TNA IMPACT RESULTS: The Wrath Of Dixie Is Over & The Beautiful People May Be Over (August, 7th 2014)

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Welcome to this weeks TNA Impact Report, and the show probably had some massive draws for various reasons, the top one being the #BossToss but you can hear about that later. Unlike last week where we got a simple segment, this week we had the Knockouts on the stage as a Certain Gail Kim responded to Angelina Loves Message from Last Week.

Angelina, who complained along with Velvet earlier in the night about Taryns position in the company and how she was not allowed the Title Opportunity the week before, heads to the ring for the “Spectacular Announcement”. Angelina, who looks flawless by the way, talks on how everyone has “gone gaga” for two wrestlers, that being Gail and Taryn Terrell, and how the Beautiful People are the main draw and so forth. Angelina states that shes a better wrestler than both women, and she doesnt seem to give a toss about breaking up Taryns Rematch with Gail a few weeks ago. Angelina states shes the one who deserves all the attention, and shes the one who deserves a rematch for the title she once held, and surely Velvets facials state nonetheless the opposite.

Angelina wants to face Gail for the Knockouts Title Now, and out comes Gail’s Mutual Rival Taryn Terrell to sound off and how mad she is at Angelina. Angelina accuses her of stealing her spotlight, but Taryn disagrees, also accusing Angelina of taking away her Knockouts Title Match, a match built out of respect. Angelina hits back verbally, calling herself better than Taryn, Gail, every Knockout signed to the roster, and shes much better looking than anyone in the arena, and even Velvet takes offense to that. Angelina describes to her “Her Pecking Order” basically telling Taryn to run home and tell her kid shes always going to be second best or way lower…

Draw the Swords! Gail Kim comes out to sour Angelina as she grants her the title rematch, but it gets better, its not just Angelina in the match, but shes willing to defend against Taryn too. Gail mentions how she couldn’t help hearing Angelina’s Boasting on how shes the better knockout and plays Oprah Winfrey for a second as she asks Velvet on how she reacts to that. Velvets going to speak, but Angelina cuts off and calms her immediately. Gail says she knows Velvet doesn’t have to listen to her, but she has to listen to the Manager, Kurt Angle, and as per his and her discussion, Velvet is in the title match too, to Angelina’s shock. Gail says this match will prove who is the better knockout, and Velvet and Angelina batter down on the two face Knockouts. Taryn and Gail clear them off after Velvet “accidentally” boots Angelina to close.

Onto the Closing Moment of the Show, and #ItHappens! Dixie has barely anyone coming to her defense now, not even Ryklon and Snitsky as the roster come out to give the evil boss no space to run off from TNAs Own Bully Ray, who makes good on his promise. Shes Yanked up on the top rope, and smashed through a table! Note, we may never see Dixie in the TNA Ring after this…

(Velvet Sky and Angelina Love Backstage Segment)

(Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim Segment)

(Dixie Carter Goes Through a Table)

Thoughts On:
Knockouts Segment: Some Very Interesting Notes came out of this weeks Segment showdown between Taryn, Gail and the Beautiful People, the most noticable being the interactions between Angelina and Velvet. It seems TNA might be ready to break off the fearsome duo already after their couple month reunion, which in all honesty, i’d be ready for if Angelina turned face, but i think it’ll either be Velvet turning face, which cuts her heel run drastically, or the two put their differences aside and become Valets to the BroMans, which maybe the case with the recent spoilers…coming soon. Brooke will be seething after seeing that!

Dixie Table Spot: The Crowd seemed so split for me, most were electric for that moment, and there were quite a few boos. Dixie took the spot so well, but Bully may have botched, maybe somewhat due to pressure, but something wasn’t right in that moment. But Cue Spuds Newest Tribute to Dixie, if that happens.

– Catherine


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