TNA IMPACT RESULTS: The New Champ Makes a Strong First Championship Defense (July, 10th 2014)

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Hello Folks, Catherine here to present the latest edition of Dixieland…Wait what….Dixie isnt there this week? Okay, now thats cleared, lets talk a Boss – Free IMPACT, where the New Champion Gail Kim became bombarded by New Contenders in One Go, Brittany and Madison Rayne. But the Scorching Enemies werent the only two thrown into the bout as Angelina Love, the former champion, swore revenge for last weeks title loss. Oh Gail, you dont want to see Angelina in Hellcat Mode but not to worry….

Before TNA Can Hype their Main Event which sees the return of the Great Jeff Hardy (THANK GOD) Gail Kim has to come out as per Championship Thursday tradition to (already) defend her TNA Knockouts Title. But before we get to the match, Velvet and Angelina are backstage throwing verbal fits because they entrusted Stiffler to help them with their matches and it fell apart. Despite that, Angelina moves onto scheming her revenge, and it starts with her taking back the Championship she lost.

Also, we get a peak at Rebel again this week, as Knux is giving his sure fire Menagerie Companions a pep talk. When all is done, Knux is still unsure about the group, but Rebel just ensures her sweetie over the money…Wait, is this a Paycheck or something else? Im Curious. Now from one Future Knockout to Current Knockouts, and Here comes the Beautiful People to Open the Fatal 4 Way Title Match, even though Velvet will not be competing in it. They’re followed by former friend Madison Rayne, whose attacked midway by a Scorned Brittany, who, if you recall, turned on Rayne last week. Velvet and Angelina join with the attack and the ref isn’t playing fair, hes not even banning Velvet from ringside. Luckily Gail runs out and she cleans house.

Gail drags Angelina into the ring, bringing the offense to Love while Madison does similar with her Rival Brittany. Gail and Madison use one another to splash Angelina and Brittany while they are up against the corner. The Two take hits to Brittany while Angelina heads outside. Madison eventually sends Brittany stumbling outside and now theres going to be a fight between Madison and the reigning champ. Madison misses Gails clothesline, into the quick octopus hold, then a roll up leads to a near fall.

Gail lands punches on Madison, and she hits the ropes. Madison catches her with a reversal into a Northern Lights Suplex. Madison gets the near fall again. Now its Madison hitting the ropes, but Gail counters and gets the neckbreaker. Gail uses the ropes again, but Angelina comes back into the fold, grabbing her leg from outside. Gail takes a nasty thud to the ground while Brittany returns to deal damage to Madison.

Brittany with a vengeful DDT on Madison but before she can even go for a cover, Wary Angelina tries to coax Brittany into helping her out. Brittany whips Angelina into Madison then she splashes her too. The Two whip Madison and hit a double team elbow and things seem to be working out for Brittany and Angelina, I Wouldnt Look Velvet! Never Mind, shes just fine and cheery. Angelina has more things to cheer about as she continues taking control with the sidewalk slam while Brittany paces about. Brittany with the DDT again, and again Angelina is giving her a teamwork talk, preventing a cover attempt.

It looks like Angelina is ordering her to get on the top rope, then Angelina sneakily tries to cover Madison, and Brittany notices. She kicks Angelina in response and things get fiery between Veteran and Newbie. Rather than trying to get a cover on Madison, they are punching each other. They dont seem to notice Gail returning to the match as she springs to the top turnbuckle, and she lands a great double dropkick on Angelina and Brittany.

Gail then clotheslines Brittany, and Brittany tries reversing her whip, and this leads to her taking an elbow during the splash attempt. Gail hits a Diving Cross-body from up top on Brittany and its a near fall as Angelina intervenes. Madison boots Angelina, and rests up as Brittany looks for wicked intentions on Knockouts Champ Gail Kim. Brittany hits a handspring moonsault on Gail but its a near fall again. Then Madison suddenly comes back into action, hitting a kick on Brit then taking her out with a Voodoo Drop, Shades of One Time Foe Roxxi!

Madison doesn’t notice Angelina waiting by the turnbuckles, and walks right into the Signature Botox Injection. Rather than Cover, Angelina parades about and showboats, and this helps Gail land the Eat Defeat on Angelina to win the match and retain her TNA Knockouts Title.

(Gail Kim vs Madison Rayne vs Brittany vs Angelina Love Knockouts Championship Fatal 4 Way)

(IMPACT365 Gail Comments on the Title Victory)

Thoughts on this match:
Theres so many things that were on point in this match, with Madison and Gail being the absolute stars. I Loved the Teamwork between The Beautiful People and Brittany on the outside to kick off, continuing in the ring between Angelina and Brittany before it eventually imploded, plus lets not forget the double dropkick from Gail and the biggest of surprises, Madison using the Voodoo Drop! Plus the teamwork from the start between Madison and Gail. The Only thing i thought could have benefited for this match was Madison using the ropes to stop Brittany’s handspring moonsault or Brittany appearing in the BP’s backstage segment, but other than that, another nice showing from the Knockouts.

– Catherine


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