WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: Layla and Summer Rae Come to Blows & Cost Fandango Again (June, 24th 2014)

layla fandango main event

summer rae 812

summer rae 813

Catherine here to bring you an update from last nights Live Main Event episode. Sure there wasn’t any divas action, but the feud between Layla and Summer Rae happened to progress further, and furthermore cost the man the two clash over, Fandango.

Fandango approaches a glitzy Layla backstage, whose been left feeling sour after she caught out Summer Rae and himself kissing last week on Smackdown. He tries to work his way apologizing through sweet talk, saying shes the only woman whose truly danced her way to his heart. The Two end up kissing right before he goes to the ring to face Bo Dallas in a Smackdown Rematch.

Layla and Fandango head to the ring, with a pre match smooch. After Bo’s entrance, the bell rings and Summer saunters down to the ring, and instantly plants a kiss with Fandango, this time a more rapid one. Layla’s had enough and leaps at them both. Layla and Summer end up going to the outside and onto the ramp as referees try and pull them away. Fandango, who again cant choose who to support, heads back to the ring, and right into Bo’s finisher. Fandango loses the match.

(Layla and Fandango backstage segment)

(Bo Dallas vs Fandango w/ Layla ft Summer Rae)

Thoughts on Layla and Summer Rae:
Glad they are still showing the tension and progressing the feud between the three. The Negatives that came out of this though is that it was too similar to Smackdown, and it seems we aren’t even getting a PPV match added since there’s still room on the card and nothings been announced, unless they add it last minute on the broadcast as bonus footage, but if they are going to continue this into Battleground please let an actual match happen, especially with the teases that Fandango is going to go back to Summer in what may appear to be a match where he Officiates.

– Catherine


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