WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: Cameron Is Dragged Into Another Loss of a Battle (September, 16th 2014)




Hello Folks, Its Wednesday which means we are (depending on time zones) a day wrapped up from Tuesdays Main Event. Last Night, our hopes of having a divas match came to fruition through a simplistic post from the remaining babyface Bella, Brie, who had announced that she was to face Cameron. Now Taking the ring by storm on her own, and keeping eyes off Nikki for the time being, Brie executed exactly what she said she was going to do, and have her match.

Brrriiiieeeeee Moooooddddeeeee! Brie’s addictive theme which has grown on fans alike hits, and Brie heads to the ring. A Video is shown of Renee interviewing Nikki in which Nikki explained how great it is to be free of her “no longer sister” Brie, and how her life changes upon winning the Divas Championship in a number of days. Brie takes her eyes off it and awaits Camerons arrival. Cameron makes her way to the ring with her favourite glossy mirror, and once more, she has that on focus more than the pending match itself, until she knocks it away of course.

Cameron abandons her twin face mirror and goes right after Brie. Brie forces Cameron to the ropes, then tosses her to another side of the ring. Cameron seems to be already done with this match as she heads outside, but its rather a rest break. Cameron misses the clothesline and Brie goes to work on her arm. Cameron uses the non targeted arm to punch Brie. Brie, however, catches Cameron in the second armbar. She trips Cameron, and places her in the single leg crab. Cameron is left screeching as she tries to summon up some of her strength to make her way towards the ropes before the pain of Bries hold can force her right into submission. Luckily for Cameron, she seems to have made it to the ropes, thus Brie must let the hold go.

Cameron with her own attack, followed by her first cover of the match, but its a near fall. Cameron starts sending her head first to the mat, then chokes her against the ropes. Cameron continues to show the dominance by forcing Brie into her headlock. Brie tries fighting out, elbowing Cameron as much as she can, and gets tossed. Cameron proceeds to another pin attempt, but Brie kicks out.

Yes Chants break out in Support of Brie as Cameron nails a suplex to the favourite diva. Cameron executes a single split leg drop, and engages in the same positioned pin that had fans howling at her the other day, only done properly, and to add to comical moments, she blatantly says “I Know” to the ref. Cameron now has Brie in the Bow and Arrow, and then lifts onto Bries shoulder, and is thrust into the corner. Brie backs off but comes back, and in bad time as well, as she ends up being kicked by Cameron multiple times. However when Cameron attempts to charge after Brie, she runs right into the flying clothesline.

Brie follows with some dropkicks, before yelling to the audience in motivation of the next follow up. With Camerons body laid by the ropes, Brie strikes with the running knee. She heads up top and drops Cameron with a missile dropkick. Brie prances over to Cameron for a cover but its a near fall. Cameron kicks Bries stomach as she looks to return the Good Old Girl Bye Finisher (Thank God!) but instead, Brie has her countered, as she hits the finishing facebuster to take out Cameron, pinning her to win the match.

(Cameron vs Brie Bella)

Thoughts on this match:
I Thought this was a really nice match, and a fresh one too. Equal amount of work shown from the two divas, with both gaining one up on each other time after time, and even a tease at Cameron’s former finisher coming into play again. Was a little shocked Cameron didn’t win as they try to play up the whole shes gotta get better storyline, but lets face it, if Cameron did, where would that win advance her to when they obviously have no plans of putting her in the title picture. Cameron makes a good heel substitute opponent for some of the divas over Fox as she tries to learn more in the ring from them and for herself, while Eva can use that time to train herself. I Still think Cameron would benefit from aligning with Fox considering they have an equal amount of ferocity.

– Catherine


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