TNA IMPACT RESULTS: One Time Nemesis’s Join Sides to Thwart the Wicked Beautiful People (June, 26th 2014)

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Hello Folks, Catherine here to pick up on last nights wrestling, with a few scandals and surprises. Dont know whether this is earlier than usual but if so maybe thats because ive just finished and graduated from college. WOOHOO! So the first thing is (LOL) to go home and watch wrestling and settle down so lets jump to TNA Impact first.

Usually IMPACT would be opening with MVP mouthing about almost everything to do with Lashleys not so great title win last week, but luckily we’re saved from that by a surprise opener by the Knockouts as Both Halves of the Beautiful People, Velvet Sky and Knockouts Champion Angelina Love face the newly formed team of former enemies Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim.

The Beautiful People head to the ring first in glitzy new pink attire, followed by the joyous pairing of Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim, and Bless they’re heading to the ring together. The Two dont exactly get the warmest of welcomes, as the enemies hang outside, showing off some sort of sign. But they head to the ring anyways, and it looks like ravenous Angelina is wanting to start the match off and against her top rival right now, Gail Kim. But before Gail can even touch her, Angelina flees to the apron and tags Velvet, demanding her in the ring.

The Two lock up and Heel Vel is quickly in control, kneeing Gail then tossing her onto the mat. A Number of stomps before she whips her, only Gail floats over, causing Velvet to almost hit the turnbuckles. Gail trips Velvet and goes for a cover, but Gail only gets a near fall on Velvet as the match continues.

Its a punch, arm drag and kick to Velvet from Gail before Gail moves to make a tag to returned Knockout Taryn. The Two double team Velvet then Taryn goes for her first cover, but its a near fall. Taryn whips her, but it only causes Velvet to battle back and kick her, only Taryn battles back herself with a clothesline. Some More, then she kicks Velvet and hits the ropes. Taryn with offense once more before another cover, but its a near fall again. Velvet scrambles to the ropes, looking for mercy. She then tricks Taryn and sends her to the ropes.

Champion Angelina is tagged in. Angelina gets some kicks as Gail watches in the babyface corner, and Taryn hits some punches back. Taryn whips her but Angelina uses the ropes to dart outside, now under vengeful Gail’s watch. Grabbing Angelina by her hair, Gail chucks her back in. Angelina gets mouthy with Gail, and Taryn tries to catch Angelina in a roll up, and only gets a near fall. Taryn then reverses Angelinas clothesline into a backslide for another near fall.

Taryn with a clothesline then she tries climbing the turnbuckles, knocking Velvet upon intervention. Angelina tries to battle her as she hangs on the turnbuckles, and Taryn kicks her away. Taryn dives onto Angelina and gets another near fall. Angelina heads outside and tries to run off and Taryn darts after her. As they make it back to the ring, Velvet gets the feet of Taryn from behind. Angelina grabs Taryns hair and sends her to the corner, giving her a few kicks. A Slam by Angelina on Taryn and she tags Velvet in.

Velvet and Angelina hit the double elbow drop and Velvet goes for a cover on Taryn, and to no avail, its a near fall once more. Velvet whips Taryn then pounds her with the clothesline to her in the corner. She follows up, choking her with her boot. She kicks her some more then takes her legs and drops her toward the ring centre, and its another near fall by Velvet. Taryn knocks Velvet back, hitting the ropes, only does she take a kick by Velvet in return. Velvet keeps up the offense but it just results in a near fall.

Velvet takes the arms of Taryn, stretching them back painfully while placing her knee against Taryns back, locking her submission. Taryn manages to get out, but gets her head smashed to the mat by Velvet. Both Girls are down and Gail is raring for a tag. Velvet scrambles to tag Angelina, and Taryn manages to tag Gail in simultaneously. Angelina misses the clothesline and Gail gives her many kicks. Forearms, clotheslines and punches delivered to Angelina. Gail whips her and splashes her in the corner, hanging on the outside. Gail rolls up Angelina, and Angelina kicks out.

Gail with a huge neckbreaker on the champ but Velvet stops the pin. Velvet tends to Angelina, only does she not see Taryn climbing the turnbuckles, and she dives onto both. Velvet and Taryn roll away, and leave it down to the two Slammiversary opponents, Angelina and Gail. Gail hits the eat defeat to take the win for the face crew.

In other related news, MVP’s party for Bobby Lashley included some unidentified eye candy, and Dixie Carter came close to nearly going through a table. Both former members of the board would soon have their places of power taken by TNA Vet Kurt Angle. Rebel was also on show, as Crazy Steve had himself a match.

(Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim vs The Beautiful People)

(Dixie Carter interrupted by Bully Ray)

Thoughts on this match:
Well what can i say, first of all it was great seeing two former rivals unite and face the Beautiful People together. Competitive match putting over Taryn and Gail and TBP, and also securing Gail’s spot as a future number one contender, since she pinned Angelina rather than Velvet to stop anyone flipping out over Velvet being “on the side” or “taking the pins every time”. The Partnership of Gail and Taryn is also fresh and i also loved the hot tag Gail got and the offense she delivered with it. No Negatives on this one.

– Catherine


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