WWE MONEY IN THE BANK RESULTS: Victories, Losses, Celebrations & Money Making Matches To Come! (June, 29th 2014)

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Catherine here to chat upon the Occasion that was the Currently Number 1 Trending Trend on Facebook, Money in the Bank. It was a Marvelous event and sight to behold, whether it’d be Paige and Naomi’s swashbuckling match, Bries return (SPOILER) or Layla Shockingly pulling an Upset on Devastated Summer “Im the Original Mrs Fandango” Rae.

WWE Kindly move Naomi and Paiges effort to the first hour to avoid instant burial, and Naomi makes her entrance first, and everyone knows troubles brewing when Sidekick Cameron happens to be joining her. We Reflect back to when Naomi, the Contender, earned her shot vs Paige some time back on Main Event then we’re back to the present. They’re followed up by your Divas Champion, Paige, who for some reason, doesn’t yet harbor new attire unlike the Funks. Instantly on the Bell, Naomi loses her Spunk and brilliantly takes it to Paige.

The Two’s lock up ends up with them falling to the outside of the ring. With the Lock up still active, the two take it to the barriers and against the apron, with Naomi furiously pummeling the Divas Champ as she tries to reverse into a side headlock. Both Divas take each other out with a same timed dropkick and Paige comes back with reversals. Naomi moves away to the outside to take a small breather and Paige clutches her head, allowing Naomi to pull a smart counter and chuck Paige to the floor. Naomi then heads over the top rope, taking out a recovering Paige while the referee continues the count.

Paige manages to roll through by before 8 but meets a dropkick almost instantly from Naomi who is showing absolute aggression from the get go. Naomi goes for her first cover attempt of the match, and fails when Paige kicks out, resulting in a near fall. Naomi heads up top and lands a crossbody to try and get another count, but Paige reverses it into a near fall. Naomi also manages to do the same but for a near fall again. Paige whips Naomi to the corner, but Naomi floats over. Naomi rolls Paige into another cover attempt and its a near fall, Same from Paige. Naomi with another 2 count on Paige before she connects her Submission on Paige.

Naomi eventually breaks, but goes immediately for another cover, again to no avail. Naomi heads up top but Paige rushes over to connect a kick. Both Ladies use the turnbuckles to balance, and Paige sends Naomi, then eventually herself, crashing to the floor below, missing a possible suplex attempt. Naomi heads back in the ring first, with Paige following up at the count of 9. Naomi with a failed backslide, and Paige soon places her in a new leg hold submission, with Cameron seemingly and oddly cackling at the pain Naomi seems to be suffering while the hold is locked. Naomi slides, and theres another near fall.

Naomi hits a spinning elbow and dropkick to regain control, and gains even more offense as she riles up the crowd. Naomi whips Paige, and right into her signature rear view, but to her horror, Paige has kicked out of it. Naomi hangs on the apron, kicking Paige away, and she gets the moonsault, with Paige countering by raising her knees. Paige looks for her finishing Scorpion Crosslock but Naomi counters into a pin attempt, but the Champ stays in. Paige then counters Naomis newest finisher into the Rampaige for the finish, winning the match.

Much Later in the show, we get a very unexpected return and reunion as currently lonely Sister Nikki greets Brie who appears to be here just like Daniel Bryan. Stephanie appears with such a look of disgust, asking Nikki as to why Brie is in the building, and Brie cockily answers for her, before showing her a replay of the video where Vickie sent Stephanie flailing into a pudding pool back on RAW. A Fuming Stephanie stares down Brie and calls her security to remove Brie from the headquarters, silencing a rather upset Nikki.

Fandango is called in for a backstage interview, which sees both competitors Summer Rae and Layla also drop in to boast about how they deserve Fandango. The Match is set to take place right after the following match…

That Following Match being between Rusev and Big E which saw Lana raise her Clients hand again in victory! Fandango heads to the ring in his own glitzy referee attire to “call it down the middle” before Layla and Summer make their entrances.

Layla and Summer argue to kick off their match and Layla tosses Summer to the floor outside. Layla begins to flirt around Fandango until Summer yanks at her legs from outside. Summer returns to the ring and stomps her down. She Whips and Splashes her in the corner, choking her while trying to grab Fandangos attention with her leg. Laughing it off, she stomps down on Layla a little more before turning her attention to Fandango. Layla kicks her into him and its looking like a moment of chemistry between the two until Layla sends her head first to the mat. Layla gets her first pin attempts on Summer after kicking her.

Layla now gets the leg drop and additional Submission placed on Summer. Layla gets another pin attempt and Summer kicks her. Summer bashes Laylas head on the mat and she follows by tossing her back onto it. Summer repeatedly tosses her, sending her a fair warning that Fandango is all hers, then charges at her, leaping into her arms. Summer with a counter, taking her back onto the mat. Layla tries to rest on the apron, but Summer grasps her. Layla pushes her away, quickly returns to the ring and kicks her head, resulting in Layla getting one last pin and winning the match, and in turn makes out with Fandango over a Crushed Summer Rae.

(Paige vs Naomi w/ Cameron Divas Championship Match)

(Brie Bella, Nikki Bella and Stephanie McMahon Segment)

(Layla, Summer Rae and Fandango Backstage Segment)

(Summer Rae vs Layla w/ Fandango Special Guest Referee)

Thoughts On:
Naomi vs Paige: This was Obviously the Greater of Two Matches with the two absolutely shining in various spots and as competitors. Camerons character and facials were Mega On Point but the only problem would be the post match reaction which needs to be followed up on RAW. Either Naomi turns heel like the “dirt sheets” presume or Cameron turns heel because she has the natural heel personality. But i felt like Cameron was laughing at the spots where Naomi was being dominated because she’d felt for weeks that she could do better as a competitor than Naomi, and she probably felt those moments proved it, so for Cameron to go back to her at the end of the match like she’d done nothing wrong is either a heel move by Cameron to set up her turn or for Naomi to turn or for the storyline to end there because its either a Total Divas storyline where they either break up or most presumably where they always make up and hug it out, but I’d rather see Cameron turn heel due to personality.

Brie/Stephanie: Well it was most certainly shocking to see a Certain Brianna back, but welcome back! Theres no way they can get rid of the opportunity for Brie and Stephanie to square off now this has happened, and Bries going nowhere any time soon. God knows when she’ll reappear next, but i see Nikki getting punished on RAW tonight for allowing her to be in attendance for Money in the Bank. As long as they can play that story and Paige’s next challenger at the same time, rather than play one storyline and forget the other (or move it to the week before Battleground) then i guess its fine.

Layla vs Summer Rae: I Felt like this match, as great as it was to have multiple divas matches on one show, could’ve done much better. I Expected Summer to get guaranteed pops, or Fandango at least, but it didn’t seem to work out because its the pre main event spot where everyone’s either never fussed or just want to bellow CM Punk out for everyone to hear. If anything, i felt like it could’ve been swapped with Goldust/Stardust vs RyBaxel but it always has to be the divas who get that certain spot, luckily it didn’t go to Naomi vs Paige as much as it was unfair for Summer and Layla to lose the crowds interest because of what spot they were in, and the commentary didn’t make it any better either.

– Catherine


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