TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Things Get Spicy Between Former Champ and Future Champ (May, 29th 2014)

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Okay So Last Night, to no Shame, i missed most of TNA Impact, But I Couldnt and Wouldnt Miss a Heck of a Show Like NXT Takeover Right? BUT I Did Manage to catch some Knockouts stuff, accidentally missing the Brittany/Madison moment, and as soon as i caught up on it my reaction was like “Whut?”

Jumping Ship to a noticeably happy Gail Kim this week. She happens to see Brittany, who needs help with the Beautiful People this week after their previous treatment of her. Brittany, who has obviously been snubbed by Madison, looks for her help tonight as a tag team partner and Gail accepts.

Speaking of Beautiful People, making their 1st of 3 Appearances that night, they address their battle tonight vs Brittany and Gail Kim. They say they’re ready and that the Title will be held in the Beautiful Peoples hands for a long time. They Take On “The Overzealous Cheerleader” and “Title Stealer” (ARE YOU KIDDING ME?) Next!

The Match starts and despite what the video shows, i caught a glimpse of this match last night, and TNA Kindly showed the entrances of all competitors. Angelinas ringside reactions are priceless as Gail poses on the turnbuckles pre match. Nonetheless, they hit the ring and its Brittany starting off with the Knockouts Champion Angelina Love. Angelina with a boot already, and some punches at Brittany. Brittany tries reversing a whip, but Angelina knocks her onto the mat. Angelina pushes the Buttons of Kim as she showboats.

Angelina whips Brittany, but gets kicked in response. Brit starts gaining momentum, throwing some forearms at the Champ, followed by a dropkick and snapmare. Brittany hits the ropes, kicking Angelina in the head. Brit is super happy and even when it looks like she might make a tag to Gail, shes just so happy that Angelina has to cut her happiness. Angelina drags her to the Heel Corner where Velvet makes a tag.

Velvet with kicks and she takes her up to the corner, fraternizing with the ref. Velvet soon returns the attention to Brittany, choking her with her boot. She then Chokes her on the Apron as Heels remain in control. Snap-mare and some more kicks, and Velvet goes for the first cover in the match, and she gets a near fall on Brittany. Soon On, Brittany slides under Velvet, and trips her, and she flips over Velvet to secure the pin attempt, but gets a near fall.

Brittany with some punches to Vel and she whips her into a corner, and preps to charge. Moonsault from Brittany, but shes still refusing the tag from Gail. Gail is angry as Velvet regains control. Velvet tags Angelina, who throws kicks at Brittany. Angelina chokes Brittany and showboats, and cheap-shots Gail off the apron. Velvet and Angelina double team Brittany while Gail has to unleash her frustration towards the ref. Angelina gets a near fall.

The Two continue double teaming as Velvet is tagged in again. Velvet dominates until Brittany catches her with the leg sweep. Velvets down and it looks like they want to make tags but Velvet chooses to turn her attention back to Brittany by trying to force her away from Gail. Luckily, Brittany kicks her out of the way and Finally tags Gail in.

Gail with red hot punches and a clothesline on Velvet, knocking down Angelina off the apron as well. Velvet whips her, but Gail floats over. Gail with a dropkick, she charges, but Velvet moves, but Gail hangs onto the turnbuckles, and dives onto Velvet, going for a pin, but gets a near fall. Gail looks to head up top in her corner, but Brittany just happens to intervene, making a tag.

Brittany misses her moonsault and as the ref has to once again deal with a yelling Gail Kim, Angelina quickly dives in with her signature Botox Injection to Brittany. Velvet goes for a cover, and the Beautiful People have the match won. Following the break, some things happen to develop…

Gail has vanished and its just Brittany in the ring, and she wants to talk to Madison face to face. Madison doesn’t get it as she defiantly greets the pacing Brittany in the ring. Brittany is frantic as she wants to know Madison’s reason for why she has snubbed her from being her tag team partner when all shes done is offered to help her with the Beautiful People. Madison says this is because there are situations that have happened with the Beautiful People and herself that only the 3 of them know, its that deep. Madison says she doesn’t want to be responsible for getting her involved, even when Brittany thinks she could take responsibility for anything that happens.

She Then Brings up the Line that she wants to be with her, and Madison wants her to repeat that, obviously weirded out. The “What did you just say?” Line from Madison immediately makes me think AJ Lee…and when Brit repeats herself, she scoops the mic from her hands. Madison demands they keep their distance, saying shes saying it in the nicest way possible. Brit screams at her, and Cue Angelina and Velvet, who make a mockery of them both, saying this cold side of Madison is exactly what they made her to be. Madison jumps in on their promo, as she announces she has a rematch for the Knockouts Title Next Week.

And Of Course, the Menagerie’s Fave Rebel and Madam Dixie were in attendance once again on this Impact episode, and Surely Dixie was tending to some issues..

(Dixie Carter Segment)

(Gail Kim and Brittany vs The Beautiful People)

(Brittany wants to Hear from Madison Rayne)

Thoughts On:
Knockouts Tag: So Obviously Brittany wasn’t in the match to prove she can deal with the Beautiful People for Gail Kim….but for Madison. So for the Beautiful People to win the match, it comes as no shocker when Gail has been looking much more dominant in the past weeks. Glad for this match though, because the fans and viewers got to see Brittany have more ring time.

Brittany and Madison Rayne: Its All Eyes on Brittany this week. Not only did the match show what shes capable of in the ring when given time, but this segment greatly gave the viewers an understanding of her building character. People can say this is another mimic of Trish/Mickie all over again, but why not? What about Heidi Lovelace and Taeler Hendrix in OVW? or Winter and Angelina some years back? It may be a “copied storyline” but its giving Brittany a character, and having a character is important to someone understanding a wrestler in the ring. Brittany immediately reminded me of Mickie in this segment, and it furthers me to be more convinced that shes turning heel, its just a matter of when. Kudos also to the Girls carrying on the segment in the ring over those despicable Boring Chants. What were they expecting? A Strip down? Sheesh….

– Catherine


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