WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: Newly Heel Nikki Bella Proves Its Her Time (August, 19th 2014)

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Welcome to this weeks Main Event Episode Report, and Luckily after missing a divas bout the week before, since there wasn’t one, Main Event made up this week, as Nikki Bella finally took the solo spotlight in her first match alone as a heel in a Very long time. At First it may have been Natalya succumbing to the fellow Total Divas Cast Member, but with her possibly in the title picture, it was Emma thrown into the possible jobbers spot as Nikki went out to prove that its “Her Time” after “Seeing the Light” this week on RAW.

The Bella Twins theme hits and at first im thinking Bries about to go out to the ring, but instead its Nikki, and to a very decent pop. Keeping the Bella’s theme as its more heel than face anyway, Nikki looks to prove herself up against Emma, who appears following a small break. The Bell rings and the two lock up to start the match, with Nikki throwing the Aussie to the mat. Emma doesnt look too happy but goes for the lock up again, with Nikki countering.

Emma avoids the third lock up and puts Nikki in a Waistlock. Nikki tries to go after Emma, but gets rolled up. Emma lands her first near fall of the match. Emma whips Nikki to the corner, and as she charges, Nikki elbows her away. Nikki heads to the top and kicks Emma, going for a cover too, and its a near fall.

Nikki now gets Emma in a Front Facelock, eye rolling in disapproval of the You Sold Out Chants echoing about the arena. Emma gets some punches and forces Nikki to the corner, breaking her hold off. Emma with a shoulder tackle, then Nikki counters a possible clothesline, and smashes Emmas face against her knee. Nikki with another cover on Emma, which also results in a near fall. Nikki quickly reverts back to her front facelock on Emma.

Emma battles out once more, only to take a knee to the face. Nikki lunges Emma to the corner. Nikki death stares the audience before charging at Emma, only for Emma to boot her away and dodge the other charge attempt, heading to the outside and locking in the DilEMMA. Emma heads up top and looks for a Diving Crossbody but Nikki has rolled away, causing Emma to land on the mat. Nikki hits the exact same Forearm smash she gave Brie back at Summerslam, before lifting Emma onto her shoulders to catch her in the deadly Torture Rack Backbreaker. She Nails it and covers Emma for the Solo Victory.

(Nikki Bella vs Emma)

Thoughts on this match:
Very Different to see Nikki and Emma clashing in the ring, which makes it fresh. It Appears Emma will be the diva used to submit to and put over the heels as the remaining faces stay in the title picture and because WWE might not want to portray a strong diva like Naomi as a Jobber. Naomi and Emma are literally the only divas that can face Nikki as the rest of the divas are heels, and AJ and Paige and Natalya cant exactly lose to Nikki due to being in the title picture and not wanting to look weak, unless of course they randomly put Nikki up against Summer and Layla, even though they are more or less heels. Either way, i see Emma and Nikki facing off same time next week, with a different result due to interference from Brie. Looks like WWE needs more babyface divas.

– Catherine


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