is introduced, it looks like Gail and Tapa’s entrances were skipped. Alpha Female, without the accompaniment of the recently departed Chris Sabin, arrives in the ring looking ready to tear off the roof. ODB, Madison and Velvet make their entrances separately and considering what was seen on the UK Tour, its not the first time we’ve seen the 6 aligned and in the same ring. Upon arrivals, it looks like Gail will be up against Velvet, but she brings LeiD Tapa to the mix, and uses her former bodyguard as her target instead, bringing in some already boiled tension. She has Gail “show them stuff” as Tapa mimics Velvets apron entrance. Velvet looks offended as she hits the apron to do the booty shake herself.

The Match now begins after some comedy antics, and its Tapa who charges at Sky. Sky sees the huge knockout coming and kicks her away. Vel kicks her away for the second time but her charge attempt turns sour as Tapa chokes her in the ring center. Tapa drops her then drags her into her corner, as Gail commands for a tag. Gail catches the foot of Velvet and trips her. Velvet with a kick then she legs it toward her corner, where she tags Madison.

Madison with huge clotheslines and the following dropkick to Gail, and using the legs, she bashes Gail’s head to the mat. Madison is already looking for the Spear, but before she can even go for it, Gail rolls away and to the outside to regroup. Gail is flipping and seems to blame Tapa for her momentum loss. Madison heads outside and takes it to Gail, and the two get back to the ring, only for Tapa to kick Madison about.

Madison gets choked by Tapa much like Sky did, but this time Gail isnt too happy considering she never made a tag. She demands her to get out. Gail with repeated kicks and she clobbers Velvet off the apron. Gail rams Madison against the heel corner, and she tags in Velvets one time foe, Alpha. Alpha with a bodyslam, followed by repeated chest shots while holding Rayne with the chinlock. As Alphas about to drop, Rayne rolls away and makes a tag to Velvet. Velvet with repeated clotheslines but Alpha doesnt even go down.

Vel tries to wear her with kicks, and after knocking Alpha, she knocks Gail too. Madison runs in and brawls with Gail, rolling outside as Tapa remains unresponsive. Velvet goes for the cover on Alpha but the ref is distracted from an appearance by Velvets former Boyfriend, Chris Sabin. Velvet sends him in the ring, and they have a staredown, leading to Vel smacking and sending Chris to the outside. However, just as Velvet is shouting at Sabin, Alpha Female shows up from behind.

Velvet is caught in her armlock, but it doesnt take long for her to reverse it into the signature In Yo Face. Velvet gets the 3 count to eliminate Akpha, but it doesnt seem to be over when Gail runs in. Gail attacks and theres a massive showdown between the opposition and Sabin, with the ref distracted on numerous occassions. Tapa drops Rayne with the TKO to eliminate her. ODB hops in as Gail and Tapa argue. ODB puts up a fight against both, throwing a number of punches to the two.

Gail tugs at ODB from behind and tosses her to the mat. She demands Tapa to destroy her, and as Tapa drops her and goes for a cover, Gail pulls her away. Tapa turns away in response, and ODB charges, missing Gail and landing on Tapa. Gail tosses ODB outside and shouts some more demands to Tapa, who doesnt appear to respond. Gail smacks Tapa in the face, and Tapa grabs her throat in retalliation. ODB reemerges and rolls up Kim for the cover and pins her to eliminate her. It Soon comes down to ODB and Tapa.

Tapa sets up the TKO for ODB, but Gail kicks Tapa straight in the face, and this allows ODB to hit a reversal, covering Tapa for the win. ODB is the surviving knockout and Gail isnt looking too glum about it, nor her betrayal.

(LeiD Tapa, Alpha Female and Gail Kim vs Madison Rayne, ODB and Velvet Sky Elimination Match)

Thoughts on this match:
I Liked it. It Relived all the feuds we have seen in the past few months, Gail’s feuds with ODB, Madison and Tapa and Velvets feud with Alpha. No Surprise over Gail’s betrayal to Tapa, as it was mentioned in the spoilers, but it does play up Gail’s current position as a face considering she betrayed Tapa, who was a heel, and enjoyed the loss, even in some villainous fashion. But Yeah, Good work from the KOs again.

– Catherine


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