WWE NXT RESULTS: Despite the Champions Victory, The BFFs Now Seem to Be Over (July, 3rd 2014)

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So Friday Evening has Risen, which means time to talk this weeks NXT. Now I Happen to catch the show before the USA Viewers, but with a catch since they seem to (always) cut diva segments here, but the segment i managed to catch earlier today drops a bombshell on the recent storyline with the BFFs. This may indeed be the last match that features Banks and Charlotte tagged together!

Speaking of tagging, Charlotte and Sasha Banks are facing the newly formed team of Bayley and Becky Lynch. Becky, for those who need a short reminder, debuted last week and floored Summer Rae in singles action, and in front of her cackling BFFs Sasha and Charlotte. Charlotte and Sasha head to the ring first, showing no signs of tension whatsoever, and appear to have Summer out of the picture…for now. Bayley makes her entrance, accompanied by now tag team partner Becky, who Bayley claimed in a side segment, as her new BFF, after all, lets not forget Charlotte cruelly replaced Bayley back in November with Summer Rae and Sasha Banks.

To Start off the match, its Bayley facing off against Sasha. Right on the go, there are “Sashas Ratchet” chants started, and Charlotte has to cover her partners ears, as Banks is truly offended. Sasha gets cocky and they get to the match, starting with a lock up. Bayley works on Sashas arm but Sasha fights out and goes for a clothesline, and misses as Bayley gets the arm drag, sending Sasha onto the mat. Sasha with a punch and Bayley reverses the attempted whip, and uses her athleticism to dodge Sasha, before catching her with another arm drag.

With Sasha in her hands, Bayley makes it into her corner where Becky is tagged. Becky hits from the top rope, then arm drags Sasha, now working on the targeted arm. Sasha sends Becky into her corner, and right away Charlotte tags, with the two kicking Lynch simultaneously. Becky avoids the cover from Charlotte, and there are counters between the two, before Lynch takes her onto the mat. Becky takes Charlotte near to the corner, allowing Bayley to tag in and attack. Its now the two former friends going at it.

Bayley gets an arm drag and elbow drop on the NXT Womens Champion. Bayley with another before Becky tags back into the match, working on Charlotte despite taking a shot off her. Becky tags Bayley back in so they double suplex Charlotte. Sasha tries coming to Charlottes rescue, rammed by Bayley and Beckys double clothesline. Charlotte screams at Sasha from outside as the match continues.

When we come back, things seem to have turned when it appears Charlotte has Bayley in the ring, with her leglock locked in. Bayley is sent near to the apron, then Charlotte pulls her in for the cover, but its a near fall. Charlotte clutches Bayley by her hair, and tags Sasha. Sasha raises her boot and Charlotte rams Bayley into it. Sasha is now in control as Becky looks for a hopeful tag.

Bayley smacks Sasha, and Sasha kicks back, then turns to Becky and knocks her. Bayley ends up against the ropes, and Sasha tags back in Charlotte. Using the same technique as Sasha, Charlotte raises her boot, and Sasha throws Bayley into it. Charlotte works on her then gets another near fall. Charlotte hits multiple knee drops and she gets another. Charlotte tags Sasha and they hit Bayley with the double team maneuver. Sasha gets a near fall on Bayley.

Sasha sends Bayley face first to the corner and tags Charlotte in once more. Another double team hit by the BFFs and then Charlotte chokes Bayley up against the ropes. Sasha tags back in and they try another double team only for Bayley to fend them both off, allowing her a few moments to get a tag. Sasha tries to go after Bayley and stop her making the tag, however Bayley kicks her away and Becky is tagged.

Becky misses Sashas clothesline, and hits a forearm and clothesline. Another clothesline is followed with a dropkick. Becky gets some leg drops on Sasha. Becky looking for the victory, but Charlotte charges in to break it. Bayley and Charlotte are going at it, and Charlotte angrily sends her to the outside floor. Sasha crawls up to Charlotte, making the tag, and with Bayley out, Charlotte walks right into a moment of opportunity as she takes Becky out with the dropkick. Charlotte hits the Bow Down to the Queen Finisher to finish things off, winning the match, however she immediately walks away as Sasha is left to fend with the frustrated Bayley, who takes her outside.

This is followed up sometime later, with Sasha confronting Charlotte backstage over why she left. Charlotte proclaims that she thinks they wont be tagging anymore, but agrees they can still be friends, the sort of friends who just say hi in the hallway. Charlotte thinks she wants to be on her own from this day on, and Sasha flips, reminding her of the sacrifices shes given for her. Sasha questions if Charlotte’s change of heart is all due to Summer, to which Charlotte denies. Charlotte thinks Summers return has lead to her not trusting anyone, including Sasha, but Sasha just laughs. Sasha adds that her and Summer got along before Charlotte came along, and Charlotte responds “Who Cares?”. Charlotte says shes the NXT Women’s Champion, and Sasha says she is for now, because she hears that next week Bayley and Summer will clash to find a new Number 1 Contender for the title. Sasha says their run has been fun, wishing her luck, and Charlotte thanks her for that, and Sasha tones it down when she tells her she will need it.

(Sasha Banks and Charlotte vs Becky Lynch and Bayley)

(Charlotte and Sasha Banks Backstage)

Thoughts On:
Divas Tag: So i was left a bit confused over the match ending because the spoilers said Sasha laid out Bayley on the ramp with Charlotte watching. I Think it did happen but they cut it not only to make Bayley look strong for her Contenders match next week, but because of the pre tape BFF Split segment, to change the storyline slightly so it looks less like Sasha and Charlotte are still pals prior to the segment that aired later in the show. Also, really enjoying the partnership of Becky and Bayley, who work really well together skill and character wise. If Charlotte is headed to the main roster soon, then the division needs some more debuts to expand the division a little more.

Backstage Segment: So Once Again i cant find a legit link to the segment other than on WatchWrestling which i cant embed onto here but that was a shocking turn in events for the BFFs, but it would also be a good explanation, should Charlotte be alone in the ring for her next title defense. So should she capitalize in her upcoming defense, with the challenger decided next week, it looks like its definitely leaning towards Sasha challenging Charlotte for the title. The Question is though, following this segment (and what looks like Sasha heading back to Summer) will Sasha do her matches solo now or take Sides with Summer again?

– Catherine


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