TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Knockouts Champion Lives Up to Her Promise In Physical Fatal Four! (August, 14th 2014)

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Hello and Welcome to this weeks IMPACT Wrestling Update, brought to you by none other than myself, Catherine! Last Night was in some cases a Historic Night for TNA, their last episode to be broadcast on Thursday Nights following an announcement hours before the show that TNA would move to Wednesdays beginning next week. The show was nothing more than spectacular Knockouts wise too as Gail Kim Lived up to her word in a difficult Championship defense against both Beautiful People members and Frenemy Taryn Terrell.

Before the match Angelina wants to ensure backstage that her and Velvet are on the same page still after last weeks issues, all convinced its an attempt from Gail to wind up the Beautiful People to the point of Breakage. Velvet agrees, before telling Angelina shes going to be the New Knockouts Champion, leaving Angelina with a silent fuse.

When we come to the match, its the Beautiful People mid entrance, as hinted at the fact that most of their entrance theme appears to be played already. The Two, showing no devious looks to each other, prepare to Steal Kim’s Championship. Now the Only Babyface to enter the ring so far in this match makes her entrance, and to a glorious new attire, Taryn Terrell. Finally, following the Official rules of contenders making entrances first, out comes defending champion, Gail Kim, who is more than ready for the challenge.

When the bell rings, its Gail and Velvet brawling whilst Angelina takes it to Taryn, obviously due to her issues over Taryn “taking her title shot”. Gail soon gives forearms to Velvet Sky and hits the ropes, but gets scooped by a Boasting Angelina who preps a Sidewalk Slam. The Two double team Gail, and its now Gail rolling away while Poor Taryn is left to deal with both Velvet and Angelina. The Two stalk Taryn, who attacks Angelina. Velvet comes to the defense of Angelina in response but Taryn appears to be fending off both women, before getting kicked in the stomach by Angelina.

The Two whip Taryn to a corner and Velvet clotheslines Taryn against the turnbuckles. Angelina follows with her own and then drags her about by her hair as Velvet showboats. The Two try double teaming Taryn after Velvet smack talks her but Gail grabs Velvets foot as she hits the ropes, tripping her from behind. Gail drags her outside and bashes her head onto the ring apron. Angelina charges after Taryn in the ring, and Taryn ducks, pulling the ropes, sending Angelina tumbling to the ground below.

While Gail appears to be in total control of Velvet, Angelina wears out Taryn and heads after Gail. Angelina comes to Velvets aid and gets elbowed in the face. Gail bashes Velvet and Angelinas heads together. Gail scales the Apron and lands a diving crossbody on both members of the Beautiful People, leaving all 3 ladies out on the floor. After a Small replay of Gails Move, Taryn executes her own, only from right on top of the turnbuckles. All Knockouts are laid out in a heap on the floor.

Taryn takes Angelina back to the ring and goes for a cover, but unlucky for the Golden Knockout, Angelina has kicked out. Taryn going for her own version of the RKO, but Angelina counters. Taryn hits the ropes and takes Angelina out with numerous clotheslines. Taryn keeps up the offense to Angelina, but before she can even pin her, in comes Gail to break her cover on Angelina.

Gail sets up Eat Defeat, but Angelina counters. Angelina goes for the cover on Gail, but Gail stays in the match. When Angelina isnt looking, Velvet scrambles for the cover on Gail, but Gail kicks out of that also. Angelina, screaming that she almost became the champ, lets out her rage verbally on her own partner. While Angelina argues with the Justified Velvet, Taryn shoves Velvet into Angelina and rolls up Velvet, with Angelina quickly coming back and breaking the pin. Angelina with Offense on Taryn and as she goes for a cover on Taryn, Velvet pulls her off.

Velvet mimics Angelina by trying to cover Taryn, and its Angelina pulling Velvet off the pin attempt. Gail comes in to break up Velvet and Angelina. She whips both members into two different corners, and clotheslines Velvet. She leaps onto Angelina, who pushes her onto the mat. Velvet sets up in Yo Face on Gail with hopes to finish the Champion, but Angelina stops her and things get intense between the two partners. Taryn takes out Angelina and the two head outside as Gail sets up Eat Defeat on Velvet and hits it to retain the Knockouts Championship.

(Gail Kim vs Angelina Love vs Taryn Terrell vs Velvet Sky Knockouts Championship Fatal 4 Way)

(Gail Kim and Angelina Love Brawl after IMPACT on IMPACT365)

Thoughts on this match:
Really Solid 4 Way with Excellent Spots, especially the Cross-bodies from Taryn and Gail and the double team maneuver from the Beautiful People, even though im trying to figure which one of those two are turning face. The Brawl between Gail and Angelina posted by TNA following the show really added extra interest, and will bring one heck of a hardcore fight (Last Knockouts Standing) next week as Confirmed by TNA GM Kurt Angle. I Literally Cannot wait for this match next week, as much as I’d love for Angelina to fight this one on her own, without any Velvet ringside interference.

– Catherine


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