WWE SUPERSTARS RESULTS: The Blonde Queen of The Slayers Appears to Be Slayed (September, 11th 2014)

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Hello and Welcome to this weeks Superstars Update. Would have originally got on with this last night but decided to put it on hold due to college tiredness. Anyway I’ll Shut my mouth and talk about whats actually meant to be this post…WWE Superstars.

And we get a match rather new to the eyes this week as Summer Rae (with the accompaniment of Layla) faces Naomi in their first ever in ring clash against each other. Naomi is first to enter the arena, and one can wonder where her black and white gear has gone, but anyways she is followed by Layla and Her Opponent Summer, and this is actually the first time they’ve had a televised entrance together.

The Two attempt a lock up to kick off the match, with Naomi reversing into a waistlock. Summer counters into her own, but Naomi soon battles out. Naomi goes to work on Summers left shoulder, and Summer regains balance and manages to catch Naomi with the armbar. Naomi battles out of this and kicks Summer in the head. Naomi has the first cover of the match on Summer, but its a near fall.

Naomi whips Summer, but Summer reverses into her own. Naomi shows her athleticism as she dives under the ropes, and hangs on the apron. Layla tries to distract Naomi on the apron with some dancing, which leads to Naomi taking Summers kick in the stomach. Summer slaps and teases Naomi, and tries to cover her after pulling her from the ropes to the ring center. Summer covers and its another near fall, and also Summers first from this bout.

Summer continues to dominate Naomi with the following leg drop, and LayRae taunt with some dancing while Naomi is down. Summer takes Naomi and whips her, and after sending her in the corner, she chokes her with her boot. Summer grabs her feet and drops her to the mat. Summer goes for her second cover in this match, but thats a near fall once more.

Summer now has Naomi in a submission hold, which leaves Layla pretty pleased. Naomi gains balance but is tossed to the mat. Summer goes for another pin attempt, but Naomi is still kicking out. Summer applies some knee shots to Naomis back, before locking in a second hold. Summer then whips Naomi to the corner and nails a roundhouse kick. Summer with another cover, but she just cant pin Naomi. Summer with another hold to Naomi, but Naomi fights out, dodges Summers attempted clothesline and sends her onto the mat with the dropkick.

Another from Naomi, followed by an armbar and a side suplex. Naomi is Super fired up, and begins to dominate Summer, but it still doesnt score the pin. Layla heads to the apron right after the pin attempt and argues with Naomi. Summer charges after Naomi, but Naomi slips out of the way and Summer stalls before she can even ram Layla. Naomi surprisingly rolls up Summer into a bridge pin and scores the victory in the match.

(Summer Rae w/ Layla vs Naomi)

Thoughts on this match:
This is a Fairly New and Fresh Match which is good and not only does it show the known potential of Naomi and the Potential of Summer, the potential of course that fans of NXT already know about. I Wonder if WWE are trying to test LayRae with different character persona’s to see which works out best, and its good to see them back in the fold somehow, but booking them the next day on Smackdown with 1/2 being jobbed out doesn’t make much sense when its heel vs heel. Speaking of Heels, i wish Cameron would have been on commentary for this match, but it seems WWE want us to forget her Naomi feud as much as possible…

– Catherine


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