TNA XPLOSION RESULTS: Recent Rivals Clash In The Ring! (July, 1st 2014)

madison vs brittany xplosion

madison vs brittany xplosion 1

madison vs brittany xplosion 2

Hello Everyone, Catherine here to talk about this weeks Xplosion, which has again upped the ranks of having more Knockouts Matches than on the show last year. This Match, which is oddly but precariously timed, is a bout between Now Old Friends Brittany and Madison Rayne. Await my IMPACT Write Up to see what im talking about.

So Brittany, who now has tips of blonde in her hair, makes her entrance first, and yes her last entrance as a babyface. She is followed by fellow babyface Madison Rayne as the two face off in a respective fight to the end. Before the bell, and for the last time, Brittany will be clapping Madisons entrance with no sarcasm whatsoever. It Looks like Madisons Could-Be-Flame wants to start off the match with a short handshake out of respect.

The Two lock up with Madison quickly countering her into the side headlock. Brittany soon counters into her own as Tenay and JB talk the discussions and problems the two ladies have had in the past on commentary. Madison rolls Brittany for a 2 count. Brittany misses the clothesline and we see another roll up by Madison, and for another near fall. Brittany respectfully makes her aware that she knows her moves, but Madisons less smiley over it.

Another lock up, then Brittany starts to work on Madisons arm. Back to Back counters before Brittanys able to ground Madison on the mat. Another lock up, and Brittany shoves Madison to the ropes, but Madison clobbers her to the mat in return. More Offense and counters from Madison as she utilizes the ropes. Madison tries working on Brittanys arm but Brittany powers out and sends her to the corner before she gets an arm drag. Brittany gets another and now shes in control as we go to a small break.

When we come back, its now Madison trying to get Brittany to the corner. Madison breaks off and takes a kick in the midsection by Brittany. Madison fires back with forearms and clubs her towards the ropes. Madison tries whipping her but Brittany has her arm grabbed and elbows her face. Brittany snaps as she takes down Madison with a clothesline for a near fall. Brittany suplexes and tries for another cover, and its yet again a near fall for Brittany.

Brittany hits the neckbreaker after creepily staring down Madison and gets another cover but its a near fall again. Brittany whips Madison to the corner, then charges, but it doesn’t hit accurately, and allows Madison in turn to roll her into another pin attempt. Another near fall, this time from Madison. Brittany hits with kicks and a handspring elbow. Brittany leaps on Madison but gets shoved to the mat as Madison tries to cooperate in the corner. Madison hits Brittany with a clothesline and both ladies are down.

The two are up at 6, then Brittany misses the clothesline, allowing Madison to fire kicks and clotheslines at her. Madison tries her signature Rayne drop, but Brittany counters into a Side Russian Leg Sweep. With Madison out, she tries the handspring moonsault, but its unfortunate when Madison rolls herself out of Brittany’s way. Brittany makes it to her feet, but right into the spear by Madison for the 3 count, and Madison wins the match.

(Brittany vs Madison Rayne)

Thoughts on this match:
I Can say this was more well timed than oddly timed considering TNA aired Brittany’s turn only last night. Again from this match, we saw more chemistry, and to add, the more aggressive side of Brittany seen in her Xplosion match with ODB, who hasn’t been on Television in quite a while. Excited to see what Brittany brings as a heel, in ring wise and story wise.

– Catherine


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