WWE RAW RESULTS: Reserved Free Food For All! (June, 9th 2014)

summer rae 793

paige 611

aksana 513

Hello Folks and Welcome to the RAW write up brought to you by, well didn’t you guess, Me! Last Night WWE’s Canteen staff seem to have left their products placed exactly where they shouldn’t be, in the Hands of Summer Rae and Alicia Fox. Question is, what did they do with them? Some Bombastic things for sure! Lets take a look and at everything else RAW provided us diva wise throughout the night!

First RAW opens with a heartbreaking segment. It appears the Authority haven’t outwitted Bryan this time, but Bryans injury has. Stephanie and Triple H take it upon themselves to announce a Special Ladder Match for the officially vacated WWE World Heavyweight Championship in a few weeks at Money in the Bank, since Bryan hasn’t been cleared to compete in that time.

Now to the Divas, and Hallelujah WWE didn’t let go of Summers feud with Layla after all! Upon her return some weeks ago, we now have a backstage segment (the first in quite a long time on RAW) where Layla bashes the locals. This prompts Summer to trash the Boastful Layla with Milk and powder, bashing her head also nonetheless. Surely, Fandangos ex Missus is impressed with the damage done while a crying Layla has to show up for Fandangos match later not in style…

And Indeed Layla is embarrassed. Hair and make up ruined, she heads to ringside with Fandango as himself and Damien Sandow, in his finest ballerina form, yes you heard it right, face your Tag Team Champions Usos. To Upset Layla further, Sandow and Fandango lost, though it wasn’t Fandango taking the pin.

Lana was also on the show alongside Rusev, cutting her best promo to date. Rusev squashed Zack Ryder in a Memorial Day RAW rematch. He followed by celebrating with Lana with the Russian Flag unveiling itself above.

Lucky for Every Diva Fan, Paige was also in attendance. In Fact, the Divas Champion has another rematch with Alicia Fox, only this time the Crazy Devil that is Alicia has Aksana at her side. The Bell rings and Paige avoids a lock up, then they end up locking up after all. Its a battle of strength as Alicia sends Paige toward the ropes with Paige trying to push back. Paige ends up outside and is almost cornered by Aksana and Fox, but ends up bashing them both. Paige slaps Aksana then rolls Alicia back to the ring, climbing to the apron, only to fall back when shes kicked by Alicia.

Alicia rolls Paige back into the ring, then places her in a side headlock. Alicia tries her best to keep her hold in, and lands the bridge suplex, preventing Paige’s attempt in battling out. A Near fall by Fox. Alicia with another side headlock to the champ as this match continues. Again, Paige tries to battle out and gets tossed. Paige quickly comes back by trying to roll Fox into a cover, but to no avail. Fox with a vengeful clothesline as payback. Aksana gives her a thumbs up as she goes for the cover on Paige, but its a near fall once more.

Alicia hits a backbreaker for another near fall, and she goes back to a side headlock on Paige. Paige tries to punch out but Fox keeps resisting. Alicia scoops Paige and tries to send her flying to the outside, but Paige counters, and its Fox taking the tumble outside. Paige kicks, then pulls her to the apron by her hair, hitting several knees. Paige pulls her in and hits a number of short arm clotheslines. Paige hits the ropes and hits a low dropkick on Alicia. Paige gets a near fall.

Alicia sends her to the corner, but Paige elbows back, and climbs it. Unlucky for Paige, as Alicia takes the leg and sends her onto the mat. Aksana now gives her some smack from the outside as Alicia is taking control. Paige then suddenly whips Alicia into Aksana. With Aksana out and quiet, Paige tugs at Fox, pulling her away from the ropes and places her in the Crosslock. Alicia taps and Paige wins.

Post Match things turn sour for the Foxsana Pairing. Aksana tends to Alicia, who turns violent, and not only does she fume, but she attacks Aksana, to the Lithuanians dismay, stealing popcorn from nearby and stuffing it in her face, with the addition of other beverages. Looks like Alicia’s all for working on her own.

(RAW Opener Stephanie McMahon Strips Bryan of the Championship)

(Layla and Summer Rae Backstage Brawl)

(Rusev w/ Lana vs Zack Ryder)

(Alicia Fox w/ Aksana vs Paige Non Title Match)

Thoughts On:
Layla/Summer: THANK GOODNESS this feud is still happening. This segment reminds me so much of Eve and Maryse back in the day. The Only thing that wasnt liked out of this segment is guessing whether they’re playing heel vs heel or something else. Layla gave total heel attitude at the start, Summers attack was heelish, in addition the facial reaction after she beat her down. From my guess, they’ll either keep it heel vs heel or this will turn Layla face when Fandango presumably goes back to Summer in an eventual singles match between the two.

Paige vs Fox: The Girls were given a bit more time than usual, which is great. But why Paige vs Fox again? As Much as i love the fact that Alicia is getting more and more spotlight, the focus needs to be on the Champ too. Where do they both go from here? With whats seen post match, is it Paige vs Fox again at MITB? Is it Paige vs Foxsana? Or is Paige vs Cameron? Maybe Paige vs Foxsana vs Cameron in a Fatal 4 way if Cameron’s antagonistic ways towards Paige and her feud with her doesn’t get nixed like im guessing it may have. Hopefully Smackdown will clarify on that if it isn’t another random match up.

– Catherine


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