Huge Match Set for WWE Summerslam (July, 29th 2014)


Despite Fears of this Spectacular being Shifted to Night of Champions of all events, I Can now Confirm via Last Nights Closing Events and Via WWE.Com that Brie Bella will indeed Clash with Rival and Boss Stephanie McMahon in Stephanies First Match in Over a Decade at this years Summerslam Blockbuster, airing August 17th!

The Match comes Months after Brie, in order to save her Hubbies Title Reign, decided to quit, but not before Slapping the Vindictive Principle Owners face as Payback at (Ironically) the Same Named PPV. Since then, Despite Short appearances, Brie has been unable to save Sister Nikki, who has been subjected to unbearable attacks by Co Workers Such as Eva Marie, Cameron, Alicia Fox and More. It wasn’t until the night following Battleground, that Brie appeared in the crowd with her own ticket to confront Stephanie on her treatment of Nikki. Brie would be struck in the face, leading to Brie secretly calling the Cops on Stephanie the same night, thus Stephanie embarrassing the McMahon Name by hitting the Jail Cell.

Struck Hard by the Events, Stephanie decided to finally give Brie what she’d been offering, her Job back, and in turn, was forced to follow the Divas demands, placing the two in a Summerslam Match, one that will surely see Brie vent her fury for the Authority’s treatment of her Sister Nikki and Her Husband Daniel Bryan.

Join Me on August 17th as Brie Bella competes One Year after her PPV In Ring Return, Only this time in a Contest with the Billion Dollar Princess. Expect Predictions and More in what may now look like a Multi Divas PPV as AJ vs Paige has yet to be added to the card. WWE Summerslam comes Live to you August 17th at 1am UK Time on the WWE Network!

– Catherine


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