TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Knockouts Champion Takes Raynes Friend to School, Before Another Friend Comes to the Rescue (May, 22nd 2014)

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Hi Everyone, and welcome to another interesting edition of TNA Impact. This week features more Beautiful People Business with the addition of an Open Challenge, made to how Knockouts Champion Angelina sees fit. Not to mention we get a pre match fight between two of the developers of the Knockouts Division! Sparks are flying!

So heres this fight we’re talking about. As Angelina takes part in an interview backstage, and by herself, Yes without Velvet, Gail walks by to interrupt after hearing the open challenge shes “not allowed to attend” before a massive brawl breaks out. With that in mind, will Angelina be in decent shape to even defend the title tonight?

That’d appear to be the case, as Angelina later hits the ring with Velvet to address the Open Challenge. Of Course, because of the early beatdown, Angelina excludes any Former Knockouts Champion from this particular challenge, ruling out Kim. So that leaves just one Knockout to take the Challenge…Brittany. I Would say Taryn but shes yet to return properly. Brittany makes her way down to the ring and amid performing her entrance, is attacked on the turnbuckles by the mad Knockouts Champion. Brittany falls on the outside.

Angelina chucks her back to the ring quickly, and kicks her around while showboating. Angelina then sends her into the corner for even more offense. But as she heads over to her, shes caught in the roll up. As Big a win as it could’ve been, its prevented, as Angelina kicks out, resulting in a near fall.

Angelina kicks Brittany, then hits the ropes, knocking her onto the mat with a dropkick. Angelina whips her to the corner then leaps onto her, but Brittany mounts a comeback when she knocks Angelina away and to the mat. Brittany begins to block offense and starts throwing forearms at the Champ. Brittany is whipped to the ropes, but Brit fires back with a big clothesline. Brit with more, then she kicks Angelina, and she follows with the DDT for a 2 count.

Brittany whips Angelina to the corner and charges, trying to land a handspring moonsault, but Angelina blocks it. Angelina heads up top but Brittany with some high kicks before she sends her to the mat. Brit goes for a cover, but its another near fall. Brittany goes for what looks like a winning roll up, but the ref seems to have eyes on Velvet, whose causing another distraction like the past few weeks. Brittany punches Velvet out of anger but when she turns, she goes right into Angelina’s signature Botox Injection. Angelina covers Brittany and retains the Knockouts Championship.

Post Match the TBP Members smear lipstick over Poor Brittany before they give her the Paper Bag Treatment. Unlucky for them, Gail, who attacked Angelina earlier on, runs down to Brittany’s rescue. At First shes stomped on by the two, but she quickly gains the advantage, drop-kicking them. Gail takes out Velvet and this causes Velvet to head outside. Gail dodges Angelina, who tries to attack with her title, and attacks her back, turning into a cat-fight before Angelina climbs away with Velvet.

Also on Impact, Dixie Carter makes another appearance, this time to talk to recently turned heel MVP and his team mates Kenny King and Bobby Lashley, accompanied by Nephew Ethan Carter, who would later be attacked by Bully Ray, who he managed to take out after putting him through a table.

(Angelina Love addresses her Open Challenge Backstage feat Gail Kim)

(Angelina Love w/ Velvet Sky vs Brittany Knockouts Championship)

(Dixie Carter, EC3, Bully Ray, MVP, Bobby Lashley and Kenny King Segment)

Thoughts On:
Angelina Love vs Brittany: The Backstage segment helped further the open challenge for sure, and of course Angelina would remake the stipulation for her Open Challenge to hold things back for her suspected challenger at Slammiversary. Good to see Brittany display her moves again, but its no surprise that Angelina retained, even though i would’ve liked a shock pulled where Brittany shockingly wins the title, but it would cut Angelina’s reign abruptly short. I Actually Forgot about the post match antics but of course that’s the heel veterans way of welcoming any newbie into the company…well the Beautiful People version. But I Am Loving the Gail/Angelina feud right now, it feels fresh considering they’ve only ever faced off at Victory Road 2008 (excluding live events). I Still feel Angelina’s return has overshadowed Brittany in some way, but theres some interesting developments for the newbie in the next few weeks so stay tuned…

Dixie/EC3/Bully Ray: For the Past few weeks Bully has had fun from the get go messing with Dixie’s head, so for the Heels to look strong this week, it comes as no surprise, and once again, it might make WWE realize what they’ve lost with EC3/Derrick Bateman. I Think keeping Dixie around for EC3 was a good move and im quite enjoying the feud, and wouldn’t be surprised if Dixie is in Ethan’s Corner at Slammiversary.

– Catherine


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