TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Friends and Foes Clash for Dallas Title Glory (June, 12th 2014)

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Welcome to this weeks write up on last nights go home show/pre slammiversary IMPACT episode. A Number One Contender to the Ravenous Angelina’s title was decided, and we got a treat when a certain knockout emerged after some time under inactivity.

That Returning Knockout….it Just happens to Be a Certain BROOKE! EC3 and Spud brought Brooke Tessmacher to the ring, firing many allegations and fake “DNA” related results her way. When Brooke started yelling at Spud, Ethan threatened her, which prompted Bully to save his former lady and challenge the Boss’s nephew to a Good Old Texas Death Match this Sunday coming, which he accepted. Upon that, he also gave Brooke a kind hearted apology for the issues they had before, wishing her a happy life, also referring to her as an awesome girlfriend, and they reconciled in front of the audience.

Much Later into the show, and close to the Main Event, we see a determined Madison Rayne, whose all for going after the title this Sunday, square off against both Brittany and Gail Kim for the Knockouts Contendership. Brit is the first to perform her entrance, as the panning shot of Christy Hemme returns, and the commentary team bring up the issues between Madison and Brittany, which took an extra turn for the worst last week. The Most likely candidate to win, Gail Kim, makes her entrance next, all smiles while confident, and its safe to say she also has a fairly long list of issues, all started by the Beautiful People. Lastly, a former member of the Group and previous Knockout Champion, Madison Rayne heads to the ring.

Right on the bell, its Brittany and Madison arguing. Gail runs in from behind, going for the roll up on Madison but Brittany swiftly breaks it. The Arguing continues as Madison punches Gail away. Madison and Brittany get various shots on Gail. The Two double team Gail, despite Madison seeming to want the win more. The Two start arguing yet again, and Gail dropkicks the two. She dropkicks them again as they seem to recooperate, and she fires the crowd. Unlucky for Gail, as she remains dominant, she suddenly has her gaze fixed on the arriving Velvet and Angelina. They head to commentary as we get to the break.

When we come back, its Brittany working on Gail, and Madison down a little, as the Beautiful People talk it out on commentary. Brittany whips Gail, but she floats over and clotheslines her. She also aims the clothesline at Madison. Brittany springboards Gail as she ends up in the corner. Brittany charges, but Gail goes to the apron, and Brittany misses the target. Brittany ends up outside as Gail and Madison clash. Madison snapmares Gail from the turnbuckle, and she gets a hurricanrana.

Madison with more offense and she tries a pin attempt on Gail, but this ends up a near fall. Madison punches but Gail comes back reversing her whip. Gail charges, but ends up with the boot to the head. Madison goes from the top, trying another pin attempt, but Gail counters. Gail goes for the cover, but Brittany runs back to the ring to break it off.

Gail gets her own back on Brittany, with a leglock in the center. Madison happens to come in between the two with a leglock also applied on Gail. Brittany breaks out and its Madison with the leglock applied to Gail, but Gail seems to get out of it, almost pinning Madison, but its a near fall. Madison with a snapmare and kicks to Gail as she remains in control. Madison hammers on Gail, then takes her on the top. Madison looks for the suplex, but then Brittany dropkicks Gail. She joins them on the turnbuckles as well, and both Brittany and Madison double team, hitting the huge double superplex from the top on Gail. All Girls are down as Angelina views the scenery.

Despite the struggle from the last manuever, Brittany tries to cover Gail, but Madison rushes in and breaks it. Brittany gets furious with Madison. Madison forearms her and charges, but Brittany uses the ropes to send her tumbling to the ground outside. Brittany screams smack to Madison, and believe it or not, Velvet and Angelina cheer her. Brittanys smack talk is cut short, when Gail cuts in on her and pulls her to the corner to lock her figure four. Angelina and Velvet head down the ramp for more closer observation as Madison takes the leg of Gail and sends her to the floor as she goes to the apron.

Velvet does the usual shenanigans as she distracts the referee as Angelina quickly pulls Madison outside for Brittany. Angelina has a talk with the referee, another distraction as Brittany hits the clothesline on Gail. Velvet heads on the apron, pulling out her spray can for Gail…but instead it hits Brittany. Velvet freaks out, as does Angelina, as Gail connects her finishing eat defeat on Brittany, pinning her and becoming the Number 1 Contender to the Knockouts Championship, prepped to face Angelina at Slammiversary this Sunday.

Rebel also appeared on the show as Cohort Knux, joined by the Menagerie, faced Robbie E of the BroMans Group. Oddly, their entrance music played throughout the match.

(Knux w/ Rebel & The Menagerie vs Robbie E w/ Jesse and DJ Z)

(Ethan Carter, Spud and Bully Ray Segment w/ Brooke Tessmacher)

(Brittany vs Madison Rayne vs Gail Kim Number 1 Contenders Match ft the Beautiful People)

Thoughts On:
Brookes Return: Great to see Brooke back, ive missed her A LOT since she vanished from our screens back in December, and i like how they played up her past with Bully. As Much as EC3 & Spud played Great heels for this one, there were parts of the segment that just came across as annoying and maybe uncomfortable, but i think the ending made it much better.

Number 1 Contenders Match: First of all That was a GREAT Bout with the 3 Knockouts, and none looked weak at all. A Lot of interesting things come out of this, most importantly as to why Angelina and Velvet cheered on Brittany. The Moment Brittany was shouting down to Madison almost felt like a heel turn, but i more likely believe that will be left to this Sunday, that is if TNA go ahead with the idea of having Brittany cost Gail the title shot, even though it would be more appropriate to do it with Madison if she’d had the shot.

– Catherine


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