TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Brittanys Plan Of Action Begins to Enact (June, 5th 2014)

madison and brit june 5

angelina love 411

madison brit june 5

On This weeks TNA Impact, Trouble was Brewing further between Former Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne, and a somewhat lovey dovey, but also vengeful, Brittany. So with Madison evoking her rematch clause like everyone found out on last weeks episode, would Brittany play a factor in the title showdown?

Madison’s lacing up ready to regain the Championship, but Brittany creepily stumbles over to her like shes watching her every movement. She tries to apologize for last week, and shes much aware about the title rematch Madison has got, and shes here for her. Madison’s little too happy, in fact she has Brittany told that tonight she wants her to do nothing regarding her match. Brittany agrees, but the face when Madison walks away from her says so much!

It isn’t till very close to the main event that we see Angelina and Madison in action. TNA dont break the rules as they bring the contender out first, Madison Rayne. At first, it feels like a battle of the titantrons which Madison would win in my book. Madison looks ready as the Beautiful People perform their signature entrance, complete with that bag of delicious evilness that Sky always brings to ringside. When this match starts, theres no altercation when Angelina goes outside to be flattered by Velvet Sky. Madison, once again frustrated, ignores the ref and runs to the outside, and to her former BFFs.

Madison chases them around the ring, grabbing Angelina while Velvets able to retreat. She throws her face first to the corner, and then to the other. She splashes Angelina, then hits the ropes, hitting a low dropkick on her in the middle of the ring. Madison tries to splash her again, but Angelina forearms her out of the way. Madison trips her when she charges and goes for a cover, but only gets a near fall.

Madison hits the Raynedrop, and gets distracted afterward by Sky. Madisons yelling allows Angelina to dropkick her. She tumbles down and Brittany comes presumably to Raynes rescue. She Just checks her but resorts to watching the rest of the match. Angelina heads outside, but takes some blows from Madison, and shes rolled back in. Madison turns to Brittany and demands her to do nothing. Brittany agrees to that obviously.

A Series of hits now by Angelina Love, and she slams Madison. Angelina tries to be cocky to Brittany, and she gets rolled up by Madison, but Angelina kicks out, and its a near fall. Madison with another but it also doesnt work. Angelina with a kick and she whips Madison to the corner. She showboats and charges, but the time taken allows Madison to forearm her away and come back. Madison with the boot when she charges again, and she dodges her clothesline.

Madison hits several clotheslines, and she hits the bridge suplex for a near fall. Madison smashes her face with the leg scissors, and a sulky Velvet resorts to cheating tactics, climbing to the apron and splashing some powder in Raynes face when no ones looking. Angelina is able to pin her following this and retain.

Following the match, Madison charges after Brittany backstage, wanting to know why she did not help her, but Brittany simply says she did what Madison said she should do, and that is nothing. Also, Rebel was on the show in a segment between The Menagerie and the BroMans, which imploded into a brawl.

(Rebel, the Menagerie and the BroMans Segment)

(Angelina Love w/ Velvet Sky vs Madison Rayne feat Brittany Knockouts Championship)

(Madison Rayne and Brittany backstage part 2)

Thoughts On:
Brittany/Madison backstage segments: I Never expected Brittany to be playing this type of character but shes doing it so well. Its almost reminding me of Winter/Angelina but without the Voodoo. Both Segments hinted at a Brittany Heel Turn, which is increasingly likely upon this point. Also Nice to see the focus on these two and their feud building up, rather than multiple segments with the Beautiful People. No Gail Kim this week!

Madison vs Angelina: A Short Match between the two, with the usual TBP antics which raises the question, will the refs start using logic and stop the TBP antics such as them bringing the bag to the ring which will automatically stop Angelina’s opponents being blinded into defeat? Who Knows? But its a usual infamous TBP antic so i dont see it ending anytime soon.

– Catherine


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