TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Madison Finally Looks for Revenge Against the Fiery Brittany (July, 17th 2014)


6 sides impact Brit v Madison 1

6 sides impact Brit v Madison

Welcome to a Very Special “Revival” of IMPACT Wrestling, as this weeks TNA Impact not only features TNA dropping into New York for the first time ever, BUT they even invested for the return of the 6 sided ring, which faded out a few years ago. Even though One of the Competitors, Madison Rayne, is familiar to the structure due to using it in her Beautiful People days, her rival, Brittany does not, so will Brittany master the returning ring and use it for wicked intentions on Rayne? Lets find out!

Brittany is already out for the match, as Madison’s Music blares out, and her fellow Knockout emerges, and shes ready for business in the No Disqualification match. As Soon as that bell rings, Madison Lou Thesz Press’s onto Brittany, and shes all hellcat, for reasons which are totally obvious. Madison with forearms to Brittany before whipping her straight into a clothesline. Madison takes Brittany to the corner and whips her, but Brittany reverses. Brittany charges, but Madisons boot catches her in time.

Its another clothesline from Madison as she stays in control. She Grabs Brittany and sends her head first into the corner turnbuckles. Madison shoulder tackles her against the corner numerous times and sends her head first into another load of turnbuckles. Brittany ends up up top, and Madison gives her a forearm, before she climbs it also. Brittany knocks her off. Brittany with a hanging cross armbreaker on the ropes to Madison, before eventually releasing. She yells to the ref, and Madison dropkicks her. Madison with a diving crossbody from the apron and onto Brittany.

Brittany and Madison are now taking it to the ramp, with Brittany surviving one punch after the other from Madison. With her head in her hands, Madison rears Brittany in for a Piledriver, giving slight shades of Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell from last year. However, Brittany can counter before this even happens. With Madison down on the floor, Brittany stands around before eagle eyeing Madison and drawing for a massive kick to her side. Madison gets shoulder tackled into the apron.

Brittany adds more punishment as she kicks Madison in the gut, before smashing her head on the apron. Brittany tosses her back to the ring, following up behind her. Brittany goes for her first cover attempt of the match, which results in a near fall. Brittany suplexes for another near fall, and shes none too pleased about this either. She Screams in her face and bashes her head on the mat. Brittany hits the same move that cemented her heel turn, the Russian Leg Sweep DDT, but Madison manages to kick out when she goes for one more cover.

Another, and Madison still makes it through the match, as Brittany flashes the supposed count in the Officials face. She turns, and Madison forearms her a number of times in the stomach. Both set up for a clothesline, only does Brittanys hit. Brittany tosses Madison outside. Madison is feeling the effects of her fall on the ground outside, and Brittany rears her in to set up a DDT. Madison counters, Suplexing her to the floor, and both women are down.

Madison gets up, and you can notice the nasty bruising the match has inflicted. She tosses Brittany back into the ring. Brittany tries to clothesline her early, but Madison sees it coming and ducks, before she hits her own. Theres another, and its followed by a dropkick. Madison just keeps using offense to wear Brittany, and she goes for a cover, but despite her efforts, its a near fall. Madison cant even believe it and Brittany suddenly rams her into the corner. She chops her in the chest and goes for her handspring moonsault, but it fails to connect as Madison slips away.

Before Brittany can even do anything, shes pulled into the finishing set up by Madison. Madison connects the Voodoo Drop to Brittany, and she goes for the pin attempt, and she has Brittany at 1…2….3! Madison wins the match!

Speaking of Fan Favourites, Along Comes Dixie Carter, you can tell my sarcasm right? She cuts a promo as Rockstar Spud unreluctantly kisses his queens hand, and down comes Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer, and they definitely have business to take care of considering they have brought the traditional table that has every ECW Fan in the arena glaring. They go right after Ethan Carter and Rhino, as Spud shields Dixie, despite the fact he can barely do anything against the two. They take out Spud too, and they are left in the ring with Dixie. It Looks like the two are set to put a Screaming Dixie through a table, but Ethan saves her just in time. Ethan sprawls up the ramp, as Dixie and Friends move to somewhere safe, and Ethan gets clobbered by the returning Devon, who, with assistance from Dreamer and Ray, puts him through a table!

(Madison Rayne vs Brittany No Disqualification Match)

(Dixie Carter Promo; Tommy Dreamer & Team 3D Put EC3 Through a Table)

Thoughts On:
Madison vs Brittany: This Match was a pure spectacle, and im so happy TNA muted out the drunks who chanted Boring as soon as the match started. There is No Way that match was boring in anyway, the outside spots were brilliant, there were several moments of intensity, even some shades of last years Slammiversary. Brittany shines as a heel, and she really used the six sided ring to her advantage in parts, as did Madison who has probably one of the greatest move-sets out of the division. Not sure what Madison’s win means for the pairs feud, lets see what happens.

Dixie Clan/Team 3D: Some Interesting developments in this case, with Dixie obviously gathering ECW Guys just because of where the shows are situated at at the moment. Dixie still works well as a heel, but her name is sure to fade out from TNA Television when the next few weeks conclude. Also Welcome Back Devon and Get Well Soon Ethan, I Hear that Table Spot hadn’t gone down well! Not sure how long the Injury is for, but im actually going to miss Ethan considering hes probably TNA’s Number 1 Rising Star.

– Catherine


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