WWE NXT RESULTS: BFFs First Match Together Ends Sourly (June, 12th 2014)

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Its Favourite show of the week time, and a very exciting one at least. Following last weeks unexpected return, as Summer Rae popped down during a match between Bayley and Charlotte, Rae now gets to join both “friends” in a bout against Bayley and her own BFFs Paige and Emma. Plus Total Divas Couples Therapy as Natalya watched Tyson be granted another chance at the NXT title.

Opening the show is the happy theme of the Joyous Bayley, who heads to the ring, followed by the entrances of Emma and Divas Champion Paige, and one cant help but sob in happiness when the crowd sing along to her theme once more. Following that, Charlotte makes her entrance with Summer and Sasha, but theres already some grouchiness between the crew as they try and take their centre spots. Eden kindly announces them as the BFFs, even though that doesnt seem to be the case with the awkwardness going on with their entrances.

The Bell rings and its Womens Champion Charlotte beginning the match with Emma, and they get to a lock up. Its a battle of strength as Charlotte forces Emma to the corner. Emma reverses, and she moves onto the apron when Charlotte misses a splash attempt. Emma rolls up Charlotte but doesnt get the win, its a near fall. Charlotte starts to get control, then Emma gets fiesty, slapping her in the face. Charlotte responds when she kicks her in the gut, then she clings her hair, sending her into the BFFs corner. She makes a tag to Sasha, and Summer is already looking mad at not getting tagged.

Sasha starts wearing down Emma by kicking her against the corner. She tags Charlotte back in, who has her whip reversed. Emma looks for the splash attempt, but Charlotte lifts her out to the apron. Emma with an elbow to Charlotte, but when the referee doesnt notice, Sasha leaps outside, attacking from behind, and she sends Emma crashing to the floor from the apron. Charlotte makes a mock of Emmas dance, then heads outside to bring her back in the ring. We Go to a break.

When we come back, the BFFs are again in control. Summers in the ring and shes constantly kicking Emma, and she sends her to their corner. Charlotte tags in to Summers disbelief, and she starts hammering Emma in the corner. She tags Sasha back in. Sasha kicks and snapmares Emma, then locks the side headlock. She luckily fends off Sasha after using the DilEMMA, and tags Bayley, as Sasha tags Charlotte. Bayley with constant clotheslines, then she works Charlotte in the corner.

A Suplex by Bayley and she gets a near fall when Sasha breaks the cover attempt. Paige kicks away Sasha, but Sasha sends her outside, and Bayley tosses her out in response. Bayley also knocks down Summer, and Charlotte tries a desperate roll up, but only gets a near fall on Bayley. Out of annoyance, she kicks Summer to the outside floor, shouting down to her. Unlucky for Charlotte, Bayley rolls her through and pins her! Bayley, Paige and Emma win the match.

Later on in the show, tension is exploding with the BFFs in a backstage segment where both Sasha and Charlotte blame Summer for the loss. Sasha then turns around and fumes at Alexa, who has just come to collect some kit. Alexa says shes not looking for a fight, maybe a match. Sasha stays quiet, and Alexa takes that as a yes in response, making their match next week. Sasha fumes further, as Charlotte tries keeping her calm.

Natalya also accompanies Tyson when hes granted one more shot at Adrians championship, despite not being crowned number 1 contender. Tyson would lose the match, despite resorting to desperate measures, and it didn’t rub off well w/ Nattie following up from the match.

(Paige, Bayley and Emma vs Sasha Banks, Summer Rae and Charlotte)

(The BFFs Backstage Segment w/ Alexa Bliss)

(Adrian Neville vs Tyson Kidd w/ Natalya NXT Championship Rematch)

(Natalya reacts to Tysons Loss)

Thoughts On:
Six Diva Tag: Good Match, and i loved the tension played up between Charlotte and Summer. The Only low point in this match is Paige not being tagged despite being there. But Bayleys ring work is getting more on point match after match.

Backstage Segment: From this segment, it looks like Sasha is more on Charlotte’s side than Summers, and they are all against her. Charlotte also seems to care more for her friendship with Sasha, trying to calm her down, which gives subtle hints that they’ll be sticking as a two piece rather soon. Nice to see Alexa in a backstage segment (minus the one with Tyler last year) and Sasha finally getting time to shine verbal wise, because out of the group, she barely gets to talk.

Natalya/Tyson: My Guess is this is all being filmed for Total Divas. But this storyline is actually interesting me and considering Tyson hasn’t been a heel for a while, its a fresh look at him for sure, and a soon to be push. Tyson has been considered one of WWE’s workhorses, and he hasn’t really got to show himself that much, but i wish this new character he has coming (see next weeks NXT) could come onto the main roster, even though i randomly thought up Tyson feuding with Bo. Theres something that really appeals about Tyson as a heel, not sure if its the look, mic skills or ring work, but im really looking forward to it, just a shame we wont see him and Evan Bourne as a tag team now.

– Catherine


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