TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Havok Is Bound For Dominance (September, 17th 2014)

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Hello Folks and welcome to this weeks write up on the show that is mainly a 2nd to WWE for some fans, TNA Impact! Speaking of Impacts, All the Ladies of the Knockouts Division (minus Brooke) looked to make an Impact and send a statement to reigning Champion Gail Kim in an Oncoming Battle Royal, however many’s time of glory would be minimized to the fullest with the entry of the New Havok Machine….Obviously Havok!

A Glorious Christy is standing by in the ring in her Spring Like Maternity Dress as she announces the arriving Knockouts one after another. First out is a Potential Bigger Contender, Taryn Terrell. Shes Followed by Fellow Momma Madison Rayne, who just happened to clash with Terrell for the exact same contendership weeks ago. Madisons flawless babyface entrance is followed up by the arrival of Velvet and Angelina, the Beautiful People, Hand in Hand before they possibly have to use their hands on each other in this all woman battle. Time for Velvet to pull a face as out comes her recent rival, Rebel for her very first solo entrance. Speaking of Rebels, here comes Miss Crazy Brittany, in No Mood to slap hands with the fans on both sides. She does her best upside down female Bray impression on the ropes before the most imposing entrance music hits and out comes the most vicious contender possible (unless you count Brittany) Havok!

All the Girls switch their eyes to Havok before the bell then go after various foes as the bell rings. Taryn and Brittany clash, while Havok looks to manhandle Madison Rayne. The Beautiful People obviously take it to Rebel. Brittany gives Taryn some vicious headbutts which cause her to stumble, while Madison is unfortunately getting choked out by Havok. Havok continues to work over Madison in the corner, while Brittany overwhelms Taryn. Rebel seems to fighting off Angelina, before taking shots from both of the Beautiful People members. Havok now attacks the Beautiful People, beginning with Angelina, before attacking Rebel.

Havok throws Taryn out of her sight, before dragging Brittany from the corner, and slamming her to the mat. Havok poses, and suddenly all the Knockouts come together to pounce on the destructive newbie. Havok throws all of them back, then goes back to targeting Madison Rayne. Madison tries to boot her, to no avail, then she ends being lifted onto the apron, where a shoulder tackle sends Madison to the floor below. Madison is eliminated.

Taryn now leaps on the back of Havok, and attacks. Havok manages to send Taryn from her shoulders to the outside, but Taryn is freely hanging on the apron. It doesnt take too long for Taryn to disappear from the battle royal thanks to a forearm from Havok. Velvet and Brittany happen to be clashing before she joins Angelina in beating Rebel down. Brittany looks to recover and stomps over to Havok, who has her back turned. However the Camera doesnt capture what looks like a neat staredown between Havok and the very woman who got fed to her last week. Brittany lands punches on Havok, and hits the ropes, but Havok easily knocks her down with the clothesline.

Brittany lets out a scream as Havok grabs Brittany by the hair and tosses her as far away as she can to turn the attention to the other remaining knockouts. Or So thought, as Havok starts choking Brittany against the ropes with her boot. Brit tries to elbow away Havok, and she tries to get punches up on the apron, only for a forearm to send Brittany to the floor. Brittany has been eliminated. Velvet clotheslines Rebel in the corner, and Angelina charges at Rebel, only for Rebel to pull the ropes down, leading to Angelina flying over the ropes and crashing to the floor. Velvet and Rebel now join Havok as the remaining knockouts in the contest.

Velvet begins to panic, realising her own partner is out, and tries to see what she can get out of Havok, only to run into the clothesline from Havok herself. Havok yells something to a down Velvet, and totally takes her eyes off the other remaining Knockout, Rebel, who plays Taryns strategy from earlier by leaping right onto the monstrous Knockouts back. Havok forces her off by sending her into the corner. Havok charges, missing the forearm smash in the corner as Rebel slips away in time. Rebel uses her athleticism to dodge the follow up attack, and elbows Havok. Rebel heads up top, but it only leads to a dangerous fall, as Havok pushes her from the turnbuckles, to the steel steps, and to the floor, the move that appeared to have dislocated Poor Rebels Wrist.

Its Now down to Havok and 1/2 of the Beautiful People, Cover-girl Velvet. Velvet, who for some reason, looks near to the same height as Havok, starts a brawl with Havok as she sends some punches her way. Velvet tries to wear her further by kicking her, targeting the section that any woman would target against a more larger woman. Velvet continues the fight with extra kicks, and it seems to have no to little effect. She hits the ropes, and Havok clutches Velvets throat upon close distance. She pushes her up against the corner, and sets her up for the Air Raid Crash. Velvet luckily escapes Havok in short time, and scrambles into a sleeper hold with some hope of wearing Havok out. Velvet is tossed over Havok, and she crashes onto the mat, leaving Havok in charge once again. Havok goes for a leg drop, but Velvet moves out of the way. Both Ladies hit the ropes, and a crossbody from Velvet is averted as Havok catches her. Havok dumps her to the floor, and in turn, has the match won, becoming the Number 1 Contender to Gail’s Knockouts Title.

Later in the show, Gail clearly gives her thoughts on Havoks Huge Win earlier in the night. She doesnt appreciate how she attacked herself and Taryn, but is willing to give her the big fight for the Knockouts Title, as a Fighting Champion.

(Knockouts Contendership Battle Royal)

(Gail Kim Comments on Havoks Win)

Thoughts on this match:
Wants the best battle royal in History but i was actually surprised at Velvet making the final two. Maybe its to make up for last week against Rebel, or maybe its because of a face turn hint, or to prove to Angelina that shes more than a cover-girl, that she can out last her and perform to a certain standard without her, but regardless of what the reason is, she looked stronger against Havok than any other Knockout that clashed with her in the Battle Royal. The Crowd seemed amped throughout much, giving Havok a massive pop when she grabbed Velvets throat. As for Rebel, she also fared well against Havok for a short moment, and if anyone wasn’t aware, Rebel had been injured due to the fall from up top caused by Havok, and i wish her a successful recovery. Also I Was rather surprised at how early Taryn was eliminated considering any logic would have meant she would have been left in the final 2. The Question is (regarding spoilers) this upcoming bout will not be happening at Bound for Glory, which also drops the question of whether there will even be a Knockouts Title Match at Bound for Glory?

– Catherine


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