WWE RAW RESULTS: Paige Sends a Poetic Warning; Brie Bella Faces Poetic “Justice” (August, 11th 2014)


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Welcome to (at last) all the news you need regarding the building divas division from last nights Go Home Show before Summerslam edition of RAW. As feuds took center stage for one last build up, AJ Lee faced a damper this week at the hands of a certain rival, as did Brie Bella, who was hoping to get her hands on former Smackdown GM and member of the Authority Stephanie a little early only to face a situation that came from some unexpected places…

As Revealed back on the RAW Pre show, Stephanie was going to come over to the ring at some point on RAW and make a confession regarding Brie Bella. This could either be her revealing she sent Kharma after them years ago, or her taking credit for the creation of Total Divas or none of the above. Indeed Bries Summerslam opponent calls down someone who appears to be Daniel Bryans therapist, because many of you know hes out with an injury for a long time. The Therapist, who is actually Professional Wrestler Chelsea Green appears heartbroken upon appearing, breaking into tears as Stephanie urges her to reveal an unprecedented situation, that Daniel had “gone behind Bries back with her”. While Stephanie consoles Bryans supposed new lady, his Current Wife Brie Bella storms to the ring. Brie argues with Green whilst Stephanie tries to convince Brie she was being used.

Brie angrily slaps Daniels “missus” and attacks Stephanie, applying the Yes Lock until shes taken to the back. Stephanie’s had enough and demands they settle the score later tonight on the show. The Crowd seem Okay with that nonetheless.

Once teammates Swagger and Cesaro clashed in a rematch, one Swagger was triumphant over. Zeb cut a promo following the match regarding the Summerslam Flag Match between Swagger and Rusev. Rusev and Lana came out, but with no speaking to counteract the promo by Zeb.

AJ comes out later for a singles match but the identity of the opponent cant be revealed until after the break. When we come back, its revealed as Eva Marie, complete with new gear, even though in the 2nd production crew botch of the night, its AJs theme playing in the background rather than Evas, even though AJ entered the ring first because Eva wasnt present in the ring when she arrived. Anyway the two, who have faced off a couple of times now, go to work, with Eva getting an armbar. AJ reverses and places her in a side headlock on the mat when a familiar theme hits…

Paige skips down the ramp and about the ring in true mockery fashion. AJ tries to keep up the work on Eva, but gets ultimately distracted by her “best friend”. Eva rolls up a distracted divas champion and shockingly pins her, and springs out of the ring to celebrate. Paige appears to be at the top of the stage when the match is over, reciting an apology poem.

“Roses are Red
Wood chips are Beige,
I’m Sorry I Pushed You Right off the Stage,
Its Not Like I Hate You, I Like You a Bunch,
But You Just have that Face that I Wanna Punch,
I’ll see you this Sunday, But this Part is Vital,
I’ll be Skipping My Way out of Summerslam with MY Divas Title.”

While the Crowd erupts into Boos over the whole thing, Paige tells her she loves her and skips off as AJ is left to absorb those words of sarcasm in her head repeatedly. Before Paige gets a chance to snap, its AJ leaving the ring and going after Eva Marie, who appears to be in pain for no reason, and she throws her about, even into the barrier, tearing at her and showing her mean streak before Paige and herself fight at Summerslam.

Brie comes out for her supposed early match up with Stephanie, and she does so alone. Stephanie comes out, and obviously not in ring gear, as she pulls another stunt to avoid them clashing, revealing “Megan” aka Chelsea is now pressing charges for the Slap Brie had given to her. Brie is escorted to the back immediately by the cops, and shes devastated as Stephanie only taunts her more.

(Brie Bella, Stephanie McMahon and Chelsea Green Segment)

(Swagger w/ Zeb Colter vs Cesaro ft Rusev and Lana)

(AJ Lee vs Eva Marie Non Title Match ft Paige)

(Emma Returns from the Australian Tour on the WWE App)

(Brie Bella is Arrested Before “Match” with Stephanie)

Thoughts On:
Brie/Stephanie: Other than the Yes Lock i feel Brie and Stephanie’s feud took a creative backburner this week and that anything could be done but the whole “Daniel Bryan affair”. Hopefully Brie will immediately know its lies and there’s no tension between the two. Regarding the twos early match, i thought Brie would end up facing Nikki instead as punishment for attacking Stephanie, but we got “poetic justice” as Brie faced Stephanie’s issue from weeks back and was arrested. All I Can Hope for now that she was released from “Jail” is that they don’t pull an Ambrose/Rollins at Summerslam where it doesn’t happen because thats one of the reasons why many will be watching the show.

AJ vs Eva (ft Paige): AJ vs Eva was relatively short due to Paige’s distraction, and im still shocked Eva has now pinned the champ, however in AJs eyes, attacking her after the match made up for it, and of course thats showing that Paige’s mind games are working, which gives flashbacks to Kaitlyn snapping on Aksana days after AJ pipebombed her last year. When Paige first mentioned woodchips in the promo, i nearly thought it was a hint at a tables match though that rarely happens these days with the divas, and one thing i wont be able to get over is the post match botch from Eva. Eva appeared to be down like she’d been attacked after winning even though that wasn’t the case, unless Paige knocked her during the skipping which i don’t think is the case since Paige was more or less towards the stage when Eva pinned AJ. Eva did manage to sell AJs attack however, but they should have done it where Eva started up Yes Chants by the commentary table to celebrate her victory, only to slowly turn around and realize AJs behind her, then be attacked. Due to all this, i wonder if there will be AJ vs Eva for the title on Main Event or Smackdown, with Paige taking the match to no contest, frustrated that Eva got the match when shes not the contender, and taking it out on both, but mainly AJ.

– Catherine


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