WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Paige Brings a Whole New Meaning to “Take the Cake” (August, 29th 2014)

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Hello Everyone and welcome to this weeks Blue Brand Report, aka from the very show that is Smackdown. As the weeks are narrowing until Smackdown moves to Thursdays, Friday Night Smackdown had another SHORT divas match to offer…why oh why? But even if this match dampens the hearts of diva fans, the follow up segment may have light hearted the situation.

Paige and Emma face off in Divas action, with Emma already awaiting the Old Rivals presence from inside the ring. Paige makes her entrance and theres no play up on the chemistry between these ladies from NXT, as we’re hinted at another pricy squash for Emma to take part in. Emma taunts Paige at the start by showing off her usual routine, and Paiges head beckons slightly before she shoves the aussie. Paige skips around, paying no attention to Emma whatsoever, so Emma grabs the Champion and rolls her up, but its a near fall.

Paige with a kick as soon as Emma makes it to her feet. Paige whips Emma to the corner, and she charges, only for Emma to kick her and knock her back. Emma tries going outside, but instead, Paige clutches her and talks smack to the fellow diva, and as she tries chucking her to the mat, Emmas foot knocks Paige. Emma uses Paiges short recovery moment to head up top, but Paige sees this and legs it to the corner to send Emma crashing to the mat. Paige paces around the opponent, and then locks in her Crosslock. Paige wins the match, and celebrates until…

Former Champion, AJ heads to the ring, and with a kind gift for the champion, not a more expensive version of the divas title, but rather more of a recycled or late valentines present, some chocolates for Paige. AJ sees it as a gift between friends, and has to eventually demand her to take one, even making the camera shudder. Paige soon accepts, seems positive over it, then spits it out and shakes it off before leaving, which leaves her Dear AJ disheartened.

Rusev and Swagger took on one another in a Submission Match on this weeks Smackdown, with Lana’s client Rusev victorious once more for “Mother Russia” and the bad luck for Swagger would only continue when Foe Bo Dallas took him out after the match, adding more damage to what Rusev already gave him.

The Newest Saga in the Tom Phillips and Alicia Fox also came to light through the WWE App this week, as Fox, who seems to have been dismissed from competition this week to go on vacation with a certain TNA Knockouts Champion, approached Byron Saxton backstage whilst he was on usual duty, demanding to know where Tom is. She would later try to profess her love for Tom from outside the arena, and be escorted by a Jokey Saxton.

(Paige vs Emma feat AJ Lee)

(Alicia Fox Looks for Tom Phillips; WWE App Exclusive)

(Alicia Fox continues her Search for Phillips; WWE App Exclusive)

(Rusev w/ Lana vs Swagger; Submission Match)

Thoughts On:
Paige vs Emma: I Couldn’t be more irritated at the Smackdown display this week, and a lot of people know well what can be produced between Emma and Paige in the ring. However, its no shock that Emma has to be the one jobbed out by Paige since Naomi’s absence has lead to Emma being the only babyface right now to succumb to the dominant opponents in the ring. The Two could easily have a lengthy competitive match on Smackdown in substitute of the usual 2 mins or less matches we’ve been getting on Smackdown for weeks, and the show isn’t helping people show what they can do in the ring, which leads to the usual fan stereotype of “Smackdown Divas Matches will be Jobber matches or less than 5 or 2 mins”.

Paige & AJ Segment: I Was a little unsure about the segment upon hearing about it, but i was actually a lot more light hearted about the segment after watching it compared to the match itself that took place beforehand. AJ has been getting into Paige’s head a lot more recently, especially following up from Summerslam, so for Paige to more or less show that she doesn’t accept the gifts because they are mind games, means something has to go down next week. I Can see AJ snap after what happened, if she doesn’t play the usual go from sad to happy role on Monday, with AJs beat downs resulting in Paige also snapping into Badass Anti Diva mode and overwhelming AJ as the road to Night of Champions shortens. Speaking of Night of Champions, it looks like Natalya might not be inserted into this match after all, but we’ll see….

– Catherine


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