WWE RAW RESULTS: One Bella Down, One To Go (June, 2nd 2014)

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rusev and lana

Catherine here to drop the news, well not much of it, but basically what happened on the Post Payback RAW. Now even though we did get some divas, minus Paige, my focus from the show was the heartbreaking reveal that Rollins would turn his back on the Shield. From Someone who expected Ambrose to be the main candidate to do so, i was overwhelmed. It was truly a shock-wave and a moment no fan saw coming. I Could write another 200 words about it, but i wont, because unlike some people i still stand by him as a fan. But anyway, onto the other bits.

Upon recapping the moment where Brie had taken it upon herself to finish her career to protect her Husband, Daniel Bryans, titles, Stephanie McMahon, in an increasingly agitated mood, headed to the ring to address Daniels “fate”. She announced that at the next Pay Per View, Money in the Bank, that if Bryan does get cleared to compete, he will be challenged for the Championship by Kane in a Stretcher Match, burying all word on a Buried Alive Match. However, if this appears the opposite, and Bryan cannot do that, then Bryan will abdicate the title and the competitors at MITB will compete to win the vacant title and be crowned the New WWE World Heavyweight Champion in the traditional Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

She would be some moments later interrupted by John Cena, whose notably in a relationship with Bries Sister Nikki. He Slams her for her disrespect towards “B+ Player” Bryan and how her involvement in the WWE Title Picture has gone too far. Stephanie decides to give him punishment, by pitting him in a Battle with Kane, which is next. But before she leaves she utters simply “Paybacks a Bitch, but then again So Am I.”

And indeed would Stephanie start carrying out the Quest for Payback. As Tom introduced Nikki and talked to her about Bries situation at Payback, shes interrupted by Stephanie, who announces a change to the upcoming divas match, so that Nikki has to compete by herself 2 on 1. Nikki remains quiet following the news. But who exactly were handpicked to deliver the punishment to Nikki?

Foxsana! After Nikki heads to the ring, complete with a singles tron, out come Aksana and the Wild Fox. Fox still seems crazy as ever, even after losing the Divas Title Match the night before. Upon the bell, its Aksana facing Nikki, as im sourly reminded of the moment she had injured Naomi, and are therefore fearing for Nikki. A Lock up and Nikki tries taking her on the mat, showing frustration. Nikki dodges and reverses Aksana, taking her to the mat again, but when she hits the ropes, Alicia attacks behind. Aksana with a takedown before throwing her to the corner, and tagging Fox in.

A Double team and Fox taunts while the Commentary team are completely off focus. Nikki with an elbow to both team members, and she looks to roll up Alicia, but Aksana stumbles in to Fox’s aid to break the count. Aksana gets rebellious with the referee, while Fox hits with a kick and she revives her Scissor Kick signature move to take Nikki out. Fox goes for a pin and she has pinned Nikki. Foxsana win the match.

Post Match Foxsana are furiously beating down Nikki, with Aksana trying to get Fox’s attention on Nikki while shes posing to the fans. The Two continue their happy beatdown as Nikki remains solo and singled out. Not even Paige comes out to help her, No Diva.

Right before the shocker of a “main event” we have Rusev and Lana announce their Dedication to the Russian Federation segment. Lana puts over Russia like usual, and brings out Moscow’s athlete, Rusev, who swings about the country flag. In Honor of his services, Lana has some colleagues present medals to Rusev. Upon that Moment, Lana demands the WWE Universe to rise and pay respects as the Russian Anthem starts to play and Confetti falls from above.

(Stephanie McMahon Ring Segment on Daniel Bryans Title)

(Nikki Bella discovers she has a 2 on 1 Match)

(Nikki Bella vs Aksana and Alicia Fox 2 on 1 Handicap Match)

(Rusev and Lana Dedication to the Russian Federation Segment)

Thoughts On:
Stephanies announcement: I Think the announcement was more than obvious, and i think Bryan and Kane is the most likely match to happen out of two presumed bouts. Besides if it does, we dont lose out on the Money in the Bank match, it just means the winner gets a shot at the title or A title. So they brought Cena out for this one so Cena could pull in some ratings while Bryan recovers, but why oh why wasnt Nikki out there? Im not sure when Brie will be back, BUT until then, cant we get a Nikki/Stephanie confrontation? Maybe it’ll happen after Nikki gets a certain amount of punishments.

Divas Handicap Match: Relatively short, but nice to see Foxsana back in focus and Alicia still getting some attention, and they won! So im not going to start thinking they’re working for the authority, they’ve just been told to do what they do, BUT i can still see this match happening again, maybe a few times until someone comes to Nikki’s aid. I Don’t see Nattie going against Stephanie somehow, but my likely candidate to come to Nikki’s aid in the weeks ahead would have to be either Naomi or Rosa. Naomi because its obvious from Cameron’s soon-to-happen heel turn, that the two are splitting off, and with the praise Naomi gets for her ring work, why not keep her in action? Rosa, because being in Total Divas means shes going to get some focus now, and if this was to happen, it’d be unexpected but fresh, and we’d get to see the improved ring work we rarely get to see from her.

Lana and Rusev: Once again, Lana’s mic skills were on top, and the heat continues. As controversial as the storyline could get, this is probably one of the most interesting segments these two have had, but the only thing i hated was the abrupt end. Why didn’t anyone interrupt to clear the ring, like Big E? Then again, now everyone knows about Rusevs dominance and his push, why not keep some focus on him?

– Catherine


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