TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Interesting Times Ahead for the Knockouts Division (September, 3rd 2014)

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Welcome to this weeks TNA Impact report, and Wow the show last night featured almost all the Knockouts Division. Not Only was there a Fantastic Knockouts Title Rematch, but a destructive debut and 2 new storylines set for Other Knockouts. Lets Jump right to it.

The First Knockouts Showing of the night, besides Christy Hemme being the usual ring announcer, is the Awaited Rematch for the TNA Knockouts Championship, as Gail Kim defends against Taryn Terrell. Gunning for the Gold, Taryn is first to enter the arena, followed by Defending Champion and Once Rival Gail Kim after commercial. The Ref Flashes the title to indicate the Championship defense is underway, bell has been rung and Taryn and Gail lock up to start off the match.

They break it off, with Taryn looking for another, only for Gail to swiftly duck and place Taryn in a waistlock. Gail has Taryn caught in the roll up, but Taryn kicks out. Gail charges, and Taryn trips her to the mat. Taryn then sends her to the other side of the ring, before trying to execute a suplex, only for Gail to counter into a Small package pin, which Taryn kicks out of also. Gail throws punches at Taryn, and hits the ropes. Gail goes for the dropkick but Taryn grabs both feet, and rolls into a cover, which results in a near fall.

Taryn leaps onto Gail, with Gail trying to reverse into a Samoan Drop, which Taryn counters. The Two counter into covers, all of which are near falls. The Two trade blows, and Taryn hits the ropes, knocking Gail right onto the mat with a clothesline. Theres then another, which is followed by a kick before Taryn hits the ropes, before hitting the Flip Cutter. Taryn, who is now in control, follows up by hitting a diving clothesline from the top turnbuckle. Taryn goes for another hopeful cover, but its a near fall.

Taryn heads back up top as Commentary promote the reveal of the TNA Knockouts Calendar Cover Girl for next week, and Gail scrambles over to the corner as she tries to wear out Taryn while heading up top. Gail hits a hurricanrana from the top rope, sending Taryn spilling to the mat. Gail fires up a clothesline and nails a DDT to Taryn, and only gives Taryn a small break to get to the corner, only to charge at her. Taryn moves, and Gail spills to the outside, only this time the Chair isnt there, like at Slammiversary.

Taryn heads outside and chucks Gail back in. The Two end up taking blows from each other on the apron, and this soon ends up heading to the steel steps. Gail executes a neckbreaker on the steel steps, taking both herself and Taryn out momentarily. The Two somehow manage to avoid a countout and make it back in the ring. When the two get back up, the physicality continues, and Gail hits the Eat Defeat from out of nowhere. Gail goes for what looks like a finishing cover, but Taryn shockingly kicks out, which stuns everybody considering that normally finishes off anyone.

Gail is stunned and sets up Eat Defeat once again, only for Taryn to counter into her own finisher of insanity, the RKO. Taryn hurries to cover the champ, she covers…But NO! Gail has even managed to stay in the match despite being the target of Terrell’s own finisher! Taryn, despite limping a little, makes it back up top, and she drops Gail with a crossbody, but suddenly, Gail gets a surprise roll up, pinning Taryn and retaining the Knockouts Championship.

Both Women look worn out from the hard fought bout post match, and Gail extends her hand to the blonde foe. The Two hug it out and proudly celebrate together….then eerie music surrounds the arena. Down comes the Monstrous Debuting Knockout, Havok, who stares down Taryn and Gail before proceeding to the ring. She Knocks down both with a double clothesline, then takes Taryn out with the Air Raid Crash. Gail gets on her feet, gives Havok some shots and hits the ropes. Unfortunately for Gail, she is caught in the clutches of Havok, and ends up taking the clothesline. But Havok isn’t finished with the Champion there, as she also lays her out in the Finishing Air Raid Crash also. Havok shoves Taryn over Gail, and ferociously poses over both destroyed Knockouts.

Backstage, Gunner and Samuel Shaw engage in conversation as Shaw apologises for wearing Gunners Military Gear last week, but the most interesting thing about this is Brittany watching in the background. Gunner appears to accept this apology and leaves, with Brittany obviously checking out Shaw, twiddling her hair, retaining her Crazy Gimmick.

The BroMans also seem to have a unexpected date coming up. After talking up on the roof of the arena venue about the arriving dates, they are approached by None other than the Beautiful People. Somewhere Brooke is Seething even though Angelina isnt really touching her man, but Jesse instead, but Velvet is all over Robbie E aka Brookes Man. Zema cuts the camera to allow them to enjoy their moment.

(Taryn Terrell vs Gail Kim; Knockouts Championship Match feat Havok Debut)

(The BroMans, DJ Zema & The Beautiful People Segment)

Thoughts On:
Gail/Taryn & Havok Debut: Another Fantastic Bout between Gail and Taryn, and what will be their last until another match emerges. Ever since becoming Champion, Gail has brought every challenger to show their full potential, and this match proves it so. I Was Surprised The Match didnt end after the steel steps spot because that looked deadly. Great Match between Taryn and Gail, worth the rewatch, and the debut after is worth the re-watch too. Welcome to TNA Jessicka Havok! Havok looked dominant, and is sure going to be a challenge for any knockout, Gail Included. Only negative is that Tapa and ODB are gone and Havoks in, which means two potential clashes have been missed, but lets see if Gail can eventually overcome Havok, because after seeing the carnage from Havok, shes going to need all the luck she can get! Regarding Havoks debut, im calling it, Madison Rayne might have something to do with it, considering she might be mad at losing the match to Taryn last week, and she wants to use Havok to obtain her spot again as Queen of the Division by having her Former Bestie taken out of play. Lets See Shall We?

Brittany/Samuel Shaw: This is New! I’ve been mad for several weeks noticably at how Brittany disappeared out of the picture and how her feud with Madison vanished. But shes back, and for a very intriguing storyline that could cut Shaws Face run short indeed. If this is going how i think its going, then she’ll manipulate and control Shaw to turn on Gunner, returning him to his wild ways. But if Gunner is going to need a Knockout to assist him against this possible outcome, who will it be?

BroMans/Beautiful People: Thank You TNA for inserting many of your knockouts into storylines to keep them on TV! This is indeed new, but it can go 2 ways, the 1st is that it could be a one week thing where they are aligned with the BroMans then nothing happens, or this could carry out for weeks. Velvet and the BroMans will face the Menagerie & REBEL (SPOILER!) next week, So hopefully the feud continues with The Beautiful People “Bullying” Rebel, leading to Brooke (who has personal beef with Angelina) to return…HOPEFULLY, because it could make for a very memorable feud if so! Notice how Angelina was put with Jesse instead and how Angelina wont be competing with them next week….But if theres one way to bring Brooke back, that is it!

– Catherine


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