WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: The Milk Is Back! This Time the Enemy Tastes It (June, 10th 2014)

summer rae 794

summer rae 795

summer rae 796

Catherine here, catching up and bringing you all the diva news, even if in little detail, from last nights live edition of Main Event. Even though there was no divas match, excluding the dark match, there was quite an eventful backstage segment following up to Summer Raes Vicious attack on Layla from RAW.

Renee Young chats backstage with Welcomed Guest Summer Rae. She talks the relationship she had with Fandango, and how Layla came in and stole him, highlighting the RAW attack by Summer. Renee asks if Summers doing this due to Jealousy, and Summer responds, saying she had been fine with Layla replacing her at first, but then she rubbed her relationship in her face, so she decided to serve her up some milk like the Catty…TWAT…yes she said that…that she is. Layla knocks her from behind, pouring cat litter and milk on her and leaving her embarrassed and in a mess.

Also Lana was on the show as Rusev faced Kofi Kingston in yet another triumphant battle.

(Summer Rae Interview w/ Renee Young and Layla attack)

Thoughts on this segment:
So I Loved this segment and that Summer and Layla’s feud is getting loads of focus, and i feel like its still heel vs heel in many ways, but im unsure as to whether one of them will turn face or not. I’m Sure this is the start of a massive push for Summer, but when this feud is done, where does this leave Summer? Who will she feud with afterward? They could have had Layla compete following that segment and followed up with Summer getting some revenge or accidentally making her win her match, but with what ive read about this weeks Smackdown, theres a whole lot more to come.

– Catherine


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