WWE RAW RESULTS: Paige Sends a Quick Message; Meanwhile Stephanie Rehires Her Arsenal (August, 4th 2014)

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Last Night brought us another episode of RAW, emanating from Austin, only this time some fans had to survive a flurry of short matches and even No Divas Contesting. However, despite the Sulky Moments, I Was Happy enough to see the last moments of Hour Number 3 and another Historic Contract Signing that saw Stephanie show just how Bad Bitch shes going to go at Summerslam that terrifies all her future employees.

The First Appearance of Stephanie McMahon was in the RAW opener as the Authority, who later went down a member, hyped some matches and moments for the show, one being Stephanie’s Contract Signing with Brie Bella which once again made the main event cut. That would be the record 2nd Contract Signing, the 1st being AJ and Kaitlyns from last year prior to their Title Rematch at Money in the Bank last year. The Authority’s moments of boasting, as well as the excessive Network Promo, was cut short by an aggravated Roman Reigns, who looked to storm down to the ring and savagely tear apart Superstar Randy Orton after he tore him apart in a fierce attack just last week, only Triple H would ensure the two would keep their hands off each other, inserting Reigns into a Last Man Standing Match with Kane.

Lana also appeared on the show. After Rusev apparently had Sin Cara beat on the App, aka when the show isn’t airing, Lana sends her Birthday wishes to the President of the USA, Barack Obama, with a Russian Rendition of Happy Birthday. Zeb and Swagger were more than happy to interrupt the Russians Moment of Mockery, but this would lead Rusev, after Zebs Heartfelt Promo, to try take out Swagger with the Flag of Russia.

Now onto an update on AJ Lee, the Divas Champion, who was knocked off the stage at the hands of Friend turned Foe turned Friend then Foe Again Paige, is scheduled to make her WWE return later tonight on Main Event, hopefully to speak on Paige’s actions. Speaking of Paige, the Now Number 1 Contender stands by backstage with a short smirk before being approached by Tom Phillips. Tom wants her response to the footage of her attack, and suddenly Paige switches into Little Miss Nice Girl Mode, wishing AJ a successful recovery. Tom asks whether theres anything else she would want to say, and she actually does, speaking of how its an honour to face her at the Upcoming Pay Per View for her title. She then says Goodbye to Tom and Skips away, which probably aggravates a Soon to Return AJ more from her hospital bed.

Summer Rae and Layla are out for another Diego vs Fandango Clash, only this time Fandango finds a dancer in…Hornswoggle. Fandango would lose moments later and Hornswoggle would “lay the Smackdown” on Fandango and Join his Once Foes and their new ladies.

Now onto the Savior of a Main Event as Brie and Nikki head to the ring as well as Triple H and Stephanie McMahon for the Special Contract Signing for Stephanies Return Match at Summerslam. Triple H, after promoting the WWE Networks Price Offer for the 1100th time, hands things over to his Dear Wife Stephanie. Triple H lays a Smooch on Stephanie before he appears to leave, but chooses to stay, pulling his Best Not Impressed face when Brie asks Triple H to leave before everyone starts throwing up. Stephanie says Brie should know something about Sibling Support, only her Man, aka Daniel Bryan, is still on his road to recovery.

Brie says that Daniel is still recovering, thus shes right, but Brie asks whether shes still recovering from the following video thats about to be shown, that being Stephanie getting arrested live on Monday Night RAW two weeks ago. Brie asks whether it was easier trading her suit for a cell uniform, or trading Triple H for a Cell Mate. Brie says she knows how it will go down at Summerslam just a week on Sunday, she will not only beat her, but embarrass her in front of that Summerslam Crowd and the WWE Universe, and in the meantime, remind everyone who watched that not only will Stephanie be a fraud, but a failure, an embarrassment to the McMahon Family. Brie says she isnt doing this match for herself, shes not just doing it for Nikki, but for those savagely punished by Stephanies power, including the Big Show, Vickie Guerrero and the Rhodes Family as well as any other member of the roster punished under her order.

Brie informs Stephanie one thing, that Karma always comes back around, now lets start talking the word play here. Brie warns Stephanie that it’ll come crashing down like she wont even imagine, before signing the paper before her. Brie then hands her signed contract to the “Stuck Up Piece of Trash” to the other side of her. Stephanie acts all rattled with her words, no really, as she tells Brie shes “very sure” those legacies she just mentioned will be happy to be mentioned or represented by someone like her. Steph adds that she thinks Brie doesnt even know what it means when she says shes a 4th Generation McMahon, referring to Brie as nothing. Stephanie pulls out of the pitstop as she accuses her “wannabe reality star” of an opponent of abandoning her injured husband and taking the spotlight away from her sister just to make a name for herself at Summerslam, adding Brie should look in the mirror and what she should see is a “Conceited, Selfish Shell” of a woman. She continues as she asks who the Piece of Trash is now, saying shes embarrassed to even be standing here with her, alerting her to what she will do at Summerslam, averting Bries moment of history as she so puts it.

Giving her last words on the show, Stephanie assures Brie that, at Summerslam, she will tear her heart out. She smacks Defenseless Nikki to the ground with the signed contract clipboard as Triple H sends the table and Brie to the corner to hold her off as Stephanie rips apart Nikki with the Pedigree. Stephanie and Triple H boast over the moment with Mockery Yes Chants, prompting a Hurt Brie to smack Triple H’s face. She is immediately attacked by Stephanie, smashing her against the table. Stephanie yanks Brie into another pedigree, executing it in front of Triple H and standing over the twins to end the show.

(Rusev vs Sin Cara & Rusev, Lana, Swagger & Zeb Colter Segment)

(Paige Backstage Segment)

(Diego w/ El Torito & LayRae vs Fandango w/ Hornswoggle)

(Brie Bella w/ Nikki Bella and Stephanie McMahon w/ Triple H Summerslam Contract Signing)

Thoughts On:
Paige Segment & No Divas: I Think it might have been Paige vs Natalya originally scheduled for the show but obviously a repeated John Cena and Lesnar Promo might have put a stop to that. Regardless Paige sent a “Kind” message to AJ regarding her recovery, which only pulls at the strings of their feud more. Now I Could sulk over the fact that this is all we got from the feud last night, but i think Main Event could really top this. Now all i hope for is for Paige to slap out of this Bipolar Character and right into her Original Anti Diva Gimmick, so folks can see how badass Paige is.

LayRae: Its getting sadder and sadder seeing where things are going right now with the ladies, taking part in observing Diegos matches and more or less serving Los Matadores for a short time, but regardless, i think this will just continue for weeks and weeks until either Summer turns on Layla and rejoins Fandango or Fandango calls up Charlotte and/or Sasha to take them out, once they’re ready that is. Im Thinking WWE might have that as the plan but they’re just waiting for the right moment, since competing at a Big PPV like Summerslam is definite pressure, but im fine with either happening, should any of them be in WWEs upcoming plans. Summer has shown so much potential on NXT and its not right to see her talents go to waste, nor does it feel like LayCool whatsoever.

Brie Bella/Stephanie: Once Again Im Proud to see these two make it onto Main Event in what is sure to be a blockbuster official match. The Only downer from this Promo was Brie saying Piece of Trash, but nonetheless, the war of words indeed turned into physicality, with Stephanie not only executing a wrestling move for the first time in years, but showing what shes going to give at Summerslam, and It will be Ruthless. But PLEASE WWE, Can Stephanie not come out to “Welcome to the Queendom” anymore. Even though its the PG Era, i would wish for My Time to come back, as it perfectly suits Stephanie. I’d mark out if that was Played at Summerslam, but its unlikely with the amount of swear words in it, plus i doubt CFO$ can remix it without the actual rights to the song, i dont know how it works, but New theme for Stephanie please!

– Catherine


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