TNA XPLOSION RESULTS: Angelina Thwarts Another Tempting Challenger as the BPs Dominance Continues (June, 17th 2014)

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Welcome to this weeks round up of TNA Xplosion, brought to you by myself, Catherine. As Xplosion hits the ranks of having more Knockouts matches than the show got last year, we got an extra treat, not only would Brittany get a chance to Clobber reigning Champ Angelina Love, but Angelinas title also happens to be on the line, as reported before, npt to mention im probably not the only one who wondered if this was going to be aired considering we never saw Shanna vs Alpha Female. Anyway…

Here comes Brittany, the recent Knockout to have caused a stir, even though this storyline between herself and Madison seems to have hit the chops, at least i think so. Seems weird how through both entrances theres been no mention of the issues between Madison and Brittany but yes its pre taped. Anyway the Babyface Knockout is followed by Champion herself Angelina Love, and of course Partner-in-crime Velvet Sky as JB makes it clear how this match is a title match. Referee raises the title, Brittany pulls her best not impressed face and here we go!

Lock up to start, Angelina sends Brittany over and she flaunts about for a bit before they go to another lock up. Same antics again, and a lock up again. Angelina slams Brittany to the mat. Angelina with more mockery and this time Brittany counters a lock up. Arm Drags and Slams seem to infuriate Velvet, who hits the ring. Unlucky for Vel, she gets sent outside at the Hands of Brittany. Angelina charges, but joins her partner on the floor outside. Break time as Angelina and Velvet flip outside the ring while Brittany is in full momentum.

When we come back, both Knockouts are standing in the ring. A Lock up turns into a side headlock, this one applied by Angelina. Brittany uses elbows to try and fight out, she hits the ropes, but is knocked to the mat. Before Angelina can make any movements towards the ropes, shes tripped by Brittany. Brittany now in control with clotheslines, arm drags and slams to the Knockouts Champ. Velvet comes back into the ring, seeing her partner in danger, but ends up on the floor again. The Small distraction allows Angelina to hit from behind.

Angelina brings some offense as Brittany is against the ropes, and chokes her too. Brittany fights back with punches, and she whips her, but Brittany falls to the mat thanks to a knee shot by Angelina. Angelina hits an elbow drop, and she gets the first near fall in the match. Angelina grabs Brittany by her hair, then applies a submission on her. Velvet assists Angelina from the outside. Only does the Official see it in the second attempt.

Angelina has a “talk” with the ref as Brittany rests against the corner, then Angelina goes right to charging at her, but misses as Brittany flees in the nick of time. Brittany seems to be hurt but tries fighting off Angelina anyway. Brittany hits some clotheslines and dropkicks to Angelina, and follows up with the handspring moonsault as Angelina is against the corner. The Attack seems to have damaged Angelina in some way, as Velvet tries to get the attention of Brittany, hanging around on the apron.

Brittany soon sees Velvet, and knocks her down, but suddenly Angelina flies back into action, hitting her finishing Botox Injection move on Brittany. She Covers, and a more angrier Angelina retains the title.

(Brittany vs Angelina Love w/ Velvet Sky Knockouts Championship)

Thoughts on this match:
It was a good match, with repetitive offense by the two, and the crowd seemed more behind Brittany. There seems to be no mention of Brittany and Madison’s storyline, not sure if that’s due to it being pre taped, so maybe theres little to worry about. Usual BP antics too.

– Catherine


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