WWE NXT TAKEOVER RESULTS: The Women Have Stolen The Show! A New Era of NXT Begins! (May, 29th 2014)




Hello Guys and Welcome to the Show Ive Been Waiting to and have been very excited to write up on. Last Night was the Ultimate Follow Up to the Debut NXT PPV NXT ArRIVAL, NXT Takeover, and it introduced to us a New Reign in Women’s Championship History, as Two Legions Clashed! The Harts very Own Natalya vs The Flairs Own Charlotte! The Two, with respective legends in their corner, clashed in a much anticipated match up for the Women’s Championship Paige was made to vacate some time back, HERE WE GO!!

After Fans were forced to cool down from a Legendary match up between Tyler Breeze and Sami Zayn by watching Mojo Rawley get pummeled/Jobbed out to By the Returning Rusev, Yes Guys, Lana Cut an Unbelievable Promo Upon her Return to NXT, we now have the exciting Women’s Championship Battle as Charlotte is shown heading to the ring with 2 Time Hall of Famer Ric Flair, New Attire and Weave? Check! But No NXT Related PPV is Complete without the 1st NXT Women’s Champion in History Right? Say No More!

A Familiar entrance theme hits and at first im thinking Paige is heading to commentary exclusively for the upcoming bout, but instead she is heading to the ring, not a drill whatsoever. Shes Greeted by Eden/Brandi, whatever name she goes by on her VLog….and she takes the mic and presents a few words for the audience. The Audience, by the way, are Literally Up in Arms singing along to her theme song. Ahhh NXT Fans…you totally Slay the Main Roster Crowds!

Paige says she knows whatever she’ll say will sound cliche and cheesy but she wants to thank everyone, because she wouldn’t be where she is now without them and NXT, and she probably wouldn’t be the divas champ either. Paige is very much aware that theres a New NXT Women’s Champion tonight, and that Champion has to have many things, including Character. No Shade to Nattie. Paige adds whoever holds it after tonight holds the key to the future, and it might one day lead to them holding the divas title like she is. Paige thanks everyone once more and tells them to enjoy what remains of this memorable show, as Eden hurries back to announce duty.

Now onto the Match, and as every fan watching from home probably gets 3 zillion goosebumps, Eden announces the match. Charlotte makes her entrance, complete with a new weave, gear and theme, oh and of course with the accompaniment of her Hall of Fame Father Ric Flair. As One Triumphant Lady completes her entrance, here comes another, as Natalya, who arrives with a new attire herself, strides to the ring with also Fellow Legend Bret Hart. As Eden announces both legends and divas, the crowd is widely split in cheers. The Ref has the Championship title raised and here comes the match, the match that will be noted down as one of the best!

Natalya goes for a lock up on Charlotte, and then Natalya takes her down. Natalya goes for the quick win but gets a near fall. Nattie revs up the crowd and she puts Charlotte in a waistlock. The Two battle continuously with Counters, trying to ground each other. Charlotte works on Natties arm, but its later reversed and vice versa as its Nattie working on Charlotte’s. Charlotte reverses with the head scissors and the two are back to standing again.

Natalya takes the advantage on the go, grounding Charlotte down on the mat, keeping her locked in a side headlock. Charlotte reverses, and Natalya cant believe she is still going, but has to be impressed. Charlotte goes to work on Natties arm, cartwheeling into an armbar. Charlotte keeps her in the armbar for some time, until Natalya eventually counters. Charlotte takes the pain from a Hold by Nattie, but eventually escapes, and she blocks Natalya’s kick. Natalya shoves Charlotte with her palm and gets a slap in response. Natalya takes her down, and she has another hold on Charlotte in the rings center.

Charlotte reverses into the side headlock, and its Natalya with another counter, and a headlock, while imitating Ric’s woo, which leaves some fans reeling while Ric is…well…furious. Well that’s what im thinking anyway as the camera is unable to pan in that direction. Charlotte whips Nattie, and presses to the mat as Nattie hits the ropes, and dives over her, before catching her, showing some strength, only to be caught in another counter. Natalya rolling up Charlotte, but gets the near fall.

Natalya places Charlotte in a leg lock while staring right at Ric. Charlotte is constricted, caught in a pin attempt, but kicks out, even with the move still applied. Charlotte manages to get out, but is furious, and rams Nattie a couple of times. Natalya almost catches her in a Cross arm-breaker but Charlotte scarpers to the apron for a breather. Charlotte goes back to competing, and tensions are flaring as she smacks Nattie in the face, and she only gets one in return. Natalya applies a waistlock, despite Charlottes resiliency to wiggle out, and takes her to the mat, the pin attempt, and another near fall by Natalya.

Charlotte with high knees and chops to Nattie across her chest. Even Ric tries to play a part in the match, and is Woo’ing at Nattie, which is sure to leave Bret flipping. Bret seems to be keeping himself cool as Nattie and Charlotte go to trade some chops. Charlotte whips Natalya, Natalya floats over, and forces her out with a waistlock. Charlotte powers her into the corner. Charlotte with elbows, but Nattie ends up on her back despite it.

Natalya has her sleeper hold now applied, but Charlotte with a backpack starter counter. Charlotte with a cover, but Natalya’s staying in the game for a little bit longer. Frustrated, Charlotte tries for another cover, and its a near fall once more. Charlotte’s now slamming Natalya’s head to the mat as frustration increases. Charlotte kicks and chokes Natalya in the corner, preventing little to none recovery time. Charlotte chucks her away from the turnbuckles. Charlotte with another near fall.

Charlotte with the Figure four Leg-lock applied, followed by even more offense. Charlotte tries for a cover, but its another near fall as the Championship match strolls on. Much like we’d seen in the Match with Alexa, Charlotte has her abdominal stretch applied to Natalya. Unlucky for her, Nattie has countered into her own. Charlotte escapes, narrowly missing Natties pin attempt, and drop-kicking her. Both Ladies are down.

Charlotte goes for yet another cover, but its the near fall again. The Action continues more in the ring, and Charlotte’s kicking Nattie numerous times as shes against the corner. Charlotte misses a charge, and Natalya grabs Charlotte, and sends her flying with a Butterfly Suplex. Natalya hits a clothesline and snap-mare, and she hits the ropes, standing on Charlotte’s neck, and then drop-kicking her. Natalya with a cover, but Charlottes still in it.

Natalya whips Charlotte, but she uses her athleticism to hang on, and prevent her crashing into the corner turnbuckles. Charlotte hangs on the apron, and Nattie forearms her to the ground below. Nattie goes to the apron, and Charlotte springs over to catch her leg, and Nattie collapses to the ground. The Ref starts counting and Charlotte has Natalya, as well as herself, back to the ring at 6, and she goes for the pin attempt, its a near fall.

Charlotte kicks, and while Natalya is down, she heads up top, and this is nothing seen from her before. Charlotte with a large moonsault, but its an unhappy moment as it doesnt connect, Natalya has moved away. Ric is seething as Nattie looks to get on her feet as this is awesome chants break out across the whole arena. Just as Charlotte looks to go back to fighting it out, shes cut short by Natties discus clothesline. Natalya has the sharpshooter applied to Charlotte in front of Ric, Bret and the Humongous Crowd. Charlotte tries to break it reaching the ropes but is pulled quickly out of the way. Charlotte flips into a counter, and now its her Figure four applied.

In Fact, both are battling out of the Figure four, slapping and scrapping their way out. The Two roll about, exchanging chops, and Charlotte rolls to the floor, and its the Figure four still applied to Nattie. Nattie is yelling, gripped to the ropes and Charlotte is made to release. Both Women are down on the Floor, with Charlotte getting up first. Charlotte knees Natalya into the steps. After some courage talk, Charlotte tosses her back in the ring.

Charlotte glances at Bret for a Moment, and Cockily applies the Sharpshooter to Nattie, and Bret doesn’t look too happy. Nattie could tap out to her own finishing move. Natalya gets pulled away from the ropes upon trying to escape, the Sharpshooter by Charlotte still locked. Nattie reverses and tries to gain some revenge by trying to lock the Sharpshooter back on Charlotte, but gets kicked out of the way. Almost immediately, Charlotte hits the Rolling Cutter “Bow Down to the Queen” Finisher, and its all over in this emotional Battle. “Heres your Winner…and NEW NXT Women’s Champion, Charlotte!”.

Post Match Charlotte celebrates the Huge title win, trading Hugs with Nattie, and having a father to daughter moment with Ric. Ric proudly walks his Champion of a Daughter up the ramp upon her victory, celebrating the start of her legacy.

(Natalya vs Charlotte NXT Womens Championship Finals)

(Post Match reaction ft Paige, Ric Flair and Charlotte)

Thoughts on this Match:
Utterly Fantastic! Like I Said before, i could argue over how Natalya didnt deserve the spot over hard working NXT Divas like Sasha and Bayley, but this was a Match in the Making. Excellent Chemistry, Huge Length of Time and all that! NXT PPV’s never fail, Crowd was Sold and Respectful throughout the whole thing, and its no doubt that this was one of the biggest matches of the night, alongside Breeze/Zayn and Kidd/Neville. Not sure if this means a transition into a Face Turn for Proud Winner Charlotte, but if sure, it opens the doors to a potential feud with Sasha. But if she stays a Heel and feuds with Bayley, the potential for that match is limitless! A Huge Congratulations to Charlotte, and to Natalya for Proving she can Put NXT Talent Over Gloriously and for proving shes one of the best workers on the main roster also, and with Charlotte holding the title, it wont be long before shes on the main roster, considering her ever so improving ring work. The Amount of Respect this match has got out of Fans and Officials is Endless. PS, does anyone think of Michelle McCool when they see Charlotte Looks Wise and Ring Work Wise Or….?

– Catherine


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