TNA Slammiversary Results: “Girly” Shenanigans Cost Gail Another Record (June, 15th 2014)

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Catherine here, and now we are away from last nights Slammiversary, lets refresh some viewers memory on the Dallas Screwjob Beautiful People Style…and how Dixie once again avoided Tables. For those who did miss last night, the result was expected, but no, we didn’t get a Knockout screwing Gail over, nor a 3rd member to the Beautiful People, but what we did see was brought on from subtle, un-thought of hints from the past few weeks, eyes on the officials!

Prior to the match, there’s a backstage segment where JB interviews Angelina, who to no surprise, has been joined by Velvet. JB questions whether Angelina can win her match without the help of Velvet, going over the past few weeks, and that causes Velvet to flip, because Velvet thinks its right for the two to do everything together as BFFs and there’s nothing wrong with them being together. Angelina bashes Gail over never being able to obtain Angelina’s 6 time record and they parade over to the ring for the upcoming Championship match.

The match is finally announced, and for one second i think Gail is arriving with a new theme, then i realize its the Slammiversary theme in the background. Christy stands by and announces the match and first comes Gail Kim, new hairdo and an Aksana-like attire that suits perfectly, and shes a major favorite in the Dallas crowd as she happily heads to the ring. Shes followed by Defending Champion Angelina, joined by Velvet and that bundle of evil, the pink bag. The Bell rings and the fight between the two ladies is underway…

Angelina runs right to her on the bell, and it looks like shes trying the botox injection for an early finish, but Gail dodges her. Gail with a leg sweep and after a short battle of strength, she takes Angelina to the mat. Angelina with a punch, and her whip is reversed. Gail fights back and she gets her first near fall. A Pin attempt then Gail gets lifted from the mat.

Gail with a clothesline and knee shot, and gripping the hand of Angelina, she heads onto the ropes. Angelina reverses the hurricanrana attempt, sending Gail’s head crashing. Angelina springs right into the pin attempt, and its Angelina with a near fall now. Angelina hits some kicks and she whips Gail hard into the corner. Gail crashes to the mat, then Angelina raises her and pounds her into the corner with a shoulder tackle. She does so again, and continues the offense against her in the corner.

Looks like another attempt at a Botox Injection by Angelina, only Gail catches her boot and stops her. Gail with more offense and she hits the ropes, and its a hurricanrana right into the octopus hold. Angelina counters with a slam for another near fall. Angelina furiously tosses Gail to the floor outside, and right into the path of a hungry plotting Velvet, who tries to taunt her, but gets attacked. Velvet flees as Angelina runs out of the ring and attacks Gail from behind. Angelina looks to send her opponent to the steps, but ends up going over it instead.

Gail rolls her back to the ring. Angelina reverses her whip, but Gail utilizes the turnbuckles. Angelina catches her with behind shots, cradling her in her hands, and she hits a bulldog. Thinking thats the finish, Angelina goes for the cover, but unlucky for her, its a near fall when Gail stays in it. Gail kicks her and Angelina elbows back. Angelina charges and she misses Gail, but right that second Velvet gets the hairspray in the face of Gail.

The Ref just stares at Velvet rather than calling for a DQ, and Angelina nails the finishing Botox Injection while he stays distracted. To Everyones shock, Angelina has gone for the cover, and Gail has kicked out. Earl Hebner comes out to give Brian some lip, and fight off Velvet. He banishes her for the rest of the match, and goes to officiate. Right on that, its Gail with punches, kicks and clotheslines to Angelina. Gail with a dropkick and another big clothesline.

Gail counters Angelina into the neckbreaker, but its still Angelina in the match, its a near fall. Gail misses charging at Angelina but uses the turnbuckles again and dives right onto Angelina. The Diving crossbody just results in a near fall. Hanging on the second rope, Gail pounds on Angelina with a punch and more. Angelina power-bombs Gail and tries pinning her while keeping her feet on the ropes, but Earl stops when he notices.

Angelina is furious at Earl, and argues with him, and Gail looks to run at her and hit a dropkick, but she ends up hitting it on Earl. Brian suddenly returns to the scene as Gail tries to lift Earl, and the two fight through pin attempts, one following the eat defeat, while Brian does nothing because it seems hes “checking” earl instead. Its not until Angelina gets a cover attempt that he slides back to the ring and counts for her. Angelina retains the title.

The Carter family also gained redemption for the second time and thanks to Dixie, as Ethan Carter scored a win over Bully Ray, and when it seemed she’d go through a table. Hometown Girl, Rebel, also appeared in the opener as part of 1 5th of the Contenders, Crazy Steve’s entrance.

(Angelina Love w/ Velvet Sky vs Gail Kim Knockouts Championship)

Thoughts on this match:
Kudos to great ring work and spots from both Angelina and Gail in their second ever match up. Great spots include Angelina’s bulldog on Gail from the ropes, the steel steps, Gail kicking out of the Botox Injection and more. Fiery crowd too, and they are most definitely Fans of Gail in that arena. Not much like last years show stealer, but great ring work was showcased, though i will never come to agree with the ending. So Angelina has triumphed now over Gail and Madison, so that leaves ODB, Brittany and Brooke amongst a few challengers, even Taryn. I Do Expect Angelina and ODB to feud now, unless Gail gets a rematch or Taryn returns, possibly aligning with Gail or Madison. But shame they didn’t show a Brittany heel turn that’s been hinted for so long, unless they leave that to another rematch between Madison and Angelina. It seems so odd that days ago TBP were cheering her on in the contenders match, and that Brittany didn’t help them out, unless it was labelled too predictable, but maybe that’ll be triggered should Madison get another opportunity considering the growing resentment.

– Catherine


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