TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Champion & Former Champion Raise The Roof (August, 20th 2014)

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Welcome to this weeks TNA Impact Report. No Guys the Show didn’t get leaked 24 hours early, TNA have a new day slot, as TNA Impact will be brought to you every Wednesday Night now, which means for many, every weekday (excluding weekends) will be full of wrestling! Its going to feel weird talking TNA on a Wednesday but it will sink in in a few weeks. But it didn’t sink in long for me to figure out that this weeks Knockouts Match was easily a match of the year candidate.

Following a Backstage Brawl between Angelina and Gail following IMPACT last week, Gail Kim reportedly went to Kurt Angle to put herself and Love in a Last Knockouts Standing match, despite Angles displeasure due to believing she didn’t deserve a shot at all. Nonetheless Gail and Angelina’s wishes were granted with Gail looking to overcome another title bout as she continues to defend the Glorious Knockouts Title week after week.

After an announcement reveals the Long kept Secret Pregnancy of TNAs Own Ring Announcer and Creative Member Christy Hemme (Congrats Christy!), Out comes Angelina along with the troublesome Velvet Sky for the 3rd Last Knockout Standing Match in History, and Angelina looks all business heading to the ring. The Once Champion is followed by the defending Champion, who arrives with a new attire, even though many of you got a peak at it in last weeks post IMPACT segment. Like Angelina, Gail is looking all Business too, and demonstrates it entirely, immediately hitting the ring and charging after the ravenous foe before this match can start.

Gail is all over Angelina from the start, with punches and more offense. Angelina attempts to send her to the ring post but Gail blocks it. Gail gets a fiery clothesline on Angelina, which knocks her to the floor. Gail warns off a Catty Velvet as she throws Angelina back in the ring. Gail with a Rampage of Kicks to Angelina in the corner, followed by a flying clothesline. Gail charges, but Angelina lifts her over her shoulder and Gails head smacks the corner turnbuckle. Angelina with a Vicious DDT but she already looks in pain, which doesnt help when she takes some more offense by Gail.

Angelina counters the potential clothesline by Gail. Velvet hands a pan tray to the BFF, who charges at Gail with it, but Gail soon shes that coming and dodges. Gail with more kicks to Angelina, and a dropkick for even more damage. Angelina heads to the floor. Gail heads up top but Velvet scrambles to the apron in aid of her Knockout partner, and hits Gail with the pan tray, causing Gail to tumble to the mat as Velvet rushes back to check on Angelina. Angelina gets back up and comes after Gail, only to get thrown into the Apron, and both ladies are out momentarily.

The Two scramble around the floor and trade blows upon getting to their feet. Gail sends Angelina head first into the apron. Angelina tries crawling back to the ring, and Gail sets up what could either be a DDT or Neckbreaker, only for Velvet to yet again come to the rescue of Angelina Love when she takes Gails foot from behind, causing Gail to stumble back on the floor. Angelina yanks Gail atop of the apron with Gail hanging on as she tries the suplex. Gail knocks down Angelina with a kick.

With Angelina out, Gail sends Angelinas legs to the ring post, and she has the figure four locked on the ring post. Velvet comes in to intervene, breaking the hold. Gail eventually makes it on her feet, and counters the whip from Angelina, thus Angelina is sent hurtling into the barrier. For Reasons that cannot be figured out yet, Angelina has started climbing the entrance ramp. Gail, however, has the steel chair in hand. Velvet tries to come after Gail as she slowly takes herself up the ramp, and Velvet is kicked out of the way. Suddenly, Gail turns, and Angelina hits the Surprise Botox Injection, sending the Steel Chair right into Gails head, and Gail hits the ramp.

Velvet rolls Angelina back into the ring to save her while the ref counts Gail, who is still out. Velvet attacks Gail and throws her back into the ring. Note that she also threw the used steel chair in the ring also, and now Angelina is shown heading up top. Velvet sets the chair up in appropriate placement and the two attempt a double team. However, Gail sends Velvet crashing into the corner then sends her flying to the floor. Gail then heads up top, and is alongside Angelina. Despite Angelina’s attempts to send her to the floor, Gail sets up Angelina in a devastating move, and sends herself and Angelina hurtling onto the below chair with an elevated Samoan Drop. Angelina is unable to get on her feet for Ten and Gail scores her first victory in a Last Knockouts Standing Match, and also retains her Knockouts Title.

(Angelina Love w/ Velvet Sky vs Gail Kim Last Knockouts Standing Match for the Knockouts Championship)

Thoughts on this match:
Did not disappoint! Easily a Match of the Year Candidate for sure and the 2nd best Last Knockouts Standing Match, the first being Gail vs Taryn from last year. Both Angelina and Gail have showed what they’re capable of in this match, and this match was definitely the best way in culminating this feud. Great Lethal Spots from both ladies also! Maybe Velvet will come for the title next? Or….Maybe the Mystery Woman in the Promos! 2 Weeks to Go!

– Catherine


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