WWE NXT RESULTS: Bayley Wants To Ditch Hugs For Championships & Takeover The Division (August, 28th 2014)

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Welcome to this weeks report from WWEs Very Spectacular Developmental system, NXT! Now ive been hanging around with friends till god knows what time this late evening so despite catching NXT VERY LATE last night, i’ve only got round to writing this up so here goes.

Again, we have another match between Sasha Banks and Bayley, but it doesn’t come as a shocker as Sasha is surely to be disappointed at not grabbing her shot at Charlotte not too long back. Alongside this match is 2 additional bonuses, from a new entrance theme to a promotional match promo between a fiery contender and champion.

But before we can get to this match, Devin Taylor isn’t the only interviewer on duty this week, as BFF in Gold Veronica Lane gets the exclusive job of talking with the New NXT General Manager William Regal, who reveals the ultimate fatal 4 way Main Event for NXT Takeover.

Sasha is first to make her way to the ring and with a new theme song created by none other than the Ace Guys of CFO$ who are pretty much producing all the latest themes. A Moment of Silence for Fastest Girl Alive….anyway, Sasha, who makes it to the ring to show off her splendid attire, is followed by Bayley, who by per the rules of the new GM William Regal (because what did JBL Do?) Bayley will officially face Charlotte at the 2nd NXT Takeover event on September 11th, and it shall be for the NXT Women’s Championship.

As Soon as Bayley hits the ring, shes obviously getting a bit of attitude from Banks, who has hinted via Twitter and at live shows that she refuses to not be a part of NXT Takeover, so only she knows what she may have in store for both women as payback for failing to capitalize on Bayley. Sasha with a ferocious slap to Bayley on the bell, and Bayley fires back. Bayley forces Sasha to the corner, where she rams her with shoulder tackles. Bayley tries to get her in the corner and gets sent to the apron, to which she holds on. Sasha sends her head crashing into the nearby turnbuckle. Sasha takes the current contender back to the ring to go for the pin attempt, and its a near fall by Sasha.

Sasha launches Bayley in the corner to work on her. Sasha stomps on Bayley after setting her up on the ropes, thus Bayley lands back on the mat. The Ref checks up on Bayley then Sasha executes the very same move again. Sasha is going for the second cover now and that is also a near fall as Bayley tries to stay in the match. Sasha ruthlessly applies a hold to Bayley while shouting in her ear. The Crowd get behind Bayley. Sasha sends Bayleys head to the mat as she continues her dominance.

Sasha starts chopping away at Bayley, showing some easily understandable frustration. Sasha bangs Bayleys head against the mat a number of times. Sasha going for another cover, but is unsuccessful. Bayley tries to recover, but keeps taking chops from Sasha as she tries to get into the corner. Sasha resorts to using her boot to choke Bayley against the turnbuckles. Sasha stamps on Bayley even more and even stands on her head before being told to release. Sasha again with the cover, while Bayley cant even make one yet, and Sasha gets another near fall on Bayley.

And Now its Bayley hitting back as she hits the ropes. She eventually scores her Belly to Belly Suplex on Sasha, and goes for her first cover in the match, one of which pins Banks. Bayley wins the match, and is joined by Renee to talk the match she will compete in at NXT Takeover 2. Bayley cuts an emotional promo whilst vowing to take the title from Charlotte, and only for one for Charlotte to respond to…

Charlottes music hits and she arrives in the arena, coldly glancing at her soon to be opponent. Charlotte tells Bayley how much of a huge responsibility holding the NXT Womens Title really is, then shuts down the crowd. Charlotte returns the attention to Bayley, labelling her as just too nice, and tells her that if she saw a cat in a tree she’d knock it out and tell it lifes tough so welcome to reality. Charlotte urges Bayley to give up her spot, believing she will embarrass herself, then fires at the crowd yet again. Bayley tries to respond back to the Champ, and Charlotte is just furious as she wants the crowd to hush for Bayley…is this real or something?

Bayley strides over to Charlotte and tells her shes over here, directing attention. Bayley starts standing up to the old friend as she tells Charlotte she doesn’t take her seriously as a threat, and she is coming after the title and will win it from her. Charlotte warns her to stick to going around hugging people to save her from getting destroyed, only for Bayley to counter back and tell her that not only is she staying put, but this isn’t about her wanting hugs, but what she does want to do is wish Charlotte good luck, extending her hand like the Champ once did, only this time no acceptance from Charlotte, who exits the ring and giving her a warning.

(Sasha Banks vs Bayley feat Charlotte)

Thoughts On:
Sasha vs Bayley: I Liked the match, and the pent up aggression from Sasha due to losing the Contendership match to Bayley. Only negative coming from this match is how Sasha basically dominated, and Bayley just suddenly fired herself back up into the match and beat Sasha in a short selection of moves. Sasha and Bayleys match for the Number 1 Contendership is still their top match in my opinion.

Post Match Promo: As Much as i’d like to see Charlotte retain, Bayley had me really put over in what i saw as an emotional and sweet promo from her. Charlottes Mic Skills have easily amped up, which im happy for, but im having a hard time wondering whether her interaction with the crowd was staged or because its payback for how they treated her match with Summer. Either way, Charlotte owned it. One Burning Question though, why oh why was Charlotte not on commentary for the Twos previous encounter? Should Charlotte lose at Takeover 2, and thus be promoted to the main roster, there will only be ONE heel diva left on the NXT Roster (Sasha) so there HAS to be debuts at the post PPV Tapings, so heres Carmella, Kendall Skye and Devin Taylor’s time to shine! I’d say Carmella and Kendall have a side feud with Becky Lynch and Alexa since we cant have Sasha vs Bayley every week, and Sasha possibly feuding with Devin at the same time, bullying her in backstage promos, leading to Devin flipping on Sasha and seeking friendship in Bayley!

– Catherine


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