TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Rivals Put Past Moments Aside To Tackle the Beautiful People (June, 19th 2014)

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So for the first time in what feels like ages, TNA had a Live episode broadcast…or so thought. But anyway let me fill you in on an epic episode, as Taryn Terrell FINALLY returned to TNA for her first appearance since July last year. The Return was announced days prior, leaving many speculating what the company have planned for her. Well speculate no further.

An Injustice was committed as The Entrance of One Gail Kim was cut, BUT Gail looks adorbs in a pink ROMPER? She gets straight to the point, welcoming Taryn and her amazing theme song back, seemingly diminishing all anger she had towards her over last years feud. The Lavish Knockout makes her way to the ring.

Gail is Mrs Straight to the Point tonight, as she immediately tells Taryn about how she wasnt sure about her when she came into the company, how she didnt think she had what it took, but she proved her wrong with her performance at Slammiversary last year, beating her in the show stealing Last KO Standing match. Its all from the heart for Gail as she does indeed as said on twitter, list the match as one of her all time faves alongside herself and Kong at Final Resolution 2008. Gail says Taryn earned her respect as soon as she beat her that one night at Slammiversary, so she took it upon herself to welcome her back. Fans everywhere begin to choke up in happiness when Gail pulls Taryn in for a hug.

Taryn takes the mic now, thanking the crowd and Gail. Shes blessed to come back after having her child, and the crowd boo her for that, C’mon everyone, have some respect! Taryn says to come back and earn Gails respect, means so much. She says shes had some of the best matches in her career, but that is what the Division is about, but she cant help but bring up the fact that herself and Gail are tied when it comes to wins over each other, this excluding Taryns win over Gail in their first match. She thinks they can have a 3rd to settle the score, and Gail seems to be all Game for it, as Taryn proclaims the match will be to determine who the best knockout is.

This immediately drives Velvet and Angelina to interrupt the “Lovefest”. Angelina brags over Gail’s Slammiversary defeat to herself just a few days ago, telling Gail she is not the Champion nor leader of the Division. Angelina makes a joke about how they are dressed for “The Junior Prom” leading to Velvets witch cackle. Angelina puts it aside to “introduce” Taryn to them, right away attacking her as Velvet goes after Gail. Gail gets overwhelmed before Taryn goes after them. Taryn and Gail chuck Velvet and Angelina out of the ring to finish.

Prior to the main event, the (Unjust) One, Taryn and Gail were demanded to leave the arena by MVPs squad, because im sure the Knockouts will try get Lashleys attention in his match vs EY. Ugh. Even JB finds it Ludicrous. Also Dixie Carter earned controversy, walloping Tommy Dreamer in a heart-breaker of a segment.

(Dixie Carter confronts Tommy Dreamer w/ Rockstar Spud)

(Taryn Terrell Returns, Gail & Taryn interrupted by The Beautiful People)

Thoughts On:
Taryn’s Return: I Am SO Happy to see Taryn back, and everyone knew she would be back, just like they did with Madison. So Taryn and Gail aligning was obviously one option of speculation, and the option that moved to TV. But where does it go from here, because the other points of speculation could indeed happen, Taryn vs Gail rematch face vs face, Taryn vs Gail vs Angelina at Bound for Glory, Taryn winning the title from Angelina at Bound for Glory or Taryn aligning with the Beautiful People against Gail, if Brittany doesn’t.

Dixie Carter/Tommy Dreamer: I Really wasn’t interested in this segment when i heard it was happening, but it took me by surprise. Tommy was heartfelt, tugging at every wrestling fan around, bringing up some unexpected vocal moments. The way Dixie ended it by attacking Dreamer, im not sure whether to class it as Controversy or not but I’ll let you decide. But based on promo content, the way Dixie ended it, i would call it controversial, but whether that portrayed the Real Dixie or not, probably not.

– Catherine


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