WWE SUMMERSLAM RESULTS: LA Welcomes A New Divas Champion & The Fearless Nikki Screwjob! (August, 17th 2014)

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Hello Folks, Finally its that time to reflect on another Historic Summerslam, and this year i was blown away at just how interesting and how brilliant every match booked was! Not to Mention Some Dream Moments took place for various members of the Bella Army, one which the Crowd ate up…I Say No More as I Now Go On to the Two Matches that im Proud to Say Made the Card in Good Time.

Following a Backstage Interview on how Brie will Embarrass Stephanie McMahon after months of torture, a recognizable screech echos around the arena and out comes Paige as she finally challenges AJ Lee One on One in a Championship Rematch Weeks following Battleground. To Add Insult to a Hopefully Clear Injury, Paige continues the Mockery in her entrance, imitating AJs Skipping on the way to the ring. Nonetheless AJ maintains her usual Composure and Character as she proudly skips her way to the ring to defend against the Antagonistic Diva.

The Contender aka Birthday Girl offers a handshake before this match can begin but instead AJ attains her Crazy Antics by biting her hand. To Add she even pulls out an extension as Paige screams outside the ring. AJ isn’t done yet, she takes herself outside toward Paige and sends her head first to the announce table. She Bashes her on the apron and throws her in the ring. Paige Kicks back in retaliation and ruthlessly gives AJ knee shots on the apron despite the ref count. AJ kicks Paige and ends up on the Heels shoulders, with Paige launching AJ onto the barricade.

Paige does head to the ring to make more of a mockery out of AJ before heading back outside to chuck the knocked out Divas Champion back in, since AJ and Paige cannot win via Count out. Paige Crawls over a Sprawled out AJ and headbutts her. She Drops an extension in the Face of AJ. Paige locks a Side Headlock as Chants for AJ break out across the arena. She tosses AJ back to the mat, drags her to the apron and gives her some knee shots again. In what could end terribly for one or both, AJ and Paige take it to the top turnbuckle. Paige seems eager to beg for AJs forgiveness, but hardly gets any, as AJ shoves Paige right to the floor. AJ hits a Diving clothesline from the top turnbuckle, leaving both ladies out on the floor below.

They eventually get to their feet and AJ tosses Paige back into the ring. AJ runs the ropes and lands the Shining Wizard, hoping for the finish there, only for Paige to kick out of the first cover of the match. Suddenly Paige boots AJ in the face, and she goes for the Paige Turner, but AJ reverses into the Black Widow. Moments Later, Paige somehow counters into the Rampage Move. Paige goes for the Cover and shockingly pins AJ to capture her 2nd Divas Championship on her Birthday! Congratulations to Paige.

Lana, now donning a beauty of a white suit, was on hand to accompany Rusev in another Rematch against Swagger. Lana got involved in the match during the start, with Rusev eventually winning, and in turn, eradicated Colter after the match before the Russian Anthem was played to the world.

Now onto the Highly Anticipated match that some were nervous over, maybe because of how it would have turned out physically or whether they would have pulled an Ambrose/Rollins Battleground Nix stunt. Stephanie, complete with a Gear that somewhat gives the feel of the Attitude Era, heads to the ring, and of course takes note at the Four Horsewomen at ringside along the way. Out comes the Challenger, Brie, who also appears alone for the effort.

The Two Lock Up to Kick off this match, with Stephanie forcing her to the ropes, and then to the corner. Stephanie releases and mocks Brie before they go for another lock up. Brie is again powered toward the ropes. Stephanie puts a compromising hold on Brie as she hangs out on the ropes. Theres a lock up again, and now Brie starts pulling out of the pit-stop with some arm drags. Brie applies a Waist lock to Stephanie but Stephanie elbows Brie, causing Brie to stumble toward the corner. Stephanie continues the punishment as she gives her shoulder tackles.

Stephanie works over Brie with kicks at another corner. Stephanie then tosses Brie head first into the mat. Stephanie sends Brie to another corner, smack talking and slapping her before tossing her to the other side of the ring. Stephanie mocks the Yes Chants before returning to Brie, only to be hit in the face. Brie trips her and goes for the Yes Lock, only for Stephanie to hurry outside before it can get fully applied.

Brie hits the ropes, giving shades of WrestleMania, but as she goes to dive on Stephanie, Stephanie counters, and Brie falls hard on the floor. The Ref starts counting, but unlucky for Steph, Brie makes it back to the ring in the nick of time, only to be pulled into Stephanie’s Nasty DDT. Stephanie goes for the cover, but Brie kicks out, resulting in a near fall and this match continues.

Stephanie pulls Brie into a Short Arm Clothesline. She Stalks Brie for a few moments before applying a Submission. Stephanie then hits a Very Familiar Move, the Flip Cutter, aka Charlotte’s Finisher. Stephanie goes for the cover, which for Charlotte, would have been an instant win, but Brie kicks out once again. Stephanie with another Submission to Brie. Stephanie continues with her arsenal, even stepping on Bries face. She Reverts back to the Prior Submission.

Despite Bries attempt to fight back being cut short, Brie starts using her legs to kick Stephanie away. Stephanie awaits for Brie to raise herself and charges, only to run into the Lou Thesz Press by Brie. Brie unloads with punches, and ends up in the corner. Stephanie runs into a Forearm Smash by Brie. She Charges again, with Brie sending Stephanie into the corner and giving her some high kicks, Shades of Daniel Bryan.

Brie tosses Stephanie to the other side of the ring, dragging her before she can climb out. Brie with some more kicks as she stays in control. Brie tosses her around again and heads up top, dropping Stephanie with a Usual Missile Dropkick. Brie goes for the cover, but its a near fall. Brie stops Stephanie crawling out of the ring once again, and more punches head Stephanie’s way.

Only things can get bad from here as Triple H runs out to Aid Stephanie in the beatdown. Even though she can barely do anything against Hunter, out comes Nikki. Triple H tries to distract her on the apron, causing Brie to be pulled in for the Pedigree, but Brie counters and she has the Yes Lock successfully applied to the Boss Lady. Worried about his dearest wife, Triple H sends the Referee crashing onto the floor. Unlucky for Triple H Brie makes him pay as he gets dropkicked to the floor. Brie stands over Triple H as Stephanie tries to recover, and Brie leads the Parade of Yes Chants. Being “Defiant” Nikki heads to the ring with the COO out, hopefully to get revenge on the Boss Lady for weeks of insane torture. Stephanie backs off, but Brie emerges and its Stephanie Surrounded by the Bella Twins, Until…

BAM! The Crowd erupts into Insanity as Nikki pulls Stephanie right out of the way and knocks Brie to the mat. Nikki, now a Heel, helps Stephanie get on her feet, and leaves her to bring destruction to her Poor Sister, as she Pedigrees her. Watching from the Sidelines with Triple H, Nikki watches Stephanie Pin Nikki to win the match, before she walks off as the Power Couple celebrate Bries Embarrassment. So that’s what Stephanie Meant when she said she’d tear Bries Heart Out?

(Paige vs AJ Lee Divas Championship Match)

(Stephanie McMahon vs Brie Bella feat Triple H & Nikki Bella; Nikki Bella Heel Turn)

Thoughts On:
AJ vs Paige: Another Match that delivered last night, even though it was sad that some of their match time was cut short, but the ladies used the time well and to their advantage, with some lethal spots. I Was More Leaning towards AJ winning, so Paige winning was a little bit of a Shock to me, and yes its Sad that AJ MIGHT be Leaving, but feuding with Paige would probably be her favourite way of going out. If Anything, the two need a Last Diva Standing Match at Night of Champions. Heel Paige as Champion could be very exciting, and opens opportunities for Divas Like Naomi and Emma.

Stephanie McMahon vs Brie Bella & Nikki Heel Turn: Kudos to Stephanie and Brie on a Great Match with another Memorable Summerslam Screwjob, this time at the Hands of a Diva. I’m Not the Only Fan that called Nikki’s Heel Turn as it was supposed to happen. Only Negative was trying to tell the legitimacy, was Nikki looking remorseful at the end? Was it Forced? I Expected her to stand over her with the Authority but i look forward to Nikki’s Explanation on RAW, as she so promised. Kudos also go out to the Summerslam Crowd and the Commentary Team for Selling Nikki’s Heel Turn Beyond Belief as they did with Triple H last year. Very Pleased with last nights show, a Massive Improvement from Battleground.

– Catherine


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