TNA IMPACT RESULTS: The Beautiful People’s Scheming is Also Their Downfall (July, 3rd 2014)

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The 3rd of 4 Posts to be published today comes from last nights TNA Impact, which lead to loads of Knockouts Drama, and a happy moment for every Gail Kim Fan across the globe, myself included. So Just before you start reading the Beautiful People are not out of the picture for good so dont start stressing…

The First Knockouts related moment has to go to Madison Rayne and Brittany as the two finally get to talk through all the weird encounters they’ve had in the past month and so forth. Brittany is in the ring, appropriately dressed in time for the US’s Independence Day (which is today) and she wants to speak to Madison Rayne. The Former Knockouts Champion comes out as demanded. Right upon her appearance, Madison thinks Brittany is looking for a fight to finish their issues, but shes wrong already. Brittany talks down Madison who is ushering for an official to come out, and tells Madison she was right, about how difficult the KOs Division is.

Brittany believes she was Naive all this time, that she was the new girl who thought she could do anything and everything (which is somewhat a reference to how she took up time in her one day alliance with Gail Kim) and Madison says she wanted to prevent Brittany making the very mistakes she made herself. Brittany adds how she looked up to Madison the moment she came into the company, and how she wanted to be like her, and Madison pulls a “Nope” expression (Look at the Dean Ambrose Memes) as Brittany tries to tell her a few times shes sorry.

Madison tells Brittany she will stick by her and she sees potential in her, and the two hug it out, raising their hands but Brittany keeps grips on Madison’s hand…which means one thing! Brittany says the only real lesson she learned is to Never Meet her Hero, and Suddenly takes out Madison in front of the crowd. Brittany says She Should Never Meet her Hero…BECAUSE THEY ALWAYS DISAPPOINT. She Rams Madison into the turnbuckles, and in turn, Madison falls to the ground. Brittany brings the punishment further with a DDT on the floor to Madison before creepily staring at a laid out Madison from the apron. HEEL TURN!

It Looks like things are boiling in the world of Christy Hemme again, and im not talking about the 4th of July Photoshoots as good as they are, im talking about the fact that she may have to make friends with…of all people…Samuel Shaw. Gunner, who has been relieving Shaw of many of his issues in the past weeks, is ready to reintroduce Shaw to Colleagues at IMPACT Wrestling, and they already run into Shaws foes, Christy and Anderson, who dont take kindly to his arrival. Gunner explains things and when they leave, Anderson nor Christy seem to agree.

Once Again, the Knockouts get the Pre Main Event Spot (WHY?) And its Angelina, whose ready for the upcoming match as she talks backstage, vs Gail Kim. She and Velvet rile up Brian Stiffler from their room backstage, all in the hopes he will help Angelina retain her Knockouts title. Only do they not see their plot floored when Stiffler encounters Kurt Angle just before the match, who relieves him of his duties for this match at least, sending out a proper referee in turn. For those who dont know, Kurt Angle has now taken the role of Operations since MVP was dethroned. Meanwhile, there seems to be Issues in Menagerie Ville as Knux and Rebel want to Serious things up with the stable, who are running about like its a Carnival.

Its Knockouts Title Defense time, as Christy, who is wearing a totally different outfit to what was seen in her segment with Shaw, announces the entrance of Gail Kim, who is looking to score a 4th reign as the Knockouts Champion. Kim is followed by the Defending Angelina Love, joined by Velvet. Right on the go, they see their first plan did not work out, and try flirt with the current referee but it hardly works. Gail clobbers Angelina and the Champ bails outside.

Angelina argues with Gail from outside, and meets a dropkick. Gail heads outside, and has her eye on Velvet, and the one moment proves costly as Gail is sent into the ring post. The Ref returns to the ring as does Angelina, and the Ref gives a dancy Velvet a warning from outside. Angelina goes for the cover on Gail, and its a near fall. Angelina chokes Gail against the ropes then dropkicks her back out to the outside floor. Velvet taunts Gail outside and whilst Angelina has the referee verbally distracted, Velvet levels Gail with a wicked clothesline. Angelina drags Gail back in to try another cover, but Gail is still in the match.

Angelina starts slapping out of frustration, then she lifts Gail into the corner, and she begins to violently kick Gail up against her midsection. Angelina lands a dropkick for more damage. Dragging her away from the corner, Angelina scores another near fall following a pin attempt. Gail blocks Angelina when she charges and gives her some punches. Gail hits the ropes, but sneaky Velvet grabs her from behind and the referee has seen the situation. Velvet uses the ropes to her advantage to take Gail out for Angelina, but the referee has just seen enough. Despite the Protesting by Angelina, the Referee has Just 2 words to give a Shocked Velvet….GET OUT!

Velvet gets sent packing to the Knockouts Champs dismay. Gail uses this opportunity to roll her up, but its a near fall again. Angelina whips Gail but Gail fires back with offense. Gail fires Angelina into the corner and bombards her with the splash, also allowing Gail to hang by the apron. Gail dropkicks Angelina, leaping from the top rope. Gail with a cover but Miss Fury Boots still stays in the match. Angelina sets up the Botox Injection next but Gail blocks and counters.

Gail heads up to the top and Angelina is back with the Botox Injection maneuver, only this time Gail has to take a nasty fall to the ground below. Angelina cant clearly handle the fact that Gail hasnt yet been counted out and takes herself to the outside. Angelina tries another cover, but its a near fall and Angelina explodes with a scream, someone seems to have underestimated somebody. Angelina looks for the Botox Injection again, and once again, Gail has it blocked. Gail with a countering armbar and she sets up and scores her finishing eat defeat. A Proud Gail Kim covers Angelina, pins her and settles the score, finally winning back her Knockouts Championship. Congratulations Gail!

(Madison Rayne and Brittany Segment; Brittany Turns Heel)

(Gunner re-introduces Ken Anderson and Christy to Sam Shaw)

(Velvet Sky and Angelina Love Bribe Stiffler Backstage)

(Angelina Love w/ Velvet Sky vs Gail Kim Knockouts Championship Match)

Thoughts On:
Brittany Heel Turn: So for weeks this has been teased and im glad to see its finally happened, despite the fact the feud has had less attention compared to the ongoing issue between Gail and the Beautiful People. Kudos to the Ladies for carrying this segment when the crowd werent entirely invested up until they yelled for Brittany upon her turn. Even though the fans realise this has now made Brittany a heel, she is pretty much getting the same treatment Mickies TNA Heel Turn did, where they cheer on Brittany anyway because they might feel like Madisons character is more harsh and more in the wrong than Brittany.

Samuel Shaw/Gunner & Anderson/Christy: Thank Goodness TNA didn’t lose focus in this feud because despite how freaky Sams character came across earlier this year, its one of the genius characters TNA has created recently. The difference is now Sam is a babyface, or so it appears to be depending on how this goes, but the idea appears to be that Gunners influence has purified Shaw, and of course it wont work out on first glance with Christy and Anderson, which has me wondering, where does it take them two? Does Anderson turn heel even though he doesn’t need to? Or is this all one big trick by Shaw? I’m keeping my eye on this feud for the next few weeks to find out exactly what.

The Menagerie: Im Probably the only one whose going to think this but is it trouble in paradise for the Menagerie? Knux and Rebel seem to be having falling outs with them as of this week, and i havent exactly read up what happens with them in the next few weeks, but even though im not too sure, maybe this stable isnt working out with TNA. Personally, i’d love to see Knux and Rebel split off from them and have Rebel manage Knux, both as heels, until Rebels in ring debut is ready. So if its set to happen, which it could if Christy, who is in creative, is apparently high on Rebel, which is no shock considering shes probably one of the reasons people watch the group, no diss to Steve or Rob Terry (The Giant Guy) because they are good wrestlers, but i think when the time comes, Rebel and Knux should split off from them and turn heel, especially since their debut, Rebel hasn’t been too nice on the idea of bringing “the rest of Knuxs Family” to TNA, and not to mention Knux can cut promos pretty well, as we saw only a few times in his Aces & 8s days.

Gail Kim vs Angelina Love: I Didnt actually expect Angelina to drop the title at an actual IMPACT show over a PPV, so when i first read the spoilers, it came across as a shock. People argue over where this leaves The Beautiful People, or over the fact TNA “handed the title to Gail” which they obviously didn’t because Angelina probably knew this was coming. The Beautiful People definitely isn’t done from here, and nearly every knockout is getting some spotlight right now, so theres plenty opportunities for Taryn, Brittany or TBP to go after the title. (#WhereIsODB?) This is Gail’s first Title Reign as a Babyface since 2007, which welcomes plenty heel challengers like TBP, Brittany and Brooke…or face challengers like ODB and Taryn. But as of right now, i see Gail defending in a 3 way against Angelina and Taryn at Bound for Glory, which will be presented in Japan this year. Question is, what would be going on with the division right now if LeiD Tapa was still around?

– Catherine


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