WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Paige Gets Colossal w/ Natalya Sometime Before Summerslam (August, 8th 2014)

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Welcome to this weeks Late Smackdown Update. Now a Few Nights ago, WWE taped another edition of Friday Night Smackdown, and fans managed to grab little to no info on the following divas match up due to something going on with spoiler posting, so no one knew what to expect from the Late Rematch between Natalya and Paige, both last competed against each other back at NXT.

Speaking of Natalya, the Dungeon Diva, who has yet to debut the new attire showed on twitter hours ago today, is awaiting her opponent, Paige. Paige, who this time isnt carrying the NXT Womens Championship triumphantly down to the ring with her, heads to the ring, the skipping not going so much in rhythm with her music. We get a look back on Paige’s nasty attack on AJ from the last Smackdown, and the Camera catches some giggling from Paige after.

Paige tries to play Happy Bunny as we get into the match, offering a handshake to Veteran Natalya, but it doesnt go down smooth, as she quickly slaps Natalya before she can even take her offer. The Pushing about by Paige eventually doesnt go down in the good books of Natalya, who slaps her back and gives her the discus clothesline. Natalya hits a Butterfly Suplex on the former champ, and grapples with her, getting her right into the position for a sharpshooter. It Looks like she could have Paige right there, but unlucky for her, Paige grips the ropes and the apron in good time.

Paige heads outside, as does Natalya some moments later, only does Natalya soon get hit by a leg sweep from Paige. Paige screams at her and heads back into the ring, hoping Natalya will get counted out. Natalya soon makes it back into the ring, and Paige starts to act all cocky, only to get caught in the roll up. Natalya gets a Near Fall on Paige.

Furiously, Paige kicks Natalya then sets up the fallen diva in her Scorpion Crosslock. Natalya eventually taps to her Crosslock, and the Number 1 Contender to the Divas Title wins the match, and she skips off, obviously proud at her effort.

Also, Lana was at ringside as Rusev faced Big E in a Payback Rematch, and oddly Big E had not had Kofi Kingston or neither Xavier Woods at ringside to give him the momentum. Rusev was able to overcome his fearless opponent once more and gain momentum heading into the Flag Match with Swagger at Summerslam.

Also, strangely Rosa Mendes and Eva Marie switched their heel personalities for the week in a backstage segment with Adam Rose, a Flock of Rosebuds and Dolph Ziggler, laughing away as Dolph looked at Seth Rollins on the nearby tron and mocking him. They eventually fled when Rollins approached Dolph to challenge him to a singles match later on in the show.

(Rusev w/ Lana vs Big E)

(Natalya vs Paige)

Thoughts on this match:
Just like any other Smackdown Divas Clash, it felt too short, but at least it was longer than the last two diva matches that have taken place in the show, looking back at Rosa’s match. Did feel like some of Paige’s Anti Diva Persona kicked into gear in this match, and if RAW will be all hands on like its supposed to be then something big must kick off with Paige and AJ. Oh, and Natalya sold Paige’s kick like a boss.

– Catherine


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