WWE NXT RESULTS: Summer Rae Makes More Of An Enemy Out Of An Old Friend (July, 10th 2014)

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Welcome to a late catch up that delves into this weeks antics in WWE’s developmental system, NXT. This week, as pre announced two top contenders to Charlottes NXT Womens Title, Bayley, whom pinned Charlotte on NXT Several weeks back, and Summer Rae, who has had Mass fall outs with the former BFF, clash to earn the Number 1 Contendership. Whose Team are you on? #TeamBayley? or #TeamSummerRae?

Luckily, the Divas start the show as the ever so familiar and friendly entrance Music of Bayley can be heard about the arena. Accompanied by her floaty Balloon friends, and not Becky Lynch, Bayley heads to the ring, prepped for the upcoming fight. Next is the theme song of NXTs Total Diva, Summer Rae, who i wish could get her original iconic theme back. Nonetheless, both divas have an edge and story behind why they should fight for Charlottes title. Speaking of Ladies, Renee young, who gave a short mention of Hall of Famer Trish Stratus, is on Commentary.

Even before the bell, the NXT Universe are surely behind the Babyface Bayley, and Summer doesnt seem even a bit happy about it. Summer charges, but Bayley sends her head first to the corner to kick the match off. Again and Again by Bayley, obviously feeling mad after one of Summers Besties, aka Sasha, insulted her Bestie Becky last week in a tag match. Bayley continues to use the corner to bring some more offense to Summer Rae before she gets her first near fall in the match.

Summer reverses Bayleys whip next, but Bayleys foot stops her taking a nasty landing in the corner. Bayley takes herself to the second rope, performing an arm drag and taking Summer to the floor. Bayley trips Summer and has a little friendly showing off to do. Bayley works on Summers arm before doing the same again. Bayley hits a Bodyslam to Summer and before she can do more, Summer heads outside, and shes definitely unimpressed as the match continues.

Bayley goes after Rae outside but she makes it back before she can even come at her. Bayley reaches the ropes as she tries to climb back to the ring, and she takes a nasty kick from Summer. Summer drags her out of reach of the ropes and to the middle of the ring, and she goes for the cover, and it is a near fall for Summer. Summer with a stretch this time around to Bayley, and we go to another screen where a Confident but Un Amused Womens Champ Charlotte is watching the competition. While thats happening, its Bayley rolling up Summer for another near fall.

Summer smashes Bayleys head to the mat, and uses Bayleys headband to mock her. She tosses it at her, then throws her to the corner. With Bayley placed against the ropes, Summer uses her legs to choke her before she eventually releases. Bayleys head hits the mat one more time, and Summer rolls her into the pin attempt, but Bayley manages to get out, resulting in a near fall. Bayley uses the ropes and Summer leaps onto her, and into the sleeper, and Summer brings along a counter when Bayley tries rolling through. Summer misses a clothesline to Bayley and almost gets the roundhouse kick, but Bayley has her foot.

Using Summers leg, Bayley sends her crashing to the mat. Bayley giving punches now and shes more furious than before as she takes Summer into the corner. Bayley with shoulder tackles and even more offense before she gives her another shoulder tackle in the opposite corner. Bayley with a forearm, and she hits a suplex to follow. Bayley has a cover attempt, and its a near fall once more. Summer whips Bayley into a kick next as the pressure mounts for both women, and its another pin attempt from Summer, whose elbow is placed by Bayleys mouth. Summer is none too happy over the count.

Bayley with a kick to a more furious Summer, before leaping up top and hitting the spinning elbow drop. Bayley tries to go for the Belly to Belly but a reversal by Summer allows Summer to catch her in the finishing Summer Crush. Summer pins Bayley and becomes the New Number 1 Contender to her Former Ally Charlotte’s NXT Women’s Title. While Summer looks on of course Charlotte is looking on from the back too, as she realizes in two weeks, it will be Summer taking her on for the NXT Women’s Championship.

Speaking of Issues between these two, there seems to be even more backstage when Sasha and Summer are doing their make up. Summer talks the title win, and Sasha doesnt seem to believe she deserved it. Summer thinks she did, and she says that even though the BFFs are Over, it doesnt mean herself and Sasha cant be friends, Chat and all, but Sasha says the same words came from Charlotte. Summer tells her to forget about Charlotte, because once Summer is holding the title, everyones going to forget about Charlotte, and that Sasha will want to hang with her after she wins anyways. She compliments Sasha’s lipstick before she walks off.

There are also extra issues between Tyson Kidd and Natalya as Natalya seems offended over the fact that Tyson had seemed to have blamed her over his Loss to NXT Champion Adrian Neville. Tyson says he was stating facts, but hes sorry if she took it differently and he loves her, and Nattie says the same back, but shes disagreeing with his current attitude, and Tyson thinks this means she doesn’t want to come to the ring with him, and Nattie says she didn’t say that, so Tyson tells her to make a choice. Of Course later she’d decide to as she accompanied him for the main event tag, and Natalya tumbling off the apron to the floor thanks to an accidental knock caused Tyson to win his match as well as sarcastically console her.

(Bayley vs Summer Rae Number 1 Contenders Match ft Charlotte)

(Sasha Banks and Summer Rae Backstage)

Thoughts On:
Summer Rae vs Bayley: Again these two really connect in the ring, and its fab to see Summer’s Finishing Summer Crush back, when did she ever use it on the main roster? Oh…Wait. The Good thing about this match is that both divas had an edge to them and a story that allows them a reason to compete against each other for Charlotte’s title, whether it’d be Bayleys former friendship with Charlotte and the pin on her a few weeks ago, or Summers friendship with Charlotte that fell apart upon her return to developmental. They could have had Charlotte on commentary for the match instead to comment on the BFF’s status and whether shes a lone babyface or heel but as long as they keep her showing to keep everyone reminded who the champion is, that’s fine.

Backstage Segment: Okay so for the 7000000000th week in a row, no one has uploaded the segment, do people not watch the full show online and try to rip it from there? Anyway, its rather interesting to see where they are taking Sasha because even though shes definitely over with Charlotte, it looks like she has disagreements with Summer as well, like the previous mind games are starting up again. However When Summer complimented her on her lipstick she seemed to believe her, whether this is a hint she will stay with her because Summer happens to “compliment” her (unless that’s mind games too) or whether that’s the traditional Vain Girl heel type of move, i dont know, but considering Sasha faces Alexa next week it’d be interesting to find out if shes solo or not, but if not Bayley, then Sasha must definitely be coming for Charlotte’s title afterwards.

– Catherine


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