TNA IMPACT RESULTS: The Beautiful People Fume Over Angle….And New Knockout? (July, 31st 2014)

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Last Nights TNA Impact Wrestling was probably soon to be one of their highest rated shows in history, Why? Momentous Matches took place on their Destination X Special in NYC. Now even though the Knockouts didnt get the center stage on that evening, there was some Nagging from the Beautiful People after interrupting Taryns rematch from last week, and a mysterious message went out that is sure to cause Havoc in a few weeks time…Get It?

Velvet and Angelina are leaving the locker room area when the interviewer pops by wanting to ask Angelina why she and Velvet had broke up the Gail/Taryn rematch from last week. Angelina thinks its because of people who immediately put the two women on a pedestal, saying that Taryns been back for “a minute”. Angelina says they are looking at what they should really be worshipping, the Beautiful People. Angelina adds that shes looking for a lucky 7th title reign, but Kurt Angle somehow blocked her rematch for the Knockouts Title. Destination X may be full of surprises but next week they have one, an announcement worthy of Destination X.

Following up from it, a mysterious unknowing video package suddenly pops up on the screen as Letters scramble. To the Left a Familiar Image appears. It Looks like in a few weeks TNA will be forced to feel the presence of a certain Jessicka Havok! OMG.

(The Beautiful People Backstage Segment)

(H is Coming)

Thoughts On:
TBP: Okay so the show was almost Knockouts-Less but as for TBP’s announcement next week, its probably Angelina evoking her rematch clause, considering Angle may have only blocked it for this week due to a full card, and thats pretty much it really.

H is Coming: Okay Not to be a Lemon or anything, but its obviously Jessicka Havok. I Cant really think of another wrestler that wears a Gas Mask to be honest. So if theres a letter revealed every week then its obvious her debut will be in 4 – 5 weeks time, possibly at the next tapings. The Video Screams Heel for me, and seeing some of her past matches, one of them being on Shimmer 53 which i purchased months back, i know that shes already a good heel, but what role will she play? C’mon TBP have enough spotlight as it is, dont have her guard them! Have her be the Bodyguard of…BRITTANY. Some Umph needs to be added back to the feud between Madison Rayne and Brittany so how about it. If Anything her emerging onto the division could help bring back ODB whose been gone for god knows how long! Oh and Since Havok was one of the competitors at Knockouts Knockdown this year, PLEASE SIGN REBY SKY TOO so i can see her and Angelina go at it!

– Catherine


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