WWE RAW RESULTS: One Says GoodBye, One Says Hello to Title Opportunity (June, 23rd 2014)



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Last Nights RAW was just amaze-balls in several ways! The Pre Money in the Bank RAW developed quite a few things, whether it’d be the Upcoming Match between Naomi and Paige (Yes you are reading this correctly) or the not too shocking, but still really upsetting departure of probably one of WWEs top heels ever known, Vickie Guerrero, and what a sweet way it ended. Speaking of Vickie, it wasn’t sweet right away when she was forced to make apologies to Stephanie over last weeks puke fest…

Stephanie doesn’t appear furious as she heads to the ring alone for the RAW opener, but its all a trick. In Fact, she demands Vickie come out, and tries to make things a huge misery for her by making her apologize to the point where shes got to get on her knees and beg. Stephanie throws in the fact she has a match tonight….with her, and this tempts Vickie to suddenly stand up to her Boss in admirable fashion.

Lana and Rusev bring their Instagram sightseeing of “Foolish America” to RAW, cutting a promo in a video packaging where the two bash the United States. This will later grab the attention of an Angry Big E….

Also, believably (and happily) not in the 3rd hour pre main event death spot, Englands own Paige comes to the ring….Oh….Make that Commentary! She appears to observe the match between Alicia Fox and Now Contender Naomi, but to Paiges annoyance, Naomi’s Total Divas Companion Cameron just happens to join the commentary crew too. Oddly, as Naomi makes her entrance, WWE decide to be mean enough to remove JoJo from a below graphic to promote Total Divas Move to the WWE Network for the Season 1 Episodes.

The Two Lock up and Naomi catches Fox in the waistlock as Cole aims questions at Cameron. Naomi rolls her up as Cameron tells them Naomi isnt the threat to Paige’s Championship, and Paige spits back in defense, reminding Cameron how she didnt beat her. Naomi hits a dropkick to Fox and whips her, looking for the rear view, but Alicia is clever as she clings the ropes to avoid running into it. Naomi continues offense as Cameron brands Paige as lucky for all her wins against her.

Alicia aims punches and works on the arm of Naomi, but only for a little while, as Naomi appears to break out as the Camera focuses on Paige, who has her focus on the match rather than Camerons smack talk. Naomi takes Fox outside with the hurricanrana. Fox appears to be angry as she walks on the outside, yelling. Naomi slides outside, and to Alicia, as they throw shots at each other, with Naomi unloading. She smacks Fox’s head against the apron. Naomi tries to climb back to the ring but gets thrown onto the ground below.

Fox starts gaining control as Cameron admits to the problems between Naomi and herself. Fox hits the vicious backbreaker, pulling her away from the ropes for a 3 count, but Fox only gets the near fall instead. JBL starts coming to the defense of Cameron as Fox messes with Naomis hair. Naomi punches Alicia in the nose, but Alicia hits some knees. Alicia with an armbar, pulling her right into a forearm. Alicia with a Northern Lights Suplex for a near fall.

Cameron frankly “apologizes” for her slap to Paige last week, only she wanted to do it harder. The Two continue to trade verbal shots at each other as Fox continues to have control in the match. Alicia chokes Naomi as Cole hilariously asks Cameron whether she has friends on the Total Divas show, to which she proclaims she does and shes one of the stars, put over in a more obnoxious way. Then she drops a quote which is majorly true to her character..”It doesn’t matter whether you’ve done something positive or negative, if people are talking about you, its good.” Paige retaliates over that quote but Cameron only cares as long as shes getting talked about.

Meanwhile, Naomi gets chucked outside by Fox. Alicia poses, as Cameron sort of refuses to go check Naomi, this being because Naomi watched her last week so she has to do the same. Cameron continues boasting as Fox drags Naomi back in the ring. Alicia going for a backbreaker now, but Naomi shockingly counters into her newest finishing maneuver to finish off Fox. Naomi gets the 3 count and the win, and Cameron looks to not respond as Paige leaps on the apron to offer a handshake to Naomi, while grasping and showing off the title.

Later On, the anticipated match between Vickie and Stephanie starts. For the 1st time in her career, Vickie has an entrance theme, and it happens to be Eddie Guerreros, kindly paying tribute to her late husband. She waits in the ring for Steph, who arrives, but in her casual attire, her dress from earlier, rather than anything to wrestle in, which drops the hint that she has replacements for the now announced pudding match. She brings out Fox, whose double timing, as well as Layla and the returning Rosa Mendes, who walk to the ring, surrounding the former RAW GM. Vickie flees and they corner her again. Vickie manages to fend off the girls, chucking in first Rosa, then Layla and Fox. Stephanie pushes her in for revenge, but it does nothing but fuel Vickie, because even though shes lost her job thanks to Stephanie, she takes one last bow, by throwing her boss into the gloop, leaving her crawling and screaming.

Closer to the Main Event, Big E defeats a Weekly Repackaged Damien Sandow. Now as much as i could complain how hes not in either of the Money in the Bank matches, the motive is clear, they’re building another Big E, Rusev Match since Big E pulls a promo on Rusevs disrespect for America. This Leads Lana to come out and trick Big E, who is assaulted by Rusev. He eventually falls to Rusevs submission as Lana smiles at the surrounding destruction.

(Vickie Guerrero and Stephanie McMahon Segment)

(Naomi vs Alicia Fox, Cameron & Paige on Commentary)

(Vickie Guerrero vs Stephanie McMahon ft Layla, Alicia Fox and Rosa)

(Big E vs Damien Sandow ft Lana and Rusev)

Thoughts On:
Naomi vs Alicia Fox & Paige/Cameron: Literally it suits the Divas getting an earlier place and a spot that isn’t the pre main event cool down/death spot, why? Because the match wasn’t rushed in any way at all, it went on for a good amount of time too, and it helped build up a storyline in various ways. You Have Naomi, the new challenger to Paige’s Championship, looking dominant and like a threat, while also displaying similar domination tactics from Fox. You Also have Cameron and Paige’s rivalry heating up through commentary, which can lead to many things. I Feel like people are too hard on Cameron because shes doing so much better with a heel persona than with a babyface persona, and her turn has been way overdue. With whats going on, WWE could do the obvious (and the good idea) of turning Cameron heel at last or swerve us and turn Naomi like the “reporters” said, because apparently some people cant tell Cameron and Naomi apart. Obviously she isn’t up to Naomi’s level with in ring talent, even though shes improved, but turning her heel could do her wonders.

Vickie/Stephanie: I Was Absolutely ecstatic when Stephanie announced herself into a match with Vickie, then i thought they cant seriously be putting her in the ring for this occasion, as nice as the idea is. Of course Stephanie would troll us all (AGAIN) by summoning out her replacements, Layla, Miss Double Time Fox and Rosa Mendes (Welcome Back) before getting involved herself. But Vickie was ultimately the winner in this one, because even though the pudding match might have come across as an insult at first glance, she looked like shed been having fun doing it and she ultimately got revenge over everyone, especially Stephanie, who of course would ultimately start becoming the target of those she has hurt considering her months of ultimate domination and characteristic blackmail, take for example the fact that not only has Vickie gone against Stephanie’s wishes and put Roman in the MITB Match, but has ultimately emerged the winner of a closing feud, despite losing her match. Nice of her to close her career using Eddies theme song out of WWE’s respect for Eddie and the Guerrero family. I Just hope this doesn’t mean shes the last Guerrero in the WWE.

Rusev/Lana/Big E: I Am Nothing BUT Happy that this feud has got another chance at limelight. Okay, it might have felt late, but it also felt like a surprise, and a good one at that because everyone agrees their Payback match should’ve been A LOT Longer. And Once again, Lana’s promos are again proving why she is main roster managerial gold. I’m not surprised people are more invested in Lana than Rusev but i overall have enjoyed both of their runs so far.


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