WWE NXT TAKEOVER 2 RESULTS: A Diva Stands Strong, and Faces a Double Future Throwdown! (September, 11th 2014)


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Welcome to (Finally) My Report on this weeks long awaited NXT Takeover 2 PPV! I Would have done this right after coming home had college not knackered me up by having me return to a friday 7am wake up call, but i managed to survive staying up for this immense event and made it in the morning! Okay forget my Blah De Blah! Lets Talk about some WRASSLIN.

But first the pre show has a “much welcome” guest in Sasha Banks. After having some questions hurtled at her about her apparent jealousy over Charlotte gaining the Womens Title over her, Sasha snaps and nearly leaves Alex Crying as she reminds everyone just who the Head Boss in Charge is. Sasha is ruthless and doesnt care who she has to hurtle her vocal statements at.

Onto the Main Show, and after some very entertaining matches (wouldn’t be too sure about Mojos) the Ladies finally get to share the NXT PPV Spotlight for a 3rd run, and in the form of a Championship Match between Friends turned Ultimate Rivals Charlotte and Bayley. After A Package shows Bayleys emotional response to supposedly going over Charlotte tonight, followed by a Package of Charlotte’s current dominance, we finally go to the match that many fans have been waiting for.

Bayley is out first, and not only does she have a colorful gear upgrade that reminds many of the Late Randy Savage, but she also has a new theme song courtesy of CFO$! The Number 1 Contender heads to the ring, followed by reigning and defending Women’s Champion Charlotte, whose Pink and Black Gear is like a cross between Natalya and Velvet Sky’s Recent Gears. Nonetheless lets get to the match, following the introduction of Challenger and Champ prior to the Bell being rung by Announcer of the Evening, One Time Total Diva JoJo.

On the Bell its Charlotte who extends a hand to Bayley, despite the fact she declined Bayleys not too long ago. Bayley is obviously not fussed at earning a handshake from Charlotte, shes more frustrated at not being taken as a threat, and shows that as she sends Charlotte to the corner. Bayley gives her vicious shoulder tackles, and bashes her head also into the corner. Charlotte quickly comes back, and also chops Bayley in her chest. One more from Charlotte before she attempts a whip, one that only leads to Bayley taking her onto the mat. Bayley covers Charlotte for the first pin attempt of the match, and it is a near fall on Charlotte.

Bayley now chops Charlotte in the back and hits a spinning elbow smash. Bayley gets a clothesline and she gets another near fall on Charlotte. Charlotte launches Bayley to the corner but as she attempts a charge, Bayley kicks her away. Bayley keeps the distance with a following elbow, and may be looking for the backslide pin, but Charlotte counters into her own devastating move. Charlotte attacks with her knee, and its now Charlotte going for the cover, a cover of which has resulted in a near fall.

Charlotte continues to show dominance choking Bayley on the ropes while chants for Bayley break out. Bayley tries knocking Charlotte back but gets clubbed from behind. Charlotte now has Bayley battling her Figure four headlock. Both battle pin attempts which eventually leads to the hold being released. Charlotte dropkicks Bayley, who lands close enough to the apron. Charlotte is choking Bayley further now and unloads on her with kicks to her while shes against the corner. Bayley ends up being choked against the mat by Charlottes knee. Charlotte just continues to dominate and throws chops her way, before locking her headlock in again. Charlotte sends her about the ring while keeping the figure four headlock intact.

Bayley and Charlotte counter each other with various pin attempts. Bayley floats over Charlotte, rolling her up and going for a pin, which ends up broken. It appears Charlotte is going for the figure four leglock, but Bayley counters into another failed hopeful pin attempt. Charlotte sends Bayley crashing to the mat once more with the dropkick, before choking her with both feet while Bayley hangs close enough to the apron. Bayley soon counters an attempted scoop slam by Charlotte into another unsuccessful pin attempt. Charlotte hits a high knee right into Bayley, and takes her out once again. With that in mind, its now Charlotte trying for a winning pin, but Bayley kicks out.

Charlotte taunts and pokes at Bayley until she begins to fire back. Charlotte knocks her down again and laughs it all off, and Bayley all of a sudden, has exploded. Bayley hits a shoulder tackle and misses the splash as Charlotte moves out of the way, and she soon ends up countering Bayley and uses the knee to send her crashing to the mat from the ring ropes. Charlotte goes for the cover but Bayley still kicks out. Charlotte heads up top but Bayley attacks from behind, moving her out of place. The two trade blows and take it to the turnbuckles. Out of nowhere, Bayley hits a huge hurricanrana that takes both women out for a while.

When both Charlotte and Bayley somehow manage to get to their feet, Bayley springs right to possibly hitting the Belly to Belly, but its averted as Charlotte counters. Charlotte gets a near fall on Bayley. Charlotte soon sends Bayley crashing into the corner, and her head seems to take a horrid sickening thud against the corner turnbuckle. Charlotte with a shot in Bayleys gut and she heads up top to execute the very move that never landed on Natalya, and she nails the moonsault from the top rope. Charlotte with another cover, and Bayley still isnt over with the match.

An Intense moment brews between Bayley and Charlotte, with Bayley drawing almost every determined breath she can to get back up, and Charlotte death staring her right to the point of concocting the ultimate villainy. Charlotte absolutely snaps like never before and springs right into action by laying out Bayley with the “Natural Selection” which was once referred to as “Bow Down to the Queen”. Charlotte covers, and surprisingly gets the last pin of the match to retain the NXT Womens Championship.

Charlotte attempts to leave and celebrate, but both Divas are encountered by a Villainous other. Sasha comes down to sarcastically clap at her former BFFs victory and turns her attention to tearing at the Not so Victorious Bayley. Charlotte sees the attack via the Tron and it Bursts to her attention, as she rampages back to the ring to clear Banks away and save Bayley. This concludes everything divas related for the main show.

On the Takeover Post Show, Bayley was invited to ringside by Renee to talk the match against Charlotte. She isn’t too happy to have the title not in her hands, but awards a hug to Renee anyway. Charlotte comes down and admits to earning her respect, but that is all. Before theres any more trades, Sasha comes down to send a heated warning to Bayley and Charlotte as she vows to take the NXT Women’s Championship.

(NXT Takeover 2 Pre Show; Sasha Banks Joins Panel at 7:01)

(Charlotte vs Bayley NXT Womens Championship Match feat Sasha Banks)

(NXT Fallout Post Show; Bayley, Sasha & Charlotte Promo at 2:33)

(Charlotte Comments on NXT Takeover)

Thoughts On:
Charlotte vs Bayley: Once Again the Ladies are the Outstanding Ones at the NXT PPV’s and its exactly the same w/ Charlotte and Bayley. A Years worth of moments went into this match and the two delivered, even though i was indeed shocked to see Charlotte retain, even though i was less shocked to see Sasha get involved with the two somehow considering her live event and pre show declarations over not being involved on the PPV. I Loved the Post match moment where Charlotte suddenly darted back to the ring in aid of Bayley, like you could see what looked like her watching the attack on the tron and thinking at first “Ok She Isn’t going to do anything, maybe Bayley will get up” and then panicking or maybe not being able to handle watching Bayley get attacked further after Sasha unloaded on her, the emotion was just there and she burst and turned round and legged it back to the ring! That was Just Such a Brilliant and Emotional Moment to mark the respect Charlotte has for Bayley. The Biggest thing that came out of this match is the predicament of a Triple Threat Title Defense for Charlotte, and the increasing possibility of Charlotte leaving NXT as a babyface one more time. Well Done to Bayley and Charlotte for another fantastic match!

Sasha Promos Pre & Post Show: Sasha was spectacular intimidating the panel with her ruthlessness on the pre show, even making poor Alex Riley quiver. But the Glorious Moment had indeed come on the Post Show when Sasha cut her best of all time promo to declare herself the threat to the Women’s Title. Sasha has got to show her promo skills more recently, and this was by far her best, and i can only hope she can utilize promo time to the fullest because she KILLS it on the Mic and it just matches her character so well! At least this leaves the hope lasting of Charlotte and Sasha clashing in the same ring!

– Catherine


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