WWE NXT RESULTS: The Reigning Champ Takes On a Refreshed & Rejuvenated Becky Lynch (July, 31st 2014)

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This Weeks NXT saw a feud rising between former friends and a very good singles match! Following a Triumphant Victory over Summer Rae that Saw her Retain the NXT Women’s Championship, Charlotte this time around had to deal with Becky Lynch, only this would be a non title effort.

After Eden Not so Quietly announces that the Glamorous Tyler Breeze has left the building, Out comes Charlotte for the non title contest. As she Smiles and shows off the title in the ring, here comes her opponent. Equipped with a new theme song and a gimmick that shy’s away from her stereotypical last, out comes Becky Lynch, and seeing it is literally awesome. Speaking of Shy away, lets Shy away from talking her awesome entrance to the match?

Rather than give Becky a polite knuckle to knuckle for defeating Summer Rae weeks ago, Charlotte just focuses on getting to the match. Charlotte takes down Becky, but she springs back to her feet almost instantly, and thus she trips Charlotte, and goes for a cover, and its a near fall to start off. Charlotte follows with the snapmare and a cover of her own, but Becky breaks it off quickly. Becky hits the ropes and counters a potential arm drag. Becky with an arm drag of her own, which gets countered by Charlotte, only for Becky to kick her in the face.

Charlotte kicks Becky and whips her to the corner turnbuckles, but misses the splash. Becky grabs the ropes and manages to kick Charlotte. Becky is now attempting to yank Charlotte out of the corner, but Charlotte hangs on. Charlotte slaps in retaliation. Charlotte reverses Becky into the corner, and takes her foot and attacks it. Charlotte takes her near to the center and continues the onslaught on Lynch.

Charlotte continues to ruthlessly target Beckys leg. Sooner or later Becky uses the not so much exposed leg to kick her away and relieve the pain for a little bit. However before she can even get back up, Charlotte attacks again. Charlotte with a low back chop to the back of Beckys damaged leg. Charlotte rears her in the corner and is still attacking the damaged leg. Charlotte clubs the back of her neck and goes for a cover, but it results in a near fall. Charlotte yells at the ref and goes for another, with just the same result.

Charlotte hangs the bad leg of Beckys on the bottom rope and stomps on it. She tries the second time, only Becky moves away in time, and even manages to roll her up, though its a near fall. Becky drops Charlotte with a few clotheslines when Charlotte misses her own, gaining momentum. Becky gets a dropkick and the leg drop and she goes for another cover, but its a near fall for Becky. Charlotte clubs the knee of Becky, and while Becky is down, she cleverly hits the Bow Down to the Queen Finisher. Charlotte covers, and wins the match.

Backstage Bayley is interviewed about the BFF break up and she speaks on how relieved she is on how it happened after how much they bullied her. She brings up pinning the Champ, Charlotte, a couple of weeks ago. Bayley tries to imagine what it would be like if she got the title shot and beat her, only would Charlotte interrupt as she encounters the former bestie. Charlotte says 1 win over the NXT Women’s Champion does not wholly mean that she is ready for the title shot. Charlotte adds that shes not even genetically superior, but she pity’s her for not watching her match out there, before telling her that she doesn’t want to humiliate her so she better not speak her name again.

(Charlotte vs Becky Lynch)

(Bayley and Charlotte Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On:
Becky vs Charlotte: I Was really into this match, the counters, the ring work between the two, Becky’s entrance. I really enjoyed it. Even though theres some sort of hint that it wont be Lynch getting the title shot, i can only imagine what those two could bring at a PPV.

Backstage Segment: FINALLY we are Reliving the feud that could have happened a few months ago, Bayley and Charlotte. Theres already build up for this, going back to last November, when Charlotte turned on Bayley and joined the BFFs while facing them in a tag team match, a point that’s sure to come up in the pre match promo whenever they get their title match. I Think the feud could go far, whether Charlotte turns babyface or not, but i dont see Charlotte dropping the title.

– Catherine


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