WWE PAYBACK RESULTS: One Villainess Gets Slapped, the Wackier One Gets Crosslocked (June, 1st 2014)


paige 599

paige 600

Last Night was WWE’s 2nd Overall Payback PPV. Watching the Show in HD in my own comfort zone was absolute bliss, and Going OHHHH MY GOD in the loudest voice in pre – dawn hours was…well you get it. Why though? Collision between Brie and Stephanie which saw Stephanie have a malfunction of her own, and yet WWE flipped at the Bella’s wardrobe malfunction on MizTV last year? K….But Revenge was Perfect last night, even though i do little sniffling at the fact we might not see Brie again, because everyone here should know its just a storyline and shes not really gone. Oh and Britain’s Fave Paige has a title defense too!

But before i can go onto my favourite part of last night, that wasn’t even a match, we see the Ravishing Russian Lana get eaten up by Chicago Fans as she brings Rusev out for his Challenge vs Big E. A Momentous Occasion that could’ve been Much Longer had we not seen that God Awful Bo Moment…Just My Opinion. Whos Missing the Vnimanie?

Now onto my fave moment. Out Comes Stephanie in a very essentially perfect Turquoise number. Shes done waiting and calls out Daniel Bryan, hoping he succumbs to the pressure of handing his opportunity to “a fighting champion”. Bryan, complete with his Lovely wife Brie, heads to the ring and the crowd erupts. But theres no doubt already the segment gets loudest pops of the night. Now the All Smiles couple are out here, Stephanie Kindly…or Cruelly…reminds Bryan on how he put the couple in such a situation. That Situation being hand over the titles or Bye Bye Brie’s career. Stephanie begins her 1st of many trolling quotes of the night, saying the two may someday conceive “Weird Bearded Babies” and how tonight should set an example for those in the future.

Bryan responds, saying this could be a long shot BUT it could be the moment where Stephanie does the right thing, and by that he means get lost, well not said like that, but he references the crowds angry boos for her. Bryan says this is Stephanies chance to do the right thing because he clawed his way to winning the Championship, and main event Wrestlemania. Speaking of Mania, the Man who could have taken Bryans place at that event and KO Triple H, but instead resides at a Hockey Game, gets chants from the Hometown crowd…CM Punk. Here comes Stephanies trolling quote part 2 as she bursts out saying the audience are asking him to quit…like CM Punk Did.


So While i reminisce my OH reaction at that moment last night, Stephanie quickly changes topic and hurries towards demanding the title off Bryan, or she will take action against his dear wife. Bryan responds back, saying before she can talk about his future children, she should think of her children, and that they’ll be probably watching right now, and seeing how much of a self centered, narcissistic…he cant think of the primary word, but thats Okay because Brie, whose already dropped this on Stephanie before, utters it….Bitch! OH SNAP!

I Wanna Talk about how insanely over Brie is right now, but Stephanie is still talking as she says that she sees who really has the guts in the family. Instead of Uttering “Yes, I’m the Billion Dollar Bitch” she says she cant blame Brie for any of this, even if she did put her hands on her, but the bad decision she has made, is having a poor choice of a husband. Instead of seething, Brie maturely turns her face to Bryan, and says she knows what they both have to do. Bryan gazes at his title as the crowd throw their No Chants in desperation. Stephanie tries to play the crowd a little more, insisting this is the right thing for him, for the people, they deserve a fighting champion who can compete, and Bryan cant compete at the moment.

It seems like he may hand his titles over, however Brie cuts off, with mic in hand, telling Stephanie she refuses to be a powerless victim. She adds Stephanie doesn’t control her, to which Steph disagrees, reminding her who her boss is, but Brie stops her from firing her herself, and as much as this decision pains her, she cant let Stephanie fire her, because shes just done it herself as she bellows I QUIT. Stephanie seems pleased at the result, laughing, and takes a shocking slap in the face. Embarrassed, Stephanie scrambles to the back as Brie leads some yes chants and walks away with her still – champion husband. But was Stephanie running away at the embarrassment of being slapped by the now former diva, or was it the terribly noticable wet patch? Whoopsies…

Later in the show, after a strong bout between Bray Wyatt and John Cena, we have the Divas Championship Match between Defending Champion Paige and Number 1 Contender Alicia Fox. Just like we saw the girls get the pre main event spot on Wrestlemania on Total Divas, the same applies for this years Payback show. As Fox hits the ring, we are reminded of her one victory over Paige in the United Kingdom and how this got her the contendership spot. Next Comes Paige.

After her addictive theme stops blaring out, Paige, after smiling at her title, preps for battle. Upon the Bell, she locks up with Alicia. Paige with an arm drag then she charges at Alicia but gets sent to the outside floor. Paige knocks back Fox as she hangs by the apron, and slides underneath her and back into the ring. Paige with the usual knee shots to her on the apron, before she suplexes her back to the ring. Paige gets her first near fall in the match.

Paige sends Fox in the corner, and elbows her repetitively. Paige is all fired up, but an upset Alicia Fox calls for a time out. Paige heads after her anyway, and she then gets attacked. Fox struts about, looking to annoy some fans, before turning her attention back to Paige. Paige tackles Fox into the barrier, then grabs her hair and heads onto the steps. Fox gives her a couple of punches, before flipping her to the ground. Alicia tosses her again then throws her to the ring, following from behind. Alicia with a cover, she gets a near fall.

Alicia randomly bursts out “She Wants to Ruin My Face”. Okay Alicia….Okay. Alicia’s little from happy as she bashes Paige’s head to the mat a few times. A Northern Lights Suplex and another near fall for Alicia. Fox has a submission locked, and almost gets counted out with her shoulders on the mat. Alicia with a backbreaker and a stretch like the one we’ve seen lately from Charlotte. Fox gets another near fall. Fox hits the backbreaker again and another cover attempt by Fox leads to the near fall.

Paige hasn’t been able to unleash offense, and now shes tumbled to the outside. For a moment i think of the spot where i see Alicia tossing Paige over the commentary desk like AJ and Kaitlyn back last year, but instead she just takes Paige back in. Paige now unleashes the short arm clotheslines upon coming back in the ring. She Whips Alicia in the corner, and Alicia with a boot, but Paige lands a punch to wear her off. She takes her foot and tosses her to the mat, pulling her into the middle and applying her Scorpion Crosslock. Paige retains when Fox taps, and shes all happy celebrating, while Alicia unleashes another meltdown, running to the back in an absolute hissy.

(Brie Bella and Bryan Segment w/ Stephanie McMahon; Brie “Quits” WWE)

(Total Divas React over Brie Bella’s Payback Decision)

(Alicia Fox vs Paige Divas Championship Match)

Thoughts On:
Brie, Stephanie and Daniel Segment: This wasn’t even a match and it probably got the loudest reaction of the night, if not Wyatt/Cena. I Was So Excited but nervous for what would happen, but im glad to see Brie slap Stephanie after months of having to put up with the whole Kane-going-after-her-family stuff. I Thought Summerslam would proceed Money in the Bank, but there’s also Battleground as well, so if Bries not on RAW tonight, when will she come back? I Now realize how long of a wait it’ll be for the potential Brie/Stephanie match at Summerslam, but even JR is routing for it, so hopefully WWE keep the build up for this going, maybe with Stephanie punishing Nikki and the Total Divas until then to force Brie to come out and save them. Hopefully WWE wont keep fans waiting till Summerslam for the much anticipated match then nix it, but a dream segment id like to see come out of this due to the WWE App Segment is Stephanie confronting Summer over her comments, but in a more verbal approach unlike Kofi and Kane.

Paige vs Alicia Fox: Good Match, not great, and not towards AJ and Kaitlyns level, which is gutting. Paige looked less like a underdog for this one luckily, but the main thing that worries me coming out of this is where Paige goes from here. It looks like Fox’s run isn’t ending here, but with seeing the 5 point preview, and Paige’s next challenger not being a focus, im worried Paige will just compete in a random match tonight and no build up to Money in the Bank whatsoever. I randomly thought up a Divas present on a pole match for MITB since they obviously wont do a Divas MITB ladder match, but i don’t know if i can wait that long just for a contender, unless they do something where Paige becomes all the divas targets in the next few weeks.

– Catherine


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