TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Gold Star Fighting Again for Gold (August, 27th 2014)

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taryn 260

Welcome to this weeks TNA Impact Report, and yes for those who forgot to set DVRs or just completely forgot despite the repetitive promotion, especially from Dixie (who we didn’t hear from this week) the Wednesday move is permanent, but how can you blame them? Theres A LOT of good wrestling on Thursday Nights!

And this Wednesday brought a Match between Madison “I Don’t know where my feud w/ Brittany is going” Rayne and Taryn “I Need to be Knockouts Champion” Terrell. The Two square off in what was revealed as a Number 1 Contenders match, something the spoilers didn’t report on but the stipulation is no shocker. But what is a shock is an imminent change in Raynes character…

Madison is just about to hit the ring when shes approached backstage to be interviewed. Madison seems tired of the fellow Moms promotion since arriving back in the company, even if she does have some respect for her. Madison says shes going out there tonight to prove who is truly the Queen of the Knockouts, a crown Gail Kim took away from her a while back, and one Madison probably wants back next week.

Following a segment between Gunner and Samuel Shaw, it appears that TNA have cut both girls entrances as Madison is posing on the turnbuckles when we get to the match. Not the first time they’ve done it, they did do it with some of Gails matches last year, and Tapa vs Kim too, but anyway, onto whats going on right now.

The Match starts with a handshake between the Knockout Moms, regardless of whether or not Taryn heard Madisons pre match comments. The Two lock up, and Madison almost immediately tries to get her in a roll up. However, Taryn kicks out quickly. Taryn looking for an early victory also with her own, and Madison also kicks out. The Roll ups keep coming, but both are unable to secure victories, thus this match continues.

Madison with the side headlock next, one Taryn counters. Taryn gets shoved to the ropes and she knocks Madison onto the mat in retaliation. Taryn continues to work on Madison, with Madison eventually countering a whip from Taryn, Madison charges and ends up spilling onto the ground below as Taryn moves out of the way in the nick of time. Taryn tries a diving crossbody on Madison, but Madison moves away and Taryn takes a nasty landing on the floor. Madison actually looks concerned as she keeps away while Taryn is down, but nonetheless she decides to throw her into the ring. Madison goes for the cover, and only gets a near fall. Madison with another, but it just isnt working as Taryn continues to remain in the contest.

Madison launches Taryn head first into the corner turnbuckle. Madison splashes her then dropkicks her in the middle of the ring. Madison with a cover again which also amounts to a near fall. Taryn reverses a whip next, sends Madison in the corner, and gets a clothesline on Madison right before she can move away. Taryn gets extra clotheslines and she hits the ropes, but Madison knocks her down. Madison with a side roll and another attempted pin but Taryn kicks out once more.

The Two begin to trade furious physical shots, and Madison gets a bridge suplex into another pin attempt, which amounts again to a near fall. Madison may be looking for one more suplex, only to get countered by Taryn. Taryn starts gaining momentum, only for Madison to send her back to the mat again, and then theres another cover to which Taryn kicks out of again, as Tazz recognises the recent cockiness from Madison in the pre match promo and the frustration right now on her face. The Two are battling up top, and Taryn sends Madison crashing back onto the mat. Taryn follows by executing her diving clothesline from the top turnbuckle.

Taryn awaits for Madison to get back on her feet, giving her clotheslines. Taryn keeps up the fiery offense, leading to a pin attempt from Taryn, but its a near fall. Taryn heads up top and theres another diving crossbody, only this one does not miss. Another Pin by Taryn, but a very quick reflex allows Madison to make it out right before a 3 count. Madison crawls to the corner, sees Taryn coming, and boots her. Madison grabs the legs of Taryn, goes for a desperate pin, and she even resorts to putting her own legs on the ropes, but the Official has seen this already. Madison argues with the Official for a moment, and gets hit by Taryn’s RKO. Taryn pins Madison to win the contendership.

But before Taryn can celebrate, we have to take note of the promo from earlier in the night, which displays the message “Havok is Coming Next Week”. Even though TNA wont hint it as a Knockout, Fans are already aware of who the familiar identity is and who this person might be hitting the ring next week.

(Havok is Coming Next Week to IMPACT Wrestling)

(Madison Rayne vs Taryn Terrell Number 1 Contenders Match)

Thoughts on this match:
The Spoilers hadn’t said the stipulation behind this match, but nonetheless i had a feeling it would be, especially since the match following this a week later will be for the Knockouts Championship, one which Taryn will be competing in. This match however, as competitive as it was, was a bit iffy to me like something was off. I Wouldn’t say its really bad like some people in the spoilers said, but there were moments which didn’t play up well. I May be inaccurate here but Taryn’s diving crossbody to Madison from the outside was too far out of Madison’s direction, and Taryn’s clothesline to Madison while up against the corner was either hit too late or missed, with Madison just selling it like it hit or had a little impact. Other than that, good showing from both, with an interesting persona from Madison. However, i hope TNA DON’T turn Madison heel, because this would leave Brittany nowhere, and i have a feeling this’ll lead to Madison being revealed as sending Havok after the Knockouts rather than Havok and Brittany aligning. It feels TNA just want to use Brittany as a destruction object for Havok and that they completely forgot her character. Even if turning Madison heel does lead to a feud with either Taryn or Gail, it makes little sense to me and does nothing regarding Brittany either. Its like TNA are giving Brittany the Cameron treatment right now. Nonetheless, i feel like unless TNA do something shocking storyline wise with Brittany, that they will recycle the Madison/Tara alliance with Madison and Havok, but if they do they’d have to break it off before the airing of the Knockouts PPV, considering they compete against each other.

– Catherine


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