WWE NXT RESULTS: Bayley Tries To Continue Selling Herself as THE Threat (September, 4th 2014)




Welcome to this weeks NXT Report and indeed the last one before The Premiere of WWEs 2nd NXT Takeover Special, which im honestly so hyped for! Of Course I’m Here to give you the full scoop on what happened in Orlando, and what happened when Bayley once again stepped into the Champs territory.

Speaking of Champions, Charlotte takes on the Glitzy Pixie, Alexa Bliss. Bliss, and her adorbs attire are on show as she is first to make her entrance, before a smiling Charlotte follows by, not yet uttering a word about Bayleys Hopeful Claim to Fame. Charlotte seems to have ditched her new attire this week, but nonetheless, to the match, one Alexa seems all prepped up for. The Two lock up on the bell, and Charlotte proceeds to a headlock. Charlotte, with headlock in place, ends up taking Alexa onto the mat. Charlotte gets the first pin attempt, which results in a near fall.

Alexa fights back by putting Charlotte temporarily in the head scissors. Charlotte manages to easily break her off however. Alexa locks the headlock on Charlotte now, running to the turnbuckles, but Charlotte arm drags her to the mat, only for Alexa to smartly counter into her own. Alexa has Charlotte in the cover, but its a near fall. Alexa hits the ropes, Charlotte tries to scoop her into the countering move, but Alexa sends the Champ spinning with her hurricanrana. Alexa blocks a punch from Charlotte, but ends up being the target of a backbreaker.

Charlotte uses her knee to choke Alexa against the ropes. Charlotte starts to bring in the aggression, but when Alexa gets dragged to the ring centre, she starts to fight off Charlotte. Alexa dropkicks Charlotte and scrambles to cover, but Charlotte is very quick to kick out, and Alexa is sent flying. Alexa ducks a clothesline but Charlotte kicks her. Charlotte attempts a powerbomb, but Alexa rolls over and has Charlotte rolled up, in what is another near fall. With Alexa facing a certain direction, Charlotte takes the moment as an opportunity and hits the Flip Cutter to finish the match. Charlotte covers to pin Alexa and win the Non Title Match.

Charlottes celebrating doesn’t last too long, as down comes NXTs Latest Babyface Contender, Bayley. Bayley reminds Charlotte over how she refused the handshake offer last week, but she knows damn well shes earned her match against Charlotte. Bayley brings up her win over Sasha, someone she has pinned a record number of times, and due to that, Charlotte should be taking her as a threat. Bayley adds she will be taking the title Next Thursday, but offers a handshake to see if Charlotte will accept her as a threat, but it turns sour. Charlotte glances at her hand, mutters then pushes away Bayley. Bayley is done with the former BFF, evading her attack and hitting the Belly to Belly, leaving Charlotte escaping the ring without her title.

(Alexa Bliss vs Charlotte feat Bayley)

(WWE.Com Exclusive Charlotte Responds to Bayley)

Thoughts on this match:
A Good Competitive match, and one that indeed showed Alexa’s vast improvement in the ring. Charlotte attempting a power-bomb was new, and something that could be indeed seen at NXT Takeover. As of right now, im 50/50 on the result of next weeks Championship Battle, but I’ll discuss that on the day. But if it does go the predictable way, then NXT HAVE to debut new heels at the next tapings. I’m Surprised that Sasha didn’t get a segment to declare that she will not be left out at Takeover like she has spoke about at live events, unless its a surprise? Time will tell!

– Catherine


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